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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - EoE: The Omniversal Mission Network

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Here we go peeps, the Omniversal Mission Network is a means for all mercenaries and bounty hunters to link up and receive jobs and assignments from anywhere in the known Everywhere. Here's a quick tutorial on how it all works.

Employer: This is who has posted the assignment, some assignments you might not want and others you will... as you complete assignments for particular factions your influence with them will increase, but your influence with their rivals will decrease. Some assignments you'll 'forced into' and have to take a hit from time to time. A PCs actual influence with a faction is a secret stat that will never fully be revealed.

Mission Type: What kind of mission you'll be taking. Diplomatic, Recon, Search and Destroy, Bounty Hunt, Body Guarding, etc... Sometimes a PC may be 'forced into' a particular scenario they aren't accustomed too, like a Strong Hero put in a Diplomatic role. It happens from time to time, consider it the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Mission: An explanation of the mission will be here.

Primary Mission Objective: Your primary goal. Complete this to complete the assignment.

Secondary Mission Objective: Some missions may have several secondary objectives. Not completing them doesn't hamper the mission itself, but each additional objective completed does win you more XP and sometimes other bonuses (wealth, rare equipment, rare upgrades)

Threat Level: The threat of the mission rated in a 'level'. The level is a recommended number that corresponds to your character's level. So a Threat Level 9 mission is meant for Level 9 PCs.

Payment: The payment for completing the mission represented in a wealth bonus. Non-XP bonuses will not be displayed here, you'll have to ace the missions to acquire those. smile

Participants: Sometimes your PC will be assigned a mission instead of you accepting it, if so your name will be under the participants area. Also, while missions are underway the current participants will be listed here as well.

Plot: If the mission is integral to the over all plot of the game it will be labeled as such in this section. Non-Plot missions are simply a means by which PC can RP and accrue XP and wealth. Plot missions will likely involve more in depth role play and less shooty-shooty, killy-killy...

Missions to follow... smile

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A Good Ol' Fashioned Bral

Employer: Union of Sol
Mission Type: Pirate Bounty
Mission: There is a large pirate group operating out of the Rock of Bral. We believe that they are assisting the Thuldian Military by attacking Concord Military shipments of supplied and munitions and selling them on he black market. This operation needs to be just down at all costs.
Primary Mission Objective: Locate, neutralize the Black Star Pirate operation on the Rock of Bral.
Secondary Mission Objective: Locate and neutralize the Black Star Captain and his two lieutenants.
Threat Level: 8
Payment: +11
Participants: Shiro, I.S.I.S. and Kitani.

Weren The World Is Our Ambassador?!

Employer: Union of Sol and the Star*Mech Collective
Mission Type: Diplomacy
Mission: Milena Sharael, we are thankful to hear the good news of your daring rescue at the hands of the crew of the Machiavellian Rue and were likewise thankful to receive word of your interest to complete your original mission. Your presence on Kurg is still desperately needed! Due to irreconcilable differences the Were of Kurg are just teetering on the edge of war with the T'sa cluster and we need an Ambassador to oversee peaceful negotiations.
Primary Mission Objective: Prevent the Weren of Kurg from going to war!
Secondary Mission Objective: Discover and solve the mystery about how the enmity got this far to begin with.
Threat Level: 6
Payment: +10
Participants: Milena and Gabriel
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