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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [NPC] Wei Pu

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Wei Pu

Description – Pu appears to be scrawny, but he is merely slim in the manner sometimes common to Asians. He is very forgettable, and people often do forget him. When he is in his uniform, people remember the cop, not the man. His hair and eyes are dark, and he has some unfortunately Cambodian features, which leads people to assume that his heritage is not pure Chinese.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms) – Pu will stare at people without speaking when they annoy him. It’s off-putting enough that it has become something of a legend. There have been prisoners who have started babbling after having Pu stare at them for a while.

History – Pu was the only child of a moderately prosperous family. Like most people with a comfortable salary, his father was a government employee. Pu grew up to be raised in the Communist ideal. Sadly, he wasn’t what the Communist party was looking for; his test scores weren’t high enough, so instead of earning a position in the government, like his father, he was deemed to be suitable for police service. His father, disappointed but sure that the Party was right, didn’t pull strings to get Pu a better position.

Pu felt let down by his Party and his father. He knew his worth; just because he wasn’t good at passing some test didn’t mean he was only good for being a cop! Both his family and his motherland were shown to be limited and worthless, to him.

Personality – Bitter and angry, Pu has sought to gain entrance to other countries, but has been unsuccessful. His total loss of faith in family and country has left him adrift, seeking something new to believe in. As an atheist, religion holds no solace. He has grown more and more unpleasant to be around as he’s gotten older. People, even other officers, don’t like him very much, as he tends to be snide to everyone.

Attributes – Pu is in good physical shape, with above average intelligence. While not likeable, people admit that he isn’t lacking in other areas.

Skills – Pu is a good cop, though he’s never applied himself. But he’s ‘good enough’ as a cop.

Feats/Other – Pu has good connections, due to the authority of his position and his family.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))

Strength - 15 (+2)
Dexerity - 15 (+2)
Constitution - 16 (+3)
Intelligence - 13 (+1)
Wisdom - 15 (+2)
Charisma - 8 (-1)

Attack Bonus - 3
Defense Bonus: - 4

Toughness Save +2
Fortitude Save +5
Reflex Save +5
Will Save - +6

Acrobatics - 0
Bluff - 2
Climb - 0
Computers - 0
Concentration - 0
Diplomacy - 0
Disable Device - 0
Disguise - 0
Drive - 0
Escape Artist - 0
Gather Information - 4
Handle Animal - 0
Intimidate - 2
Investigate - 2
Knowledge: Law - 4
Knowledge: Area Information - 3
Language - English
Medicine - 0
Notice - 4
Perform - 0
Perform - 0
Pilot - 0
Profession: Cop - 4
Ride - 0
Search - 4
Sense Motive - 0
Sleight of Hand - 0
Stealth - 0
Survival - 0
Swim - 0

Benefit – 2, police rank, prestigious family
Connected - no ranks
Contacts - no ranks
Skill Mastery - 1
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