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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Dr. Yseult Langlois

Dr. Yseult Langlois

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Dr. Yseult Langlois

Yseult is an extremely attractive woman in her late thirties who can pass for a decade younger. She is of pure French-Canadian stock, pale skin, petite - barely over five feet tall - and slender, with very nice curves. She keeps her raven hair stylishly short and her black eyes can be intense or warm by turns. She prefers wearing professional clothing with clear, elegant lines and muted colours, as well as heels to provide her a modicum of height. Her movements are brisk and precise. She speaks with a fetching French accent.

When interacting in a professional capacity or around strangers, she acts in a cool, detached, slightly aloof manner. When she is with friends and family however, she is much more relaxed and open.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)
When thinking deeply or pondering multiple hypotheses, she tends to tap her lips with a finger and her eyes flick rapidly from side to side. When scared or very uncomfortable, she often spins her wedding band on her finger with her thumb.

Yseult, born and raised in Montreal, was a child prodigy with a voracious appetite for the sciences, graduating high school at the tender age of ten. By twenty, she had completed her medical degree as well as several other degrees in scientific fields. Rather than becoming a practicing doctor however, she went into research in the private sector, despite the urging of her mother and father, who wanted her to work for the government as they did, in CSIS and CSE respectively.

She developed into one of the world's most preeminent molecular biologists, with an unsurpassed mastery of genetics and biochemistry. She become the head researcher and majority share holder of a small private research laboratory, with several prominent patents to her name, but still found something missing in her life.

That something was her husband to be, François Dionne, who she met in a coffee shop when she was twenty-seven. Over a single conversation, he took the remote genius and made her laugh, made her value herself as a complete person rather than a piece of eye-candy or a biological computer. A year later, they were married, and two years after that, they welcomed their daughter Monique into the world. Three years later, they added a son, Loric, to the family.

Despite raising a child and with another on the way, and making as much time for them as she could, Yseult was still consumed with work. Since her father, Jacques, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she had been focused on a way to halt it's progression, if not reverse it. By thirty-three, she had developed an artificial protein that regulated the accumulation of abnormally folded A-beta and tau proteins in the brain. Dubbed Yseulein, despite her objections, it completely halted the progression of Alzheimer's, though couldn't restore what a patient had already lost, and it earned her the Nobel Prize for Chemistry two years later. Unfortunately, this came too late for her father, who died the same year.

While at the Nobel ceremony, Yseult met Senator DeCoursey and his lovely wife, Bethany, who's gracious and sociable nature cut through her habitual reticence. The two of them developed a friendship, Yseult occasionally visiting Bethany in Washington or California and more rarely having her over to her nice home in Montreal. Loric and Ariel were happy playmates on their visits.

A year after earning a Nobel Prize, she sold the majority of her shares in the research laboratory, and retired as the head scientist, to spend more time with her family. Only occasionally taking a consulting job or a post as a guest lecturer, Yseult resided in familial bliss.

It would only last two years, and then they came, and her world was never going to be the same again.

Due to her vast and precocious intelligence, Yseult grew up socially stunted and affected a cold, arrogant demeanor, rarely letting anyone close. Getting married to François greatly ameliorated that, and around friends and family, she is an outgoing and kind woman. She has a fierce devotion to her family.

Still, when around strangers or when working, professionally, her manner still initially comes across as distant and dispassionate. Despite usually acting in a pragmatic and logical manner, Yseult is actually an emotional woman, who's feelings run deep.

Yseult is highly intuitive and extremely intelligent, in the top one percentile in the world. She has above average manual coordination and once you get pass her social reticence, Yseult has a pleasant presence.

Yseult is perhaps the finest molecular biologist on Earth, with an undisputed mastery of genetics and biochemistry. She is an expertly trained physician and scientist, very handy with a computer, and with some basic training in various engineering fields, though that is more a function of her vast understanding of scientific principles. She's also a decent cook.

Yseult is a remarkably attractive woman, well known in her field of expertise, with a mind that processes information at an astonishing rate and retains that information with crystal clarity.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))

Character Sheet

Abilities [21pp]
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 13 (+1), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 22 (+6), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 12 (+1)

Combat [2pp]
Attack Bonus +1, Defense Bonus +1 (Dodge Focus; Flat-footed +0)

Saves [0pp]
Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +1, Will +3

Skills [28pp = 112 skill points]
Bluff 0 (+1/+9)
Computers (Silicon) 8 (+14)
Craft (Artistic) 1 (+7)
Craft (Chemical) 15 (+21)
Craft (Electrical) 4 (+10)
Craft (Mechanical-Earth Tech) 4 (+10)
Craft (Structural) 1 (+7)
Diplomacy 0 (+1/+9)
Disable Device 1 (+7)
Investigate 5 (+11)
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 16 (+22)
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 15 (+21)
Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+14)
Language (French-Native, English) 1
Medicine 12 (+15)
Notice 2 (+5)
Profession (Cook) 4 (+7)
Profession (Scientist) 12 (+15)
Search 3 (+9)

Feats [6pp]
Attractive 2, Dodge Focus 1, Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Renown 1 (Medical and Scientific fields)

Special Quality [3pp]
Mental Quickness 3 (x10; mental tasks only)

Abilities 21 + Combat 2 + Skills 28 + Feats 6 + Special Quality 3 = 60pp

Click to reveal.. (Secret Knowledge (Optional))

François Dionne (Husband of 10 years)
Monique Dionne-Langlois (8 year old daughter)
Loric Dionne-Langlois (5 year old son)

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