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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Normalcy is a faraway dream


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Valerie looked through the window, the orange sun setting on the edge of the horizon bathed her, the whole room behind was tinted orange by the sun Valerie looked at a clock over the window.

"Kai sure is late." Losing no time, Valerie finished her daily chores and started on dinner, she was making a simple dinner for both of them, something on the back of her mind told her that this was completely new, but she knew this was exactly how things should be, but something was amiss.

Valerie left the cooking as it was almost done and extended her hand against the sun, realization started filling her eyes when the doorbell rang. Her train of thought derailed Valerie immediately moved towards the front door of her, no their apartment now, as she opened the door she was greeted by the sigh of an older couple, probably nearing their 50s.

"Mother, Father!" Valerie threw her arms around her father's neck and embraced her, the much taller Iberian man held her aloft without a single problem, "Valkyrie, you are as lovely as ever." The man put her down on her feet after a great hug that looked like it could break steel I-Beams in half so she could greet her mother too. "I swear, I don't know why you moved to Japan of all places, nothing here you can't do back in the European Union you know?"

"Oh dear, Valerie is all grown up and knows what she wants, she is just following her heart after all. You are just sour because she went into Robotics instead of physics aren't you?" Valerie's mother, a petite woman with Germanic features laughed at her husband's misfortune for a moment, before she moved right into the apartment being followed by the large Iberian man.

"Mom! I didn't pick Robotics to spite Dad, I picked Robotics because it was something felt close to my heart ever since that day." Valerie laughed together with her parents, it felt like eons had gone by since that day...but wait, what day? Why is it so fuzzy?

"Valy, When will you introduce us to this young man that has the gall to ask for your hand? I mean you are already living together and I have yet to hear of either of you signing the correct documents." Ms. de Quebedo asked Valerie directly and bluntly, the first thought through Valerie mind was just how blunt her mother was always while talking, and then she blushed a soft shade of crimson at her mother mentioning her living with Kai.

"He is working right now mom, he has a job at Satoshi Heavy Industries, he is somewhere in the management, he works real hard because he is much younger than the other managers, the structure is very rigid withing Satoshi, some of the managers even get called Captain instead of Boss."

The lively chatter with her parents continued for some time, Valerie and her father finished increasing the amount of dinner so they all could eat dinner together, with everything ready she got a late call by Kai, saying that he had backed up work and that he would be late tonight.

"Oh, but my parents came to visit and they said they wanted to meet you, maybe we could go out to eat dinner together? You know that really nice restaurant we used to go to? Yes the one on the north side, yes that one. EH? Meet you there at 10? Are you sure? That's great!" Valerie moved back to the living room in a flash. "Mom, Dad. I just spoke with Kai, he will be busy with work until later tonight, but why don't you meet us on the restaurant tonight and we can have dinner? I'm sure there are a lot of places in Tokyo where you want to visit, even if half of them are closed due to rebuilding."

"Eh? What rebuilding are you talking about Valerie? When we came over there was no construction work on the streets, maybe you got some dates confused?" Mrs. de Quebedo had to be the one to speak, as Mr. de Quebedo was busy eating the snacks Valerie had brought out with the coffee. "You are right, I was probably thinking of another date or another place in the city." Valerie's mind had jumped at the mention of it but it soon left her mind.

"Anyway, I gotta start getting ready! I will see you tonight at the restaurant, ok?" Valerie was slightly chipper than before, she had not gone out with Kai in a while, in actuality she can't remember the last time she had anything resembling a date with Kai. Well, time to fix it.


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Later that same night


Valerie came out of the bath ready to change into a very nice dress and get all pretty for Kai. She turned to the mirror besides her as she was fishing out clothing from her dresser, a sideways view of her body, she had filled out very well since high school, that child like body she had was shed soon after high school and she had created curves in all the right places, looking at her body took over her mind for a second, before she set her hands on her stomach. She would have to tell him today, specially since her parents where in town, it was soon going to start being noticeable and she would not be able to hide it for much longer.

The moment fleeted by filled with happy thoughts and Valerie dressed, a bit formally in a short skirted fort-fitting black dress, she was out of the door and into a cab in less than it took her to blink. The was given her instructions and soon the roads opened to her, the busy and light-filled streets of Tokyo guided her towards the restaurant where she would meet her beloved, but everything outside the cab windows was almost blurry, she could not distinguish any of the faces on the crowd, and every building in the city seemed terribly nostalgic like she had not seen them in a very very long time. Valerie had been feeling very nostalgic today, almost out of place because she had gone nowhere to miss it so much.

The restaurant was as lovely as she remembered, Kai was already waiting for her with her parents at the table, and the conversation was mostly about Tokyo, Satoshi Industry, Kai´s Work and her parents work, how Satoshi had it's fingers on most technological research world wide and the typical stories parents tell about their young when infront of their lover, afterwards a nice dinner and music had set the mood for a relax talking which Valerie took the control over.

