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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Sergeant Ryan Hawke

Ryan Hawke

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Ryan Hawke is one of the MArine's most knowledgable weapon officers. He's certified with all weapons and is able to easily repair and improve and understand any handheld weapon know to man. A fairly attractive young man, he does well, and is liked by most of his comrades in the corps.

While he knows the weaponry, he's not that accomplished with all of them, having enough skill to get certified, but not enough to qualify for special titles and such. He's known to be completely undaunted by a task, physical, or mental.

His commanding officers give him alot of leeway because he keeps the weapons of his unit pristine and he's even managed to improve the range and accuracy of the high caliber rifles.

He's only Twenty-three, stands two meters tall, and has a fairly thin athletic build. He's a capable fighter, but not in the extreme. He's smarter than most people and good with his hands.

He has No family, being an only child and his mother and father are deceased. The Corps is pretty much his life, most of his friends are in the Marines like him.

He has a tattoo for the corps on his right shoulder blade, and a scar over his left shoulder from a training accident.

He's got a number of friends in the corps, and some outside, like Seargent Curtis Shane, and Luke Decoursey, who introduced him to his sister Bethany among others.

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Name- Ryan Nathaniel Hawke

Age 23

Height 2m

Mass 95 kg

Hair Brown

Eyes Blue


Str 10

Dex 14

Con 14

Int 10

Wis 14

Cha 12


Atk 4

Def 4




Attractive 2


Eidetic Memory


Benefit 2

Equipment 3


Diplomacy 4

Drive 2

Craft 12 Mechanical (weaponry)

Bluff 4

Search 2

Survival 4

Gather information 4

Computers 4

Climb 2

Investigate 2

Notice 2

Sense Motive 2

Stealth 2

Concentration 2


Fortitude 4

Reflex 4

Will 4

Toughness 2

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