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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Narinder Kapoor

Narinder Kapoor

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Narinder Kapoor

Narinder is a native of India, and the child of full-blooded Hindu parents. He has thick, curly black hair and dark, sensual brown eyes. Those soulful eyes, coupled with a generous mouth and a firm jawline make him the fantasy of most women he comes across, even before he starts charming them with his smooth, lightly accented voice.

Narinder was born in his native India, the child of two well-educated Hindu parents. His father had left India to attend school in England, and his mother had attended school in America. But both had the same passion - the health and well-being of their native homeland, and several months after meeting at a rural clinic doing volunteer work, they were married. They worked together for a couple years before his mother became pregnant, and Narinder was their firstborn. Within the next seven years, his mother gave birth to two more little girls. And then, his father was offered a job in America, teaching at a University in upstate New York. After much careful deliberation, his parents decided that not only was the job an excellent opportunity for their family, but an excellent opportunity to do more than the work of two simple doctors for their native country. They moved to the United States, and while his father began to work, his mother worked part time volunteering her services for domestic abuse and homeless shelters, and the rest of her time raising their children and giving lectures on the medical situation in rural India, hoping to fire up many of these young, idealistic American minds and encourage them to take their turn making a difference.

Narinder himself was a child from two worlds - old enough when they left to remember and hold a deep fondness for his native country, but young enough to embrace America and all it's vivaciousness as well. He had his mother's passion and his father's charisma, and the combination was absolutely mind-blowing. Even from a young age he could charm teachers into adoring him and break up fights on the playground with no effort at all. By sixth grade he was student government president, a feat which he repeated during high school in a less superficial role. He was head of the debate team, captain of the track team, and logged enough community service hours for a silver level Presidential Volunteer Service Award his sophomore year and gold level versions his junior and senior years.

After he graduated valedictorian of his class, his parents offered to send him to college for anything he wanted, anywhere in the world. After all, he had earned it. His search, however, landed him in the same state, where he pursued a Political Science degree, followed by a masters in International Relations. His love of his native home had never left him, and he had decided that he could best serve both of his countries by becoming an Ambassador to India. It became his goal, and up until the day of the invasion he never swerved from that driving ambition.

College was also where he met many of his future coworkers, people of equal passion and zeal, who wanted to make a difference in the world. One of those people was a young woman named Bethany, who (after a very brief period of dating) became his best friend and most trusted confidant. It was Narinder who introduced her to her future husband, Senator Daniel DeCoursey, for whom he was an intern at the time.

Narinder lived an eventful life, but his own search for romance was somewhat more strained that one would expect. An abundance of charm and a flirtatious manner landed him with a reputation he never quite deserved - as a ladies' man. He's become known around Capital Hill as the man who knows how to show a woman a good time, and didn't demand a lot of you. It wasn't that Narinder didn't want to settle down - and as the years passed, his parents began to grow more and more insistent that he do so. They might be Americans now, but they were still traditionalists in many ways, and desperately longed to see their son married and happy, and bringing up children of his own. But Narinder was a romantic, and has spent many years searching for "the one" - a woman that he can feel devoted to, and who captures his heart completely, without room for any other. Sadly, he has yet to find such a woman, and is beginning to lose hope that one really exists. He had even begun to consider his parent's suggestions for an arranged marriage - after all, if he wasn't going to be able to find the love of his life, he might as well settle down with someone who understood and was willing to make the same sacrifice. First, though, he had to do an old friend a favor. Daniel DeCoursey, who missed his wife desperately, begged their good friend Narinder to deliver his letter to her personally - he knew coming from Narinder it would mean far more than being delivered in the mail, and Narinder was happy to oblige. He knew the predicament that Bethany had gotten herself into, but he also knew the kind of woman that she was, and that she would likely never forgive herself for abandoning her daughter for her own happiness. He also saw how much Daniel loved her, and his heart ached with sympathy for his old friend. It was the least he could do - if nothing else, it would be better that Narinder be there for Daniel if Bethany decided to end it. He delivered Daniel's letter, and was on the plane back to the States with Bethany when Ra's ships invaded.

Narinder is undeniably sexy, and probably would be even if something were to disfigure him completely. Narinder's appeal isn't only in his appearance - it's in his movements, the way he holds himself and the way he looks at you. To men, he is the ultimate comrade, always understanding, always ready to lend a sympathetic ear, buy you a drink, or offer you advice (but only if you want it). To women, he is the ultimate gentleman, always respectful but never without a hint of suggestion. The only exception is business, during which Narinder is always professional, no matter your gender or attractiveness.

Strength - 13 (+1)/Dexerity - 15 (+2)/Constitution - 13 (+1)/Intelligence - 18 (+4)/Wisdom - 13 (+1)/Charisma - 20 (+5)

Bluff - 13
Climb - 1
Concentration - 5
Diplomacy - 17
Disguise - 9
Escape Artist - 2
Gather Information - 13
Handle Animal - 5
Intimidate - 9
Investigate - 8
Language - 5
Notice - 4
Profession - 7
Search - 6
Sense Motive - 5
Stealth - 2
Survival - 1
Swim - 1

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