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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Bethany DeCoursey


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Bethany DeCoursey nee Rin

Bethany is the daughter of second generation Chinese immigrants on both sides; her heritage is obvious in her long straight black hair, cinnamon colored skin, and almond-shaped tawny eyes. She has a regal bearing and a penetrating gaze but enough laugh lines to soften her expression. She is a slender woman of just below average height; she generally wears heals to bring her up to around 5'6", barefoot she's between 5'3" and 5'4". Her birthday is July 29th, and at the start of game she is 34 years old.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)
She tends to look down when listening intently to someone and can be eerily still when she wishes to make someone else uncomfortable; when highly stressed or upset she can develope breathing problems.

Bethany is the wife Senator DeCoursey of California; she herself was born in Rhode Island. The two of them met in Washington D.C. while Bethany was working on a college internship on Capital Hill. The two began dating about a month after Bethany's internship (as an assistant to the head of staff for the Chair of the Committee on International Affairs, a committe that Daniel DeCoursey was serving on at the time) and were married a year later. Bethany finished her internship and worked for Congress for several years before becoming pregnant. During this time her husband made the acquaintance of Mark Sterbenz, a physicist working at LANL while Daniel was on a brief assignment to the Energy Committee. The two men hit it off immediately, and the Senatorial couple were there for Mark two years later during his divorce. Bethany's pregnancy shortly after that was a difficult one and their son lived for only a few hours after being born. Bethany went into a severe depression for several years, during which her husband and family tried everything they could think of to pull her out of her depression. This included many family get-togethers with friends; her younger brother Luke introduced her to Curtis Shane, an inventive friend of his from his boot camp days and a fellow officer at Cheyenne Mountain, as well as Marine, Ryan Hawke, that he'd made friends with since being stationed at Cheyenne. Bethany's older brother Sammuel also asked her to visit him in Colorado Springs, where he'd been teaching at a seminary college for counseling and rest; there he had one of the younger novitiates, Shawn, to look after her while she was there. These efforts, along with Daniel's desire to try to have another child, did finally pull the despondent mother out of her depression. Bethany, being who she is, also made sure to stay in contact with the people who'd brought her through the darkest period of her life.

They conceived a little girl and this time the pregnancy went off without a hitch; Ariel Leigh DeCoursey was born as a healthy and precocious child. Bethany met Yseult Langlois shortly after Ariel turned one at the biochemist's Nobel ceremony; the two hit it off and Yse became Bethany's inspiration for wanting to return to her own career. She wanted to wait until Ariel was little older, so she stayed the picture-perfect homemaker and mother through her tenth wedding anniversary. At that celebration, Daniel introduced her to one of the performers, a young and savant sax player by the unusual name of Christian Blues. Daniel had been following the youth since his time at Julliard, even sending him a card of condolences when his parents died, and had wanted to give Christian an opportunity at the contacts and exposure that could reignite his career if he wanted. Bethany thought he was a charming young man and spent part of the night sending charming young women over to chat him up.

Once Ariel was three and about to begin preschool, Bethany decided it was finally the right time go back to work; Daniel protested, citing the little family time they had due to his own career and the damage her returning to work could do to voting with the more conservative constituents in California, a deciding block. The argument nearly lead to a divorce and did lead to a 'trial separation' suggested by their therapist. Bethany accepted a position with the US Embassy in London, England.

In England Bethany met Devon, a dashing man of Irish descent that swept her off her feet and had her teetering on the verge of breaking her marriage vows. Devon made her feel exhilarated and young again and was obviously in love with her. From the distance of an ocean all the complicated history of her current marriage seemed overwhelming to deal with in the face of a fresh and invigorating new romance. She spent most of her free time in London with Devon, though she was careful to keep the relationship mostly out of the press and to keep outings to group settings. Several months after arriving in England, Bethany's best friend, Narindar, delivered a letter to her in person from Daniel begging her to come home to her family. He wrote how much he missed her and even outlined a plan of how they could both pursue their careers and still have time to be together as a family; he was willing to slow down his own advancement through Congress to coordinate with her if it just meant she'd come home to him and their daughter. Bethany cried herself to sleep over how torn she actually felt between Devon and her family in the US. That morning she knew if she was going to salvage her marriage it meant going home right then and never seeing Devon again. She left a message with her work, citing a family emergence, booked a plane to D.C., and wrote Devon a good-bye letter that she mailed to him on her way to the airport with Narindar. By the time she touched down in the U.S. Ra's ships were in orbit, and before had even stepped foot on American soil again her entire planet had been conquered.

In the ensuing chaos Bethany was captured and taken to a detention area. She still doesn't know if her family survived or where they are if they did.

Bethany is a gregarious and gracious woman. She's observant and can make clever quips and many-layered comments, an essential skill for the wife of a rising Senator. She loves a challenge and although still somewhat frail from the emotional shock of the loss of her son, has recovered admirably with the birth of her daughter. She's fiercely loyal and can harbor something of a guilt complex if she feels she'd done less than her best or embarrassed her family in some manner. She was raised with an older and younger brother and no sisters and was the pride of her father, so coupled with her well-kept wife status for the better part of her marriage she can be somewhat demanding and arrogant.

While somewhat frail, what Bethany lacks in physical prowess she makes up for in mental and social acumen.

Bethany is a skilled observer and hostess, as well as a trained diplomat.

Contacts, Well-Informed, Connected

Click to reveal..
"----------Character Details---------
Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Alias:
GM's Name:
Power Level: 12
Power Points: 30



----------Ability Scores---------
Strength: 10 (0)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 18 (+4)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Toughness: +1
Fortitude: +1
Reflex: +1
Willpower: +3

Attack Bonus: +0
Damage Bonus: Unarmed +0
Grapple: +0
Defense Bonus: +0
Initiative: +1

----------Lifting Capacity---------
Light Load: 266 lbs
Medium Load: 533 lbs
Heavy Load: 800 lbs
Max Load: 1600 lbs
Push/Drag: 2.0 tons

----------Movement Rate---------
Base Speed: 30 ft/r / 60 ft/r / 120 ft/r
Leap: 10 ft / 5 ft / 2 ft

  • Bluff - 2 (+5)
  • Concentration - 0 (+3)
  • Diplomacy - 2 (+5)
  • Disguise - 0 (+3)
  • Escape Artist - 0 (+1)
  • Gather Info - 3 (+6)
  • Handle Animal - 0 (+3)
  • Intimidate - 0 (+3)
  • Investigate - 1 (+5)
  • Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences - 1 (+5)
  • Knowledge: Civics - 2 (+6)
  • Knowledge: Current Event - 2 (+6)
  • Knowledge: History - 1 (+5)
  • Knowledge: Popular Culture - 1 (+5)
  • Knowledge: Theology and Philosophy - 1 (+5)
  • Notice - 3 (+6)
  • Search - 0 (+4)
  • Sense Motive - 3 (+6)
  • Stealth - 0 (+1)
  • Survival - 0 (+3)


  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

  • Contacts: Make a Gather Information check in one minute
  • Well-Informed: Gather Information check when meeting someone
  • Connected: Make a Diplomacy check to call in favors or aid

Tok'ra Loyalty - Points -3
Description: Loyalty of the Tok'ra simbiote to the Tok'ra cause - Freq DC 15 - Sev DC 15

----------Cost Summary---------
Abilities: 24
Combat: 0
Saves: 0
Skills: 6
Feats: 3
Powers: 0
Total Cost: 33

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