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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [PC] Staff Sergeant Curtis Shane

Curtis Shane

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Staff Sgt. Curtis Shane


Curtis pretty much wears t-shirts and shorts when not in military uniform. His glasses rest low on a thin nose, below dark blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He looks a fair amount like the stereotypical computer geek at age 20.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)

When extremely nervous, he shakes his hands rapidly.



Curtis was adopted as an infant by Jesse and Jeff Shane, a gay couple in Omaha, Nebraska. When in 5th grade, anti-gay attention angered Curtis, who drew away from others mostly, and focused on his hobbies of computers and electronics. The only exception was working at Jesse's auto shop, where he got along with the other employees.

After graduating high school, Curtis chose to join the military, hoping for and receiving a position in military IT. It wasn't long before his impressive tech skills brought him a transfer to the Cheyenne Mountain military base, where he ascended to Staff Sergeant at abnormal speed. During that time, he forged a friendship with Luke Rin, brother of Bethany DeCoursey, and met her through him. Luke also was sent to Cheyenne, though as an commissioned officer. There, Curtis also met Ryan Hawke, though he considered Hawke to be a close acquaintance, not comfortable enough to see him as a friend.

Along with the rest of Cheyenne Base, he was evacuated before Ra's arrival on the mountain. In a little bit of time, Curtis and Luke were fighting with the resistance group formed from the base to free Earth.


Curtis is hard-working and intensely focused. Unfortunately, he holds himself and to some degree, everyone working with him to high standards, and expresses displeasure with those blatantly failing to meet them. Also, when things go seriously wrong on his end, he won't readily admit to being at fault.



Though he finished puberty, Curtis still has teenage-level strength, though his reflexes and agility are above average. He's sociable, but elements of his personality (see above) have limited his friends. His primary advantages are his high intelligence and awareness of his surroundings.


Curtis is an expert with computers and building electronics, as well as the physical sciences and cutting edge technology. His knowledge of electronics has made him extremely skilled at disabling security devices, and training in mechanic work from Jesse's auto repair shop has also helped him develop keen perception focus and concentration. He also pays a certain amount of attention to current events.


Curtis is ambidexterous, carries a set of high-tech electronics and tools, and has the capacity to develop new electronic devices. He is able to act well under pressure with his 'core skills and knowledge' relating to electronics, can jury-rig tools for work, and has reaction time improved by his basic training.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))
Character Sheet - Optional


Str 8(-1), Dex 12(+1) Con 10(+0), Int 16(+3), Wis 18(+4), Cha 10 (+0)

Reflex +1, Fortitude +0, Toughness +0, Will +4

Attack Bonus +3, Defense Bonus +5


Bluff 4(+4)

Notice 8(+12)

Computers (Silicon) 12(+15)

Computers (Crystaline) 4(+7)

Knowledge: Goa'uld 4 (+7)

Craft (Electronics) 12(+15)

Disable Device 12(+15)

Knowledge (Current Events) 4(+7)

Craft (Earth Tech Mechanical) 8(+11)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 12(+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 12(+15)

Search 8(+12)

Concentration 8(+12)

Sense Motive 8 (+12)



Improvised Tools


Improved Initiative 1(+4)

Skill Mastery (Craft (Electronics), Computers, Knowledge (Physical Sciences), Knowledge (Technology))

Equipment 1 (Masterwork tools, Masterwork Computer, Masterwork Cellphone)

Click to reveal.. (Secret Knowledge- Notes for Prologue PP)
Secret Knowledge - Optional

25/30 pp left

OOC- So I have a note to remind myself. After the prologue, I'll spend 2-3 points in Defensive Roll, same amount in Dodge focus, and hopefully a few points in Go'auld and High Tech related skills.

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