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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [NPC] Lori Wilson

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Lori Wilson

Description – Lori never walks straight, and never gets the hair out of her eyes. She wears baggy clothes and heavy jewelry. She definitely doesn’t adhere to any fashion style, but her beauty is still apparent. It’s questionable whether she’d be as cute if she wore the traditional ‘girly’ clothing. She has dark hair and eyes, like her half-Philippine mother, but she takes after her WASP father in facial features. She’s twenty, but can look much younger when she is especially submissive and shy.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms) – Lori is very shy, and tends to mumble. She will also chew on her hair when she’s really nervous.

History – One of Lori’s earliest memories is her mother and father having a bitter screaming match. It was over the fact that her father was deeply invested in the military and wouldn’t cut back on his duties to spend more time with the family. Not long after, her father left, and Lori has never recovered from that abandonment, emotionally. Her mother remarried, and Lori gained a brother [i’m leaving him undetailed because I’d like a PC to fill this role]. But Lori couldn’t leave the military behind, completely; her stepfather was a military man, too. She became quieter and more afraid, determined not to reach out to others so that they couldn’t hurt her.

She didn’t do much with her life. She passed high school with a low B-average; she went to a college in Colorado Springs, unaware that she was close to where her father was, in Cheyenne Mountain. When college became too hard, she dropped out and got a job at Walmart. She wasn’t content, but she wasn’t unhappy enough to change things, either.

Personality –If others were asked about her, they’d say, “She was quiet. Kept to herself. Never made any trouble.” Most people don’t think she has a personality of any kind. Lori can be quite funny when she lets go, but she doesn’t really show people this aspect of her, or any other aspect of her. However, her own sarcastic commentary keeps her really amused, most of the time.

Attributes – Lori is flexible and fast, and that is about all she is. In most other aspects, she’s a completely normal girl. She would be likeable, if she would open up to people.

Skills – Lori’s most interesting talent is her ability to make jewelry. It’s her hobby, and she’s put a lot of work into it over the years.

Feats/Other – Lori is cute, cute enough that some have tried to break through her shell. But she is terrified of a relationship, and she has pushed away all that tries. And though she doesn’t know it, she has been watched by the local airmen, who know she’s General Wilson’s daughter. She has hidden talents, and an ability to pick things up quickly, with some effort.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))
Strength - 12 (+1)
Dexerity - 16 (+3)
Constitution - 12 (+1)
Intelligence - 13 (+1)
Wisdom - 12 (+1)
Charisma - 14 (+2)

Attack Bonus - 2
Defense Bonus: - 2

Toughness Save +1
Fortitude Save +5
Reflex Save +8
Will Save - +5

Acrobatics - 0
Bluff - 6
Climb - 1
Computers - 5
Concentration - 1
Craft: Jewelry - 5
Diplomacy - 4
Disable Device - 0
Disguise - 4
Drive - 5
Escape Artist - 3
Gather Information - 4
Handle Animal - 2
Intimidate - 2
Investigate - 1
Knowledge: Local Area - 3
Knowledge: Military - 3
Knowledge: Popular Culture - 5
Language: Spanish - 1
Medicine - 2
Notice - 3
Pilot - 0
Profession - 0
Ride - 0
Search - 3
Sense Motive - 1
Sleight of Hand - 0
Stealth - 3
Survival - 1
Swim - 3

Attractive - 1
Beginner's Luck - no ranks
Benefit - 2
Connected - no ranks
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