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World of Darkness: Attrition - Another Day at the Office [Complete]


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Once upon a time the earpiece would have bothered him but not anymore. Johnathan walked through the lobby of the theater and scrolled through his phone. It was nice to look busy at your events for prospective employers. Always playing the role he was. He regarded all he passed with polite nods as he made his way to the proverbial man of the hour Gabriel Lora the writer, director, and producer of All City Kings.

It wasn't the young writer's first film premiere and it showed on his face and in his demeanor. "Gabe good to see you," Johnathan greeted as he extended a hand. "I hope everything is up to your rigorous standards?" the promotions professional queried.

"Everything is wonderful," Gabe responded and took Johnathan's hand shaking firmly.

"This is a little out of my realm a movie premiere but I'm not one to turn down work...especially something as big as this," Johnathan continued his act. "Wait until the after party, that's my realm of expertise," he joked and patted Gabe on the arm with a smooth laugh.

"I can't wait. I've seen this movie a thousand times," Gabe joked in return with a casual wave. The two fast friends began to walk form the lobby into the theater itself.

The crowd mingled as soft music played above the chatter, hustle, and bustle. It was a dress casual affair which meant the women wafted through the men in evening dresses. A fine compliment to the blazers, slacks, and button downs the men wore. Champagne glasses clinked and laughter rolled throughout the room. Johnathan feigned enthusiasm yet again.

The lights above the waiting viewers dimmed softly and returned to full volume. A cue to all to enter the viewing area. Like lemmings prepared to plummet to their collective demise the privileged few moved in unison through the double doors.

Taking their seats everyone observed movie protocol. The lights from cellular telephones gave off an ethereal glow in the dimly lit room as they were silenced. People slid into comfortable positions prepared for the long haul. Couples snuggled up close ready to enjoy the movie as much as the joy of each others' company. Johnathan stood in the back with Gabe ready to observe the reactions of the crowd to his work. Johnathan stood by the door pleased with himself and his work. Some things would never change. One of those was the importance of his work.

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(the movie i totally ripped off for gabe)

The lights rose as the film halted. The reactions of the crowd were on record for the people behind the camera and potential investors to behold. Johnathan and Gabe exchanged a glance before exiting the theater quietly.

"What did you think?" Gabe asked. Johnathan rolled back on his heels while he appeared to consider the question.

"I'm thoroughly impressed," he replied hands in his pockets. In truth he had thought the movie quite good. This one was talented. Quite the specimen indeed. He was going places. Johnathan would tag along as well as help nudge him in the right direction.

The viewing area began to clear out. A crowd immediately formed about the young director who had knowingly moved to the center of the lobby. He was bombarded with questions as was to be expected. Most of them were from pretentious know-it-alls, some potential hangers-on, and a small, select few were actual fans. He shook hands and smiled. He laughed and spoke in film school jargon. Johnathan watched it all from a distance in quiet satisfaction.

The atmosphere began to change subtly now that the movie had ended. The lights dimmed and music began to play. Gabe seemed to notice. He looked up from his throng of admirers and locked eyes with Johnathan a quizzical look on his face. The planner grinned slyly and began mingling with the crowd.

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The crowd thinned slightly as the night went on. Johnathan sat at the bar, and empty glass conveniently placed next to him it's only contents ice and the dregs of scotch. Appearances. Gabe approached drink in hand grin on face.

"You weren't joking. You know how to throw a party," Gabe complimented as he lifted his glass. He took a seat next to his new friend.

"What did I tell you?" Johnathan asked rhetorically. He made a show of toying with the glass. Not long ago he'd loved a good glass of Scotch. "It's kind of my thing throwing parties," he said with a nod to the gathering. "I'll keep you posted on what's going down around town," Johnathan offered.

"Do that," Gabe returned saluting John with his glass. "You go easy on 'em killer," he joked as the Daeva walked away and disappeared into the crowd.

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