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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Zo Kor Ska Nat


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Zo Kor Ska Nat

Zo Kor Ska Nat
Kor, Bashaak (by the Go’uld & Jaffa)

Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: ~300 lbs
A typical specimen of the Unas race. Tall and broad with thick skin that is hardening with calcium deposits. His head is crested with a heavy brow that extends backward in a pair of boney ridges. Like all Unas he had no hair and a wide flat nose.

Notes: The usual Unas claws and bony spikes have been continuously filed down leaving Kor unable to use them as weapons at this time. Given a few weeks a new set will grow in.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)
Kor has lived the life of a slave in a society with technology limited to the bronze age, as such he tends to view anything more modern with unabashed wonder. Even simple technology that he has become familiar with will often elicit reverence or wonder, for Kor the simple use of a flashlight or lighter is a wonder to behold. Because he is uneducated and possesses a childlike intelligence he believes that the Go'uld are gods and that he Tok'ra are likewise gods who have chosen to protect rather than harm. Kor is capable of understanding both English/human and Go'uld but his speech is limited much like a child his grammar and enunciation is stunted; with time these will lessen.

Bashaak, the wooden training staff used by Jaffa to train, an object to be used. Many a bashaak has been broken over the head of an obstinate Jaffa, and many Jaffa have been broken by the strike of a bashaak. For Cronus' First Prime, Sintar, the name was applied to the ferocious Unas that he used to train his god's Elite Gaurd. Kor was taken from his tribe at a young age and brought to be entertainment for Cronus, who's Grecro-Roman proclivities include gladiatorial combat in an arena. The Arena; slaves fighting each other, or Jaffa, or even animals, all for the amusement of their Go'uld masters. Cronus' love for bloodsport is well known among the System Lords and even more so among his servants, both mortal and "god". For Cronus there was great enjoyment to be had from watching near starved Unas tear human slaves to pieces or to watch his finest Jaffa battle the fierce creatures bare handed.

Its never wise to displease a Go'uld and all the more so when the subject in question is something they feel strongly about. On event days all the minor Go'uld who served Lord Cronus came to the arena to watch the carnage. Only those most important of tasks, or most favored of subjects could get avoid it. Hephaestus was among the Go'uld who regularly came to watch the bloodsport, as a direct result so too did Jono watch these events.

The Unas known as Bashaak had over the past few years become the main event at the Arena. Cronus' best warriors from his Jaffa army would try to best the creature, or barring that merely survive for long enough to gain acceptance into the ranks of Cronus' elite guard. Kor wasn't expected to live, most of the Unas didn't, they weren't fed well enough, weren't trained to combat a highly effective warrior like a Jaffa, and weren't equipped. In fact their claws, armor, and and the bony spikes on their heads were often all trimmed or shaved to prevent the Unas from being truly dangerous. Survive he did however by way of fierce determination and tremendous inborn strength. Cronus' first prime sent ever more experienced and powerful Jaffa into the arena at his god's request. Time and again the Unas defeated the Jaffa sent to battle him. Eventually Cronus decided that this Unas would not be killed but would become the final test of any Jaffa seeking to become part of his elite guard.

Years of combat against the best Jaffa in Cronus' dominion have formed Kor into a powerful warrior in hand to hand combat. As a favored slaved of Cronus, and a favored tool of his first prime Kor received better treatment than most Unas slaves, more food, and to a limited degree more freedom. Allowed to live with the other Unas Kor drew them to him and formed from the desperate slaves a unified tribe in captivity. The Bashaak caught Jono's attention for his strength and combat prowess against the Jaffa. If ever Jono was able to gain his freedom perhaps the Unas could help him to escape.

