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Aberrant RPG - The ultimate Nova?

Mr Fox

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Ok so first off let me say that this is a thought exercise and nothing more. In absolutely no way shape or form would I ever condone the creation of such a character by a player in a game I ran.

That being said, I'm talking enhanced cheese flavored cheese, to dip in your cheese fondu.

If you were allowed to create a nova with absolutely no limits placed on how the points were spent, what is the cheapest you could possibly get away with creating the ultimate nova?

I came up with 40 nova points. If I've done anything wrong please let me know (nicely).

Here's what I came up with:

Name: Mary Sue

Concept: Break the system in the fewest possible points.

Age, height, weight and all that won't matter because she'll become the ultimate nova during eruption.

Str: 2

Dex: 2

Sta: 4

Per: 2

Int: 3

Wit: 5

App: 2

Man: 2

Cha: 2

Abilities don't matter and can be placed anywhere

23 points spent on whatever, although I would suggest points in science and medicine and awareness.


Attunement: 2

Node: 3

Eufiber: 2

(again these really don't matter)

Willpower: 3

Quantum: 1

Bonus points:

14 on quantum

1 on a background, attunement

So quantum is now 3 before spending nova points.

Nova points:

Jacking Quantum up to 10. That is going to garner 6 taint by itself, leaving the ability to spent 3 more taint to lower the cost of 3 of those Q down to 3nps each.

9 nps 3 Quantum (Tainted)

20 nps 4 quantum

That brings us up to 10 quantum and 9 Taint, still playable.

We then purchase one single power:

11 nps Planck Scaling

Total expense 40 nova points.

With Planck Scaling the nova can create a bubble of subjective reality within which their will is supreme. Each success rolled gives 2 nova points toward altering yourself permanently if you should so choose. It would take 10 to 12 uses of her power, but she would then have every possible dot filled in on the sheet, have removed all taint, and gained every power available. In short, be the ultimate nova on a mere 40 nova points.

The ultimate cheese.

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/me buys one NP's worth of 'Win'.

smile I dunno about Plank Scaling, but playing with numbers is fun. I have a friend that pretty much is my rl gaming group's test for how breakable a systm is. You give him a book, the pretense that game might be starting, and wait for the Limburger to form from the ether.

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Actually, I could do this with less.. but it involves giving the nova six points of flaws, and buy 3 dots of Quantum with freebies. However, you don't need to take planck scaling to do this.. (initially)

Instead, all I need is to buy up to Quantum 7, buy Quantum Authority, with the Quantum Intensification Technique... then I use it to raise my Quantum to 10, and buy Planck Scaling, and then use planck Scaling to make all of that perminant, and continue using it to make character even more scary.

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I checked and PS doesn't specify anything except for allowing 2 NPs to be gained. There's no provision anywhere in the rules for NPs being used to buy off Taint. At a bare minimum you'd need the ST to say you could do so and to set a cost for that buy-off, worst case sure you have a twinky Mary-Sue nova who is a buttery taint monkey. I think this further demonstrates things we need to avoid in our games.

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LOL, yes it definitely represents things we need to avoid in our games. smile

Krul: Good point on using flaws. I never really uses merits and flaws with the Abby system so I didn't consider them, that would make it slightly cheaper.

VileBill: There's no Rule that I'm aware of that says you have to impose limits on how players spend their nova points. So it's not cheating. It's just that any sane ST will impose them otherwise a cheese monkey Mary Sue like the above would result. I've seen even good RPer's get a little cheesy when allowed to go wild. People get a concept in their heads and really wanna make it work for the story and go too far if not reigned in sometimes.

Jameson: It doesn't say specifically it can remove taint, but it does say that changes made to a person within are permanent once the bubble ends. It also says the nova's will reigns supreme. Taken together I'd rule that it can remove taint. Or hell, if you want, while you're in the bubble wish a cure for taint into existence, and poof, there it is. Planck Scaling is the ability to impose your will on reality.

Having said that, I can't imagine any game ever being playable once Q10 and Planck Scaling were allowed to the player characters. Not that I wouldn't allow someone to purchase it in a game, but that would be the end of that game and they would have had to play that character for years to have earned enough xp to buy their way up to it, because I do impose limits on how Quantum can be purchased over the 5th dot in any game I run.

