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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - The Armory (Stuff to Buy)

z-Servant of Ra

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Unhosted Goa’uld/Tok’ra (15 PP base creature)

8 ranks of Shrink (9) [Tiny, Innate]

1 rank of Immunity (1) [Water-breathing]

3 ranks of Swimming (3) [20 mph]

2 ranks of Leaping (2) [x5 distance]

Hosted Tok’ra (33 PP)

10 ranks of Strength (10)

3 ranks of Super-Strength (6)

5 ranks of Intelligence (5)

1 rank of Immunity [Disease] (1)

9 Ranks of Regeneration (9) [Recovery Bonus x4, Recovery Rate x4, Ability Damage x1]

Eidetic Memory x 2 (2)

Fearsome Presence


Booming voice/eyes (1) – grant +4 to Intimidate checks

Drawback: Tok’ra fidelity (-3) – your first loyalty is the Tok’ra. No matter your personal needs or desires, if they demand that you do something, the symbiote inside of you will be hard-pressed to disagree with them, especially when it involves the Tok’ra’s goal of overthrowing the Goa’uld.

Jaffa (22 PP)

10 ranks of Strength (10)

2 ranks of Super-Strength (4)

5 ranks of Constitution (5)

3 ranks of Immunity [Disease, Aging, Breathing Underwater] (3)

9 Ranks of Regeneration (3) [Recovery Bonus x4, Recovery Rate x4, Ability Damage x1]

Drawback: Symbiote dependency (-3) – Major, loss of the symbiote drains -1 off all ability scores every 3 hours

Unas (36 PP)

15 ranks of Strength (15)

2 ranks of Super-Strength (4)

10 ranks of Constitution (10)

-5 Intelligence (-5)

5 ranks of Protection [impervious] (10)

7 Ranks of Regeneration (7) [Recovery Bonus x3, Recovery Rate x3, Ability Damage x1]

Drawback: Primitive (-1) cannot be bought off

New Benefits

ATA Gene (3 PP) You possess the ability to activate and use restricted Ancient Techology.

Previous Goa’uld/Tok’ra Host (3 PP) You were once a host to a goa’uld or tok’ra, but have somehow been freed. You have the ability to activate and use Goa’uld tech without having the pesky host still in your head. You should detail your history with your host and their current status.

New Drawbacks

Primitive (-1) – You are from a low-technology world, and some things are therefore more difficult for you. The following skills are unavailable at the start of the game: Computers, Craft: Chemical, Craft: Mechnical, Drive, Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences, Knowledge: Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Knowledge: Physical Sciences, Knowledge: Technology and Pilot. In time, you can buy off this Drawback by exposure to technology and a willingness to learn it.

Tok’ra fidelity (-3) – your first loyalty is the Tok’ra. No matter your personal needs or desires, if they demand that you do something, the symbiote inside of you will demand that you act as per their desires, especially when it involves the Tok’ra’s goal of overthrowing the Goa’uld.

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Kara kesh (20 DP) 16 PP

Blast 10

Mental Blast 5 (-1 Range – Touch; -1 Full Round – charging up)

Force Field 10 (Impervious +1; Limited (non-thrown weapons) -1)

Communication 10, Ring Ring (100,000 miles)

Paralyze 10

Immunity 5; Zat’nik’tel

Telepathy 3 (Comprehend)

The kara kesh, also called a hand device or a ribbon device, is the Goa'uld's main technological asset, and an example of their use of technology for deceiving others. The hand device is a gold or silver colored glove worn on the left hand of the user, with a red gem in the center of the palm. It is controlled by a neural interface, and only reacts to those with naquadah in their blood. The kara kesh has numerous functions with a variety of controls on its surface that can be used by its user.

Cloaking Device [Personal] (20 DP) 16 PP

Concealment 10

*Works against all sense types save tactile

Goa'uld cloaking device was a device used by the Goa'uld to become invisible to perception.

Hara’kesh (40 DP) 32 PP

Blast 10

Mental Blast 5

Plus choose one:

Healing 10, Electrical Control 5 [-1 Range], Confuse 10, Mental Blast 10 [Limited -1: only on symbiote], Shield 10, Blast 10 [-1 Range, +1 Area: Explosion]

The device fits snuggly around the middle and ring finger, is capable of detecting a Goa'uld or Tok'ra symbiote. When activated, it emits a beam that causes incredible pain, and is considered a debasing form of execution. It presumably requires naquadah within the bloodstream, similar to the hand and Healing Device. The Hara Kesh was constructed long ago by the Ashrak as a means for them to use the deadly abilities of a Kara Kesh without overt signs of them being discovered as a Goa'uld. It remained exclusively among the Ashrak who guarded its secrets jealously. They were triggered by the brain wave pattern of their master. It was capable of many of the operations that a Kara Kesh was able to accomplish such as energy conduits, kinetic blasts and damage the nervous system of living beings. However, due to their smaller size, they were incapable of generating shields and were short ranged; they could only be used on objects 5 feet away. However, an interesting variation with these devices was that they could be customised by the user for other tasks and given certain unique abilities that would surprise the Ashrak's enemies.