Two weeks ago Hephaestus returned from an offworld trip. The Go'uld was no longer however, and for the first time in years Jono was his own master once again. He visited the slave pens under the auspices of looking for Unas to perform heavy manual labor. An off world excavation he claimed. Sindar, Cronus' First Prime, was forced to allow the false Go'uld to take his prized training beast. Alone in Hephaestus' workshop Jono was able to convince the Bashaak that he was a friend and not a Go'uld or Jaffa. He found to his surprise that the Unas was not simply a wild beast but an intelligent creature; though his level of intellect and learning were little more than those of a human child Bashaak did know the concept of freedom and when promised it by Jono the two struck up a wary alliance. Jono plotted for weeks, his knowledge of Hephaestus was sufficient to allow him to stall for time on his projects as he was planned to gain access to an Al'kesh.

Three days ago everything changed. Ra, the Supreme System Lord, invaded the world of the Tau'ri, Earth, much to Jono's dismay. Then he followed up his conquest by gifting the planet to Cronus to oversee, subdue, and control. Jono, as Hephaestus, would be required to journey to the planet and assist his master in crushing the Tau'ri's cities and turning their people into slaves. Jono used the opportunity for what it was, a return home. The conditions might well be less than ideal but it was an opportunity nonetheless. Along with the usual Jaffa bodyguards Hephaestus requested of Cronus that the Unas Bashaak accompany him. No doubt there would be resistance and what better way to assess the warriors of the Tau'ri than with the Bashaak? Cronus agreed and the Unas was put into Hephaestus' control against Sintar's objections.

When Kor escapes he leaves behind (unwillingly) his mate, his child, and his people. Above all else he wishes to free them and slay Cronus and the Jaffa who have imprisoned and treated he and his people cruelly. He finds earth a strange place with machines, animals, and people that are strange to him. He is sometimes confused by the way that the humans and the Jaffa and the slaves all look so similar.

Childlike in one moment and fiercely violent in the next, Kor represents the worst outcome of a slave upbringing. Despite his intelligence and awareness in many ways he is still the trained beast that Cronus used as a training tool. Kor is unflinchingly loyal to those he considers freinds or tribe and likewise brutal to those who are his enemy. With time and exposure to more sophisticated technology and higher educated humans Kor will become more "civilized" though still very much a being out of his time and place.

Exceptionally strong and tough Kor is a massive presence physically. On the flip side of things he is little more intelligent or educated than a child.

None to speak of at this point, though he does speak and understand Unas, Go'uld, and Human/english

Kor is a terrifying warrior in close combat and with his prodigious strength any thrown object can become a deadly projectile.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))

Character Sheet

Abilities [26 PP]
STR 28 (+9), DEX 10 (+0), CON 20 (+5), INT 6 (-2), WIS 10 (+0), CHA 12 (+1)

Combat [0 PP]
Attack +0 (ranged), +5 (melee), Grapple +17, Damage +9 (unarmed), Defense +0 (+0 flat-footed), Knockback +7, Initiative +0

Saves [0 PP]
Toughness +10 (+5 Impervious), Fortitude +5, Reflex +0, Will +0

Skills [4 PP = 16 skill points]
Craft (Int)(Primitive Mechanical) 1, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Languages (Native: Unas; English, Go’uld) 3, Notice (Wis) 4

Feats [7 PP]
Attack Focus (melee) 5, Defensive Attack, Improved Grab

Special Quality [24 PP]
Super Strength 2 (4 pp), Protection 5 (Impervious, Innate) (11 pp), Regeneration 9 (+3 recovery checks, all damage conditions 1 level higher) (9 pp)

Drawbacks [-1 PP]
Primitive – You are from a low-technology world, and some things are therefore more difficult for you. The following skills are unavailable at the start of the game: Computers, Craft: Chemical, Craft: Mechanical (other than primitive), Drive, Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences, Knowledge: Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Knowledge: Physical Sciences, Knowledge: Technology and Pilot. In time, you can buy off this Drawback by exposure to technology and a willingness to learn it.

Abilities 26 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 24 + Combat 0 + Saves 0 + Drawbacks -1 = 60 / 60

Click to reveal.. (Secret Knowledge (Optional))
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