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Fox, it also says that how this works is by giving 2 NPs to the character. NPs cannot be used to remove taint, at best it would be something that a ST might allow.

Krul, Ab Transfer removes Aberrations but doesn;t cure taint, you might look normal but you would still be rocking a nasty vibe and a huge social penalty.

Fox again, character generation actually limits the PCs to Quantum of no higher than 5 so allowing anything more at chargen is a special rule, not the other way round.

There is of course the pure and simple factor of why would somebody do this? there is 0 fun to be had with a garbage PC like this ... except in the form of this conversation/debate

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I had an ST which allowed PS... we had hundreds of nova points to throw around at character creation.

First play session: A big name NPC was supposed to die after leaving us a cryptic warning. My PC used plank scaling to undo that and raise her back from the dead (or retroactively alter reality so she didn't die).

Game breaks right there, ST ended it.

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Yuppers, I'm in a game at present that once I gain powers, I've already got 10-points in flaws and 6 are used to boost my total Freeby points to 21 (haven't errupted yet). 21 points equals +3 QR.

90% of those flaws are gonna be Horrid Aberrations (don't count as Real aberrations) that will f-me up and cause me to have to think my way out of Alot more boxes... And I don't really need the QR 5, it ain't that useful, but it's a fun excuse for me to MAX more rolls.

That said!

One Game Legal Twinker Bell NOVA comming up:

NP3) QR: ••••• (1QR free for starters, 3 bought with Freeby points/1QR bought tainted)

NOW, Buy up the Following at GAME LEGAL prices.

8NP)Molecular Manipluation: (Reduce Duration by -4/reduce Range by 9/reduce level by 2 by spending 10weakness points, making it a level one power costing 5NP fer 5Dots/Spend 3NP & the three remaining weakness points to by the "Reduced Cost" extra. Bought with 3NP & 3Weakness points, Extras do NOT increase a powers level)

••••• for 5NP+3NP for extra

NP1)Telekinetic Mastery (TKM): • (Reduce Range by 5/Take 2 Weakness point of POWER DEPENDANCE on Molecular Manipulation/4points of LINKED weakness, linking it to Force Field/ reduce level by 2 for 10 Weakness points)

NP1 for 1Dot & +1 (last weakness point) to TKM-Accuracy.

NP1) Force Field:• (RGain 4points from the LINKED weakness, linking it to TKM/take 2 points for the DEPENDANCE weakness, DEP on Molecular Manipulation)-1Level and Plus +1 Strength to Force Soak.

NP1 for 1Dot & +1 Soak

Cost 1NP

NP14)Quantum Construct: ••••• (Reduce Range by -8=8Weakness points/Spend 3Weakness & 3NP on the LONGEVITY extra/Reduce duration by -9/-10weakness on reduced level/take 2 points of power 'DEPENDANCE' on Molecular Manipulation/6NP& 6Weakness points on the 'SELF AWARE' & the 'REDUCED COST' extras)

14NP for 3 extras & 5DOTS

NP 1) Shape Shifting:

(Reduce Duration by 5/take 5 points of FORM RESTRICTION to limit your form to Just human shapes/-2Levels)

1NP) on maxing out DEX

1NP) on Maxing out STA

TOTAL COST;14+1+1+8+3+1+1+1=30

Quantum Construct: You Create Any object or creature with ANY powers you choose, INCLUDING NOVA PROXY!!! Which means you could create a Self-Aware Magic sword that Bestows you with any powers it had in it.

Molecular Manipulation: Grants you access to the Developement of any Future External Matter influancing powers since Every Matter Elemental power is just a pumped up version of Molecular Man... Plus it is Just-Plain-Fun to use (Great at Kids parties).

Shape Shifting: This lets you develope ANY future Physical Range-SELF realated powers and can be a Great boost to other powers you have by shifting Temp Mega-Die into your pools Without needing to tap into your Quantum Constructs... (at 1 turn in combat this can get to be expencive but may be useful in getting out of a jam).

Telekinetic Mastery:An excuse to reduce the cost of Force Field AND it gives you Flight!

