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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Mark Sterbenz


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Mark Sterbenz, Phd


Height 6ft

Weight 130lbs

Hair = short straight and brown

Eyes = blue-green

Hand = right

Age = 35

Mark tends to dress in casual shirts and jeans much of the time, unless a meeting requires him to dress smarter.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)

Has a tendency to concentrate on a topic and so have difficulty changing rapidly to others things.



Mark had a typical upbringing in Colorado, and learnt to hunt from his father and grandfather soon after reaching his teens. He went to university at MIT studying Physics and Astronomy and did his doctorate (Stellar Magnetohydrodynamics)at UCLA, where he met and married his wife (Louise). It was during his doctorate, working part-time and with some support from his family and wife, that his two children were born (David and Marie).

Soon after finishing his doctorate he moved to New mexico to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in one of their research divisions. At LANL he quickly became the head of his own team, working on a vaiety of projects and able to initiate there own projects. In the process he was nominated to do presentations from several LANL internal commitees that he was on to some of the Senate and Congressinal Commitees in Washington. It was during the course of several of these trips that he met and became friendly with Daniel DeCoursey and his wife Bethany. As time went on they visited at each others homes occasionally and their children became friendly as well.

Unfortuantely his wife had never been keen on the move to LANL and after about 6 years in New Mexico and the hours and classified nature of his work was too much for her. She returned to her native San Fransisco with their two children (David 12 and Marie 10 at time of start). Daniel and Bethany were supportive of Mark during this difficult time, and he spent several weekends and a week on one occasion staying at one or other of their homes.

Since the divorce he has spent more of his time at work and restarted hunting and shooting as regular hobbies. He currently has about 6 firearms - 2 hunting rifles, a shotgun and 3 pistols of various types and calibres. As part of this he occasional takes part in several different types of competition, including target shooting and combat shooting.

At the time of the invasion he was visiting the physics dept of the Uni at Colorado Springs for some meetings with regards to some potential joint research projects between the dept and his team at LANL.


From his many days of hunting Mark has learnt two disparate things, patience, and the value of take a sudden opportunity. This is part of how quickly he was put in charge of his own team - he can make snap decisions when he needs to, but can equally sit back and wait for suitable results before acting if that is the better option.



While of only slightly above average strength, Mark is notably agile with excellent hand-eye coordination, good intelligence, and above average common sense.


Although Mark's only significant skills are those directly related to his work (Physical Sciences, Technology, Computers), he has also picked up a wide range of other skills due to his position as a team leader, spokesman to Washington on occassions (Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive, Gather Info) and of course his hunting hobby (Survival, Stealth, Notice).



Although not trained in combat per se, his long years of hunting and shooting have made him proficient with a number of firearms (Attack Focus (Ranged)x3) as well as the ability to follow a trail (Track). From his 8-9 years at Los Alamos as a team leader and sometime liaison to Washington he obviously has a high Security Clearance (Benefit) and has picked up a range of Contacts.

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Stats 26

STR 12 +1 2

CON 14 +2 4

DEX 16 +3 6

INT 16 +3 6

WIS 16 +3 6

CHA 12 +1 2

Skills 22 = 88

Survival 6

Stealth 4

Notice 4

Sense Motive 4

Knowledge (Technology) 8

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 12

Computer (Silicon) 8

Bluff 4

Gather Information 4

Craft Chemical 2

Craft Mechanical 4

Craft Electronics (Earth Tech) 4

Craft Structural 2

Diplomacy 4

Profession – Scientist 8

Swim 2

Medicine 2

Disable Device 2

Drive 4

Feats 6


Attack Focus (Ranged) 3


Benefit – Security Clearance

Saves 0

Toughness +2

Reflexes +3

Fortitude +2

Willpower +3

Attack 1 (2PP)

Defence 2 (4PP)

Stats 26 + Skills 22 + Feats 6 + Saves 0 + Att/Def 6 = 60

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