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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Christian H. Blues

Christian H. Blues

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Christian H. Blues

Christian is an attractive young man in his early twenties of mixed Italian-Irish New York stock. Possessed of a dancer's grace and a winning smile, he has some fame on the East Coast jazz music circuit as a saxophonist of no small talent. He is slender of build and tall at 6'6", making him seem almost scarecrow-ish when not in motion. He usually dresses in tailor-made casual suits that flatter his frame, and is always well-groomed. He is charming, but very arm's-length with others and has had no relationships that anyone knows about, leading passing acquaintances to believe that he is gay and in the closet. His boyish good looks and slightly shy demeanour around women serve to reinforce that assumption.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)
One thing that stands out about Christian when anyone spends any amount of time about him is not so much mannerisms as the lack of them. His voice is virtually accentless, having a pleasant deep tone. He never fidgets or shifts around in his seat. He smokes thin cigarillos after a successful performance, while regaling those around him with jokes and anecdotes which he will cheerfully admit to being at least half fiction.


Christian Hellion (yes, that is his real middle name) Blues (again, a real name: his grandfather adopted it) was born into a little side branch of the Gambocetti Family, part of the New York mafia. Being a Blues, he was left out of the criminal element of the wider family, instead winning a prestigious scholarship to Juilliard where he studied music, specialising in the tenor saxophone. His parents died in a car accident shortly after his graduation, and the tragedy seemed to take the fire out of Christian, who seemed destined to be a star of the Jazz and Blues music worlds. He turned his back on the big contracts and sank into relative obscurity, playing gigs at clubs across the States and in Europe for money that, whilst decent, was a far cry from what he could have been earning.

Pleasant, witty, charming, and good company. He's always a performer as long as there's an audience.

Smart and streetwise, Christian's greatest gifts lie with his people skills and, of course, his hands, which dance over the keys of his saxophone with unbelievable skill and grace.

An excellent musician. He's not a bad dancer either.
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