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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Sharon Julia Knight

Sharon Knight

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Sharon Julia Knight



This lovely young woman has egyptian features, and long black hair that she keeps braided together. She moves with a near perfect grace and poise, and her eyes seem fairly alert to her surroundings. Her eyes are a lovely green, and her skin has a slight tan to it, but is otherwise pale. She's strong, quick, agile, tough, perceptive, mentally sharp, strong willed, and intuitive. She's also beautiful, though it's not something she normally pays much attention to.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)

She has a tendency to put one finger on her chin when she's thinking, considering the best way to do something.[like in the picture] She plays with her braid sometimes when nervous.


Sharon was a military kid, her father being a high ranking officer, she moved a lot, and went to a number of different schools while she grew up. A lonely, but beautiful young woman, she saw her father practicing martial arts when she was little, and was impressed. As she got older, she wanted to learn herself, and so she spent a lot of her time growing up studying martial arts, and becoming an incredible acrobat as well. When the invasion occurred, she was only 17, still not quite finished with her senior year in high school.

Her father, Thomas Knight, ended up on the stargate project, in part due to a certain familiarity with Egyptian history, gained from his wife. His wife had been Egyptian, which is why her daughter has such strong Egyptian features. Her mother died two years ago, when she was 15 however, leaving her to be raised alone by her father, though her aunt Laura (her father’s sister), helped a lot. While growing up, she liked outdoor activities, and her parents often took her camping, or kayaking, or even hunting a few times, though her father lost taste for most of that after her mother’s death.


When her father was selected part of the team that was to go though the stargate, she was told some of what was going on, privately by her father, without clearance, sense he didn't want her to wonder what happened if he disappeared. This was after she promised not to say anything, a promise she has kept, in part due being very strong willed and stubborn. She was then left in the care of her aunt Laura as her legal guardian, sense he wasn't sure what would happen to him, and he thought she'd be safer that way.

In school she did a lot of physical activities, being a very capable athlete, besides martial arts, she played all kinds of sports, part of the swim team, volleyball, basketball, and even spent about six months as a cheerleader, though that didn’t suit her, not hands on enough, so she quit.

After her mother died, her father became somewhat distant for a while, trying to come to terms with his grief. Having to deal with her own grief she used physical activities in order to try and come to terms with it. It wasn’t easy, or even perhaps the best method, but when he realized how much trouble she was having, her father turned more of his attention on her, and they gave each other a measure of comfort.

She trained considerably in martial arts, and studied some aspects of survival training with her father, in her 16th year, she competed in three martial tournaments, and won the last two, proving herself on her own terms. She still remembers her father and her martial art's master cheering her on in the last tournament, she's quite proud of having won that one.

She loves her father very much, and is very distressed that she doesn’t know where he is, or what happened to him. With new events, she's aware enough to know something had to go wrong for Ra's invasion to ocer, she’s very concerned about what happened to her father, and is quite willing to take risks in order to find out what happened to the expedition through the stargate.


She’s a rather strong willed and athletic young woman, with a certain measure of self reliance, she prefers to do things herself when at all possible. She's the sort of girl who is inclined to rescue herself, rather then sit around and wait to be rescued. She also is a bit impatient, when she thinks action is necessary, and sometimes is overconfident, too certain of her own abilities.


Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))

Strength	12	+1
Dexterity	18	+4
Constitution	16	+2
Intelligence	12	+1
Wisdom		14	+2
Charisma	12	+1
Attack		+1 (+6 Melee)
Defense		+1 (+6 Dodge)

Fortitude	+3
Reflexes	+4
Willpower	+2

Toughness	+2/6

Acrobatics		12	16
Climb 			4	5
Concentration           2	6
Notice			4	8
Stealth			4	8
Survival		2	6
Swim			4	5

Acrobatic Bluff
Accurate Attack
Attack Focus [Melee] 5
Dodge Focus 5
All-Out Attack
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll 4
Evasion 2
Elusive Target
Improved Block

Click to reveal.. (Secret Knowledge (Optional))
Secret Knowledge - Optional
None at this time
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