+1NP for +3DEX... Dex is Freaky useful for Q-Con & TKM.

+1NP for +3STA... STA is Freaky useful for Shape Shifting.

All Game Legal Tweeks. That and Boring!

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The more I read the more I'm convinced that people are snorting pure cane stupidity.

I've found several issues with both the PCs but I know pointing them out is pointless because it will lead to others trying to actually justify how 'right' those characters are.

Fox is right, these PCs should be an example of how not to play.

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Rev, Would just you Shut already?

You seem to make it a point to insult Every post of mine that you bother to get your hands on, claiming me as being nothing more than a cheap two bit upstart Munchkin, when in fact I've never played anything but the most low grade, powerless, humans in games. I'm ultra respectful of my GM/ST/DM's and never ask for abusable sources of power. I'm always serious, never get out of line, do what I'm told, do everything I can to help out my ST, all so as to avoid dumb s##t ("No! You can't have fun because RPGs are serious") game Nazis like you!

In short, I never have a lick of fun, which is what I thought RPGs were about and which is why I stopped playing RPGs years ago... Because of Elitists like you.

So someone (Fox) asks a question about how to make the most game legal Twink possible and I figured I could cut lose and have some fun with Not being serious... In short, the exact Opposite of how I play! And here you come again mouthing off at me as usual.

Nothing I said was out of line nor rules breaking, and when it is I respect CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (as apposed to your Always insultingly as hell worded criticisms) and I ALWAYS take them under advisement. That doesn't mean I wouldn't argue the point a little so as to get the Best understanding of another's critiques.

What I wrote was in response to Fox, not you, and it was intended fer FUN (Your version of a Four-Letter-Word). You insulted what I wrote by in-essence calling it crap and insulting me by flat-out claiming I'm "snorting pure cane stupidity", but Not once did you bother to point out one single discrepancy about what I wrote because you Feared that it would "lead to others trying to actually justify how 'right' those characters are"!-(Oh no, freedom of speech!!! Whatever will rev do?)

And if you had it would likely have been nothing more than another one of your minor nitpicks. My post was as legit as I could make it.

As I said game legal, I never said game Justifiable. The creation I made was 100% pure twink, intended to be pure Twink, and I said as much. I never said that I would play it or allow it to be played! Although, I'm kind of getting SICK to death of your RPG killing Geek-Elite kind so, I think I will do something uncharacteristic of me and actually ASK my ST if I can play something like this in my First RPG in 5 years cuz I'm sick to death of rpgs being made morbidly depressing by jerks like you, and I'd like to have fun for Once!

Either way, I was under the assumption that 'This Thread' was supposed to be an exercise in fun, and you're trying to kill it with some more of your classic Bitter board elitist rudeness.

Go away!

If the old moral "Don't speak unless you have something good (useful) to say" was an enforceable law, you'd be a Mute! You are nothing more than a board/this boards personal 'little' Hitler. It's like you have Zero desire to tolerate anyone else being here, this is YOUR PUBLIC sand box and your snobbery wants everyone out.

Take a hike you Joy-Killing piss-ant.

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Originally Posted By: jameson (ST)
It's not an official power, I think I recall seeing it in a fan book.

Weaknesses are only semi legal, ST always gets overrides on those and frankly any ST who were ok with the above abuses deserves what he gets

Yes, you are correct on Both counts...
It (being TK-Mastery) Is found in a Fan net book.

HOWEVER, Telekinetic Mastery is not any differant than any other Mastery (Fire, Lightnight, Light, Radiation) in game rules and Fully conforms to those rules AND, I was Not refering to the TKM-power made by "The FAN", I was simply refering to a simple L3/mastery version of the L2 Telekinesis power from the book. Both Mastery & TK are book legal, and the ability to have it as a Mastery is game legal since Mastery over Other forms of Energy/force/and matter are suggested as being okay to Master in, yet are not given the full write up.

To say that TKM is not allowable because "It is not Specifically written up in the Aberrant MB" is ludicrious, because Neither is Radiation, Light, or Metal Mastery... And No one here questions the validity for players to possess those as mastery abilities. And the book confirms that such creations ARE game legal.

