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Prime Runners [NPC's]


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Birth Name: Fiona Alecia Jameson

Gender: Female

Metatype: Formori (Troll Metavariant)

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 310

Street Cred: 18

Notoriety: 2

Psychological Profile:

* True to her Word

* Fun-loving, likes a good party

* Has a sense of Humor and Love for fighting, especially admires Courage and Honor.


Mage - Norse Tradition

Dragonslayer Mentor (Thor)


* Unknown

A good bit taller then seven feet, though she's short for a troll, she's also very beautiful, for a troll this woman is stunningly beautiful. She doesn't have the dermal deposits troll normally has, as a Formori, and moves with incredible grace that is almost astonishing in one her size.

in some ways, the name she's take describes her very well. She carries a powerful weapon focus, a combat axe, that with her natural reach, makes her very dangerous in combat. Add in her spells, especially the enhancement spells, and she's dangerous at a distance and close up. She's a capable runner, with a good bit of street cred, she's knowingly worked for a number of dragons, including Ghostwalker, Hestaby, & Lowfry, which has gained her a certain Notoriety.

Character Sheet (Partial)

Click to reveal..
Body - 10           Charisma - 6        Edge: 4           Initiate Grade: 3    
Agility - 4(7)      Intuition - 5       Essence: 5.2      Astral Initiative: 10
Reaction - 4        Logic - 5           Magic: 8          Astral IP: 3
Strength - 8        Willpower - 6       Initiative: 9     IP: 1

Qualities: Exceptional Attribute (Charisma), Magician - Norse Tradition, 
Mentor Spirit - Dragonslayer [Negotiation + 2, Combat Spells + 2], Secret Quality [special]

Biotech Enhancements: Muscle Toner Level Three
Genetech Enhancements: Genetic Optimization(Charisma)

Skill Groups: Conjuring 2, Influence 3.
Skills: Astral Combat 4, Arcana 2, Assessing 4, Blades (Axes) 4(6), 
Clubs 1,Counterspelling 5, 
Dodge 3, Intimidation 2, Longarms (Shotguns) 2(4), Ritual Spellcasting 2, Spellcasting 5, Unarmed 3, 
Knowledge Skills: Magical Theory 5, Magical Background 3, Corporate 
Security 2, Mercenary Hangouts 2, Drums 4
Languages: English - Native, Or'zet 4, Sperethiel 3, Japanese 2

Spells: Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightning, Manabolt, Stunbolt,  Mindprobe,
Translate, Antidote, Cure Disease, Detox, Fast, Heal, Increase 
Reflexes, Increase Strength, Increase Body, Nutrition, Oxygenate, 
Improved Invisibility, Alter Memory, Armor, Levitate, Makeover

Metamagic Techniques: Centering (Drums), Cleansing, Filtering, Shielding

Other: ???

Foci: Combat Focus(Combat Axe) 4

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