Clearing her throat she looked at the three people gathered on the table. "Mom, Dad, Kai. I have something to tell you." Valerie looked at them she had interrupted some light talk between her Father and Kai. "About a month ago, I was feeling light headed at work, and more tired that usual, I took the day to go check myself up just in case." Valerie turned to Kai who was sitting besides her, putting her hand on top of his, he was looking horribly concerned but still listened to her. "I went to the doctor who ordered some blood tests, I got the results 3 days later." She could barely hide her smile. "Test came back, It seems I'm two months pregneat now."

The silence in the table was deafening as it seemed time itself stopped around Valerie.

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Everything banished infront of Valerie, first the table, then the chairs, then her parents and Kai, then everything else on the restaurant, then the restaurant itself and the city itself start to erase from existance in a continuous growing bubble of nothing.

"W...What's going on here!" Valerie panicked, she was the only thing that remained in the middle of nothing, she could feel a surface where she was standing, but she couldn't see it, only pitch blackness that wouldn't even allow her to see her hands infront of her face, a dot of light came to view, Valerie moved towards it, going as fast as she could, the dot turned into beacon, and the beacon into a large spotlight like column of light.

The source was lost on the pitch blackness under them, but the one around them had changed sligthly, it seemed to swirl and condense, tendrils of blackness dragging over Valerie as she moved towards the light, trying to keep her inside of the darkness, the tendrils focused on a single cohsive hand holding onto her arm, and from inside the darkness the form of Kai, her Kai appeared, only his arm and head but it was there, "Don't go Valerie, you don't have to go. It's better here." A flash went off in front of Valerie's eyes.


"Kai! Kai!" Valerie was watching herself in another void, a different one, cradling Kai's bloody and beaten body, medical alarms blaring all around the pair, she herself was a mere shadow inside of the memory, she reached out for the pair, wanting to embrace them and tell them everything was going to be ok.

A swirl of black rose petals coverd both of them keeping her away from them. "But not everything will be ok is it? You don't know that for sure, you have been lucky so far." The black petals gather into a single place between Val and the pair, a set of solid yellow eyes look at her from it's blank ebony face, made from darkness itself a mockery of a man stood before her.

"and this is not the only time, is it? The times you have failed your companions and been defeated, this one is just the one that hurts the most....or rather, the one that's freshest isin't it?"

The man-of-darkness waved it's hands, the darkness disspiated sligthly and a state of the art lab appeared under the darkness, a younger Valerie sat in a corner, trembling and frightened with tears streaking down her cheeks, several men in BlackOp's gear had invaded her home during the night and taken her hostage to her parent's laboratory, today was one of the many days they worked until light.

The men's leader was a harsh talker, shouting and menacing every other sentence, her parents remained calm during the ordeal, guns waiving all around and shots being fired as warnings. Valerie never did found out what the men were asking for, one of them got trigger happy near the generators and the sudden surge of energy sparked all kinds of machinery on, Valerie was frozen unable to move, an her parents recognizing something was going terribly wrong covered her with their bodies, a flash of pain followed as everything on the room was seared by flames and it careered through time and space.

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Valerie awoke in a room fully covered in mirrors, from every direction she could see an infinite number of copies of herself, she was standing naked in the middle of it, her synthetic skin damaged and a lot of her robotic parts showing all over her body. It's not the kind of body you would expect with a 15 year old girl.

Electronic equipment, cables and hydraulics, nuts and bolts, that's what most of her body was reduced to after it happened. A bright flash of flames and energy turned everything around her into ash and dust, as it did to most of her body.

The sensation of having been tore apart and put back together is something very familiar for Valerie, since that's how she was "reborn" into the world. Her first memory after that is crying out in the darkness surrounded by debris and having the horrible realization she was not complete anymore.

She felt short of breath, suffocating, enveloped in a horrible darkness and numbness. A voice in her head whispered to her "How does it feel to not have all those electronics? Feel more human now?" before it went quiet and Val could do nothing but scream soundlessly.


At least on her dream, because the scream she woke up with after the dream probably did wake up several people in the building with sensitive ears.

Breathing hard, Valerie hugged her knees to her chest, and couldn't get a single blink of sleep for the rest of the night.

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Valerie did not look the worst for the wear the following day, the nightmares had become her nigthly companion for the last several years and she had gotten used to sleeping little and hiding the rings under her eyes with light makeup.

Rings under her eyes, sometimes she wondered about them, it was one of the only things that reminded her of being a human, but she had never wanted to check, check if they were natural or artificial. One more thing to try and fail at not worrying about it.

This was Kai's big day and introduction, she couldn't look like a bundle of nerves and worry, she was going to freshen up and give her best smile when she is out there.

--- END ---

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