As to Strengths and Weaknesses being game legal or not... Quasi-Legal is another way of saying "Nurse, I'm going to proceed with splitting this Hair, get me my scalple". The Aberrant writers said MANY times that the Main rule of thimb fer the books is to, "Use Common Sence". The same holds truthful for Every single aspect of the game system... Even the S"ocompletelygamelegaluberKoolmainbookrulesthatnoonecanlivewithout"! We as ST (and hope the PC as well) restrict gross abuses of game play, Even when still legal.

But this does Not mean that we can't discuss it here on the boards fer the Fun of it. Otherwise, what is the real point of this board, to just tell you NO you can't discuss anything not specifically approved by the books? That'd be a Very short discussion!

It go like This; "_________________________________________________________________________________________! Can I do Thi- NO!"-short and over in one post... Now back to the PBPost where EVERYTHING is ad-lib... Let's see... Yup, ad-lib is not covered Word by Word, post by post, page by page...
It's All gotta come down now.

RPG POST One year later...
Total Forums: 1 (General)
Board Openner: 3 years ago, By Chosen.
Reads: "I'm glad I'm here, I'd like to say hi to everyone for coming. Let's get creative.

Total Posts: 3 (All by Revenant)
First Post: 3 years ago, By Revenant.
Reads: No creativity, Only by the book. Everyone not sMaRts like me, go away. No plebian masses allowed! This Board is for elites only!

Second Post: 1.5 years ago, By Revenant.
Reads: Heh-Hellow... Be-ist thoe Anyone there? Hellow? Does anyone wish to play with the royal I which is greatness?
HelLOW much!

Last Post: Lastnight at 1AM, by Revenant
Reads: "Hellow... Anyone there?
Mother has kicked me out of the cellar!
My D&D books are getting wet in the rain now.
T-t-ty-pp-ing on m-my Ip- Ipod T-t-to-touch!!! I-tt's c-c-coldtout! And tears Wolves af-t-t-er me!

I'm lonely...

Total Members: 1 (Revenant-status: Eatten by wolves)
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I've no idea what all that inane dribble just said dude, but by the Gods did it make me laugh.

You also seemed to have missed the point where I agreed with Fox about the topic of the thread, where it states that the PCs listed should serve as an example of how not to play.

If you wanna make PCs just for the sake of showing everyone how not to do it (which is kinda where Fox was going with this) then have at it. I just think debating such things that will never see the light of day is kind of pointless.

So knock yourself out and go nuts bro, you're like a Dreamer flashback every time I read your brand 'english'.

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If "Inane dribble" is your way of saying that you "loved what I wrote" and it was "A Super Kewl read that is fun for the whole family", And "Oh Eljinn, I find your big ars muscles SHuper SHmexy"...

Then thankyou Rev, I accept your compliment.

'Brought to you today with limited commecial interuption by: El'jinn Brand EngRish...

Cuz if it's not EngRish, it ain't funny!

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Originally Posted By: Noah Weston
Do work really hard to be this stupid or does it just come naturally?
"Do work really hard to be this stupid"?

Sorry to have to ask this of you, but did you mean to ask: "Do you really work hard to be this stupid"?

Cuz that would have made sence. Not meaning to sound insulting or nut'tin, just asking
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Agreed. Bond is best.

Back to the discussion. What about what I wrote would need a fix to make it work-able. I wrote it fast and never had much time to come up with a better rendition. In short, that was the best Twink I could come-up with.

As far as I knew, I made the best usage of strengths, weaknesses, powers, and power combos that I could. I usually play(ed) Baselines and never had much of a chance to see what all Novus/Novas could do.

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It's also helpful to remember that different people consider different things as Twinkish.

A great example: Stats at 5. There are some folks here that feel very strongly that pumping your stats to 5 is twinkish, (and I agree that it can be). On the other hand, I feel that in this system the PCs, (that is NOVAs), are supposed to be all shiny and nearly superhuman, certainly above average. So to me, unless it's supposed to be a low powered game or character then I don't consider it Twinkish. I have more than one character who have all stats at five, but it's my opinion that it's appropriate for the settings those characters are in. (Most notable in this way is Elpseth, but then she's a 90np nova whose theme is specifically to be 'better than human'.)