Healing Device (20 DP) 16 PP

Healing 10

The Goa'uld healing device is a machine used by the Goa'uld to heal a person. It is not as powerful as the sarcophagus, but can heal certain near fatal injuries.

Long Range Communication Sphere (15 DP) 12 pp

Communication 15

The long range visual communication device is a communications system used by the Goa'uld. A sphere in shape, it is can allow those using it to speak between stars. The device is capable of showing images, such as the upper body of those who are taking. Though capable of being quite large, this appears to be mostly for effect, as the spheres have been shown to be small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. The Tok'ra do not use the devices, as the system is not secure enough to ensure the secrecy of Tok'ra bases.

Memory Recall Device (30/55 DP) 21/33 PP

Mind Reading 10 (+2 No Save)

The memory recall device is a device used by the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra. it amplifies the neural activity of the host memory, and allows the user to remember events. Memories and sensations recalled can be quite powerful, depending on the setting. It is incapable of targeting specific memories. The Tok'ra use it in conjunction with the za'tarc detector.

It can project an image of the memories and thoughts being scanned.

Illusion 5 (3/rank for Sight and Sound; +2 No Save)

Pain Stick, Rod of Anguish (4 DP) 1 PP

Drain: Constitution 1 (+2, No Save)

The Rod of Anguish, also known as a pain stick by some, is a torture instrument used by the Goa'uld. Pain sticks have pokers sticking out of them which release some sort of energy into the victim being tortured. The energy courses through the victim, being visible with through the eyes and mouth of the victim.

Transport Rings (23 DP) 20 PP

Teleport 10 (3 feats: Portal x2, Easy)

Ring transporters are used to transport people or objects over short distances, as from a starship to a planet below, by surrounding the transportees with a number of rings which demolecularize the objects, then transferring them via a matter stream to the intended target. They are also used onboard some Goa'uld spacecrafts in manner similar to elevators. Ring transporters were built by the Alterans and always seek out the nearest ring transporter, unless programmed otherwise.

Sarcophagus (162 DP) 90 PP

Healing 40 (2 Feats: Persistent and Regrowth; +1 Resurrection; +1 Total)

The Goa'uld use a device called a sarcophagus to rapidly heal injuries and extend their lifespans. The device can also bring the recently deceased back to life. A sarcophagus is based on Ancients' healing device technology. It can heal all illness and damage done to the body. Using it very occasionally produces no ill effects. However, when using regularly, especially when unneeded, the side effects can be meglomania and feelings of superiority. This was one of the reasons that makes the Goa'uld and Tok'ra different, as the Goa'uld are evil and meglomatic.

OOC: Yes, this is supposed to be ridiculously expensive. It is very powerful.

Short Range Communicator (10 DP) 8 PP

Communication 10 (2 feats: Subtle x2)

A short range communicator is a hand held device used by the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra for communication. They are capable of communicating with ships as long as they are in orbit around a planet.

Staff Weapon (16 DP) 12 PP

Blast 9 (-3 Accuracy)

Can easily be disarmed

Staff weapons release an energy blast that is capable of killing a Human in one well placed shot, cauterizing the wound instantly. It is activated by a small control spot near the mid-section and is powered by a small naquadah power cell.

Transphase Eradication Rod (23 DP) 20 PP

Detect (3 ranks, Visual, range)

Blast 10

A Transphase Eradication Rod, often shortened to TER, was a weapon used by the Goa'uld against the Reetou. The device was capable of bringing a Reetou or cloaked entity into the visible field observed by humans. They also emitted energy blasts which could easily kill a Reetou. The Tok'ra have been able to steal some versions, and also use them against the Reetou rebels.

Zat’nik’tel (24 DP) 20 PP

Stun 6 (No Saving Throw +2)

Blast 6

The Zat gun is a weapon of Goa'uld design. The safety is active when the zat is not in use and lays flat like a snake, but when it is turned on it stands up, alert like a snake. The weapon is unique in how it affects objects, animate and inanimate. Zats have been in production for at least five thousand years.

*Special: You do not choose the settings on this weapon. The first shot is a Stun effect; the second, a lethal Blast effect.

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