So like I say, Twinkish is in the eye of the beholder and we'll disagree on where that line is drawn, and I'm ok with disagreeing. (I don't take too kindly to being ridiculed for my opinions so keep the replies nice, and lets discuss those opinions.)

Thanks, and discuss...

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Humm... Yeah, that one above was the best I could come up with...

Like I said, I've not gotten much chance to play or see what Novas can do...

Infact, this will be my first game in over 5 years, and the others from five years ago all I played were Baselines for the ST, that or I just ended up GMing "Rifts" fer everyone I'd LUVED to through a Nova into Rifts Just to erk the players off, just cuz I hated Rifts after getting stuck with GMing that overpowered game fer 15 years.

I'm considering maxing only STA to 5 because it's a stat that has no adverse obvious RP effects that I've seen, that and I'm playing an Ice Trucker in the dead of Blackest Night and -20F cold, so I'm gonna need it.

The ST is paying me back fer 15 years of my being his GM, so he's Letting me pick my powers and I was not expecting that... I kinda figured (based on all of the other GM/ST/&DMs I'd had or heard about) that HE was going to pick them.

Any suggestions? I'm not wanting to be a twink, but I wouldn't be playing aberrant if the powers didn't have Something to do with it. If I was only in it fer the RP alone, and the powers weren't important, I'd be RPing another game like... The View rpg edition (I'd be Whoopy Goldberg).

So I want a power that will get me outta the Snow (and away from the Giant Machine that is attacking my baseliness in the pitch black night, Be a power that I can say is likeable, be one that can grow at least a little, and that Doesn't tempt me into considering IT (the power) above the use of my baseline skills.

I just don't want to get screwed with something lame like... Plant control (not good in the -20F degree snow).

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Well, if you want to deal withe the cold, consider Body Morph, Ice, or Elemental Anima(or Mastery) Ice/Cold, and Invulnerability Cold. Of course, on the flip side, that could manifest as fire instead, rather then being immune to cold, you can create your own heat.

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I took your advice Krul. Body Morph Ice. I also took Absorbtion: Energy to pump it up And to save me from the radiation that is pelting me right now (in game).

Hopefully these two powers and the other twink powers I have will be enough to get me out of this mess. As is, just using the twink powers alone will drain me quite a bit so, I'll have to be careful.

Danka again Krul

BTW everyone... The power of Body-Morph needs you to take the first dot in Density Increase, however Ice is less dense than water and I was wondering if the Armor power would be a much more logical choice, since Ice wouldn't be quite so all around tough, just harder.

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Actually, Ice is less dense then water, that's why it floats, generally I consider the following powers in relation to Body Morph: Ice

Assuming 5 dots, and the hard solid effect, I'd likely do this, though with some variation.

Armor 2 dots

Immolate 1 dot as Freezing Cold

Invulnerability 1 dot, Cold/Ice

Quantum Conversion 1 dot, Cold

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  • 4 years later...

I don't think anyone will read this, but a friend of mine just got ahold of Aberrant and gave me the books to go over (I'm the Game breaker of the group, generally whomever is running the game gives me the books a couple of days in advance so they know what to expect should someone decide they want to try Destroying the world at CC.) and I think I might have that Ultimate Nova at Character Creation. There was one house rule involved in the build and Bonus Point pooling style described in APHB (150 Bonus points instead of 147, our DM has an issue with odd numbers). I also relied on the Strengths/Weakness' mechanic in APHB. The character seems technically legal...


The House Rule on Taint is that instead of lowering a cost by half, you get three nova points per 1 in taint you freely take in character creation.


DISCLAIMER - I would never allow this... Just sayin.


Str 1 Per 5/1M App 3

Dex 1 Int 5 Cha 3

Stm 1 Wit 5/1M Man 5/5M


(60 Bonus points, 22 Nova Point)


Business 5

Subterfuge 5

Intimidation 5

Beauracracy 5


(40 Bonus Points)


Node 5

Dormancy 5

Influence 5

Backing 5

Resources 5


(25Bonus Points)


TK 1 (Six weakness as per linked power, power is Linked to Dom { 3 points used to give Extra Channel, 3 points to give Lowered Cost})

Domination 5 (Six Weakness points as per the linked power, power is linked to Luck {2 points used to raise Duration to permanent, +4 to dice roll})

Luck 5 (Six weakness Points as per the linked power, Linked to TK {+6 dice roll})


(23 Nova Points)


Quantum 5


(28 bonus points)


Taint - 9


Aberrations - Megalomania, Hardened Skin (Obsidian), Purple Glowing Aura




Intolerance - Baselines 1 BP

Obsession Lying 2 BP




Trickster - Manipulation

Tactical Genius - Wits

Ultraperipheral Vision - Perception


SO, The idea (if you couldn't guess by the look of the character sheet), is a business man intent on taking over the world with the money, connections, and power to do so. The weakness' give dice penalties as all powers have to go off at once, and the idea behind that is have luck 'go off' first(Have it be rolled first). with 11 dice the statistical success 4, after rolling this abilities out 20 ish times I've found that more often then not I'll get six. This applies Six success' to make up for any dice penalties to Dom and Telepathy.


On the low end of Domination(Luck applied) I've gotten around 12 at the lowest, and the highest so far was 32 success to this power. you only need four above willpower to get complete control of a character. assuming target has ten willpower, and we apply the middle of the two(22 Success'), he would have to score 12 success' on the initial Defense roll to make it possible for him to escape it later with willpower.


Thinking about how willpower is regained its whenever you wake up from resting (Dawn of a new day) and whenever you play into your Nature. Assuming you are not a submissive (In which case you would like whats happening) Or have a twisted demeanor that plays into whatever you are forced to do, you could not escape as the reason you gain the willpower when you wake up is because you have a fresh start on things. Waking up only to realize you are still under control and still being forced to do horrible things that benefit the monster in control of your mind I think would be depressing enough to cancel out the one a day willpower. without those two things you COULD NOT fight against the control.


So, the Idea is that the character gets you within range of his power, takes you over (and if you were taken over with such a high success ratio couldn't you order the person NOT to fight your control{IE burn willpower to lower effect}, before giving him other tasks?) with TK domination, and for SNG's occasionally alters your memories, making you a perfect worker ant in his grand scheme.


EDIT ADDITION - The Idea behind dormancy is that he could suppress his Aberrations while dealing with others in his company that he hasn't dominated, and that it would make him hard to find should his enemies start looking.


If anyone does reply please be gentle, as it IS my first post. I'll be happy to awnser any questions about the build. This is my first shot at Aberrant although I'm fairly well versed in Classic WoD, and I would like to point out that my character is NOT this one. I'm going in with a tank that fights defensively lol.

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lol all those strengths and weaknesses, no ST here would allow it... hell the whole Taint 9 would get it disallowed in any Aberrant game i know. As far as what's allowed and all, it really comes down to common sense on the GM's part, and a healthy dose of what's known here as the "Don't Be a Dick" rule.

The other thing is this fails to take into account enhancements from Forceful Personalities and Brainwaves which would totally neuter this. Those are the Mega Social Stat book and Mega Mental stat book respectively.

Beyond That, if the Target's a Nova, there's of course the Iron Will Merit, which lets you shake it all off for a Willpower point, then your little friend better pray that making things explode isn't that nova's power, because it's pretty obvious that would happen fast...

A character with Invulnerability (mental) (seen it as broad category and as not) of 3 (9/15np) completely negates the entire build with base 18 successes to resist, before rolling Willpower. Even Psychic Shield of 5 for 5np is 10 auto soak/sucesses for 5 np...

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Wow, I didn't think anyone would reply to this lol. I don't have the two books you listed I don't think. Do you know where I could get a hold of them?


Also, Thank you for the reply. I hadn't realized there were a decent amount of ways around the Domination lol. As I said, this was a concept build to see how the system could be bent if the player wanted to try. (We have had some players join that would try to sneak something by, or downplay them until the dice rolled and they pulled a 'reveal' and killed a game for being dicks.) I think at the very least I will be posting on here to draw from the pool of wisdom from you guys. Thanks again

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