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- No resource availability limitation in character creation, as long as your backstory justifies it.

- You may max out multiple attributes, skills and skill groups in character generation, as long as you pay the Karma.

- Adepts may take a voluntary gaesa for a particular power, and reduce the cost by 25%

- Ritual Magic may be worked with those outside your tradition, but in this case everyone must know the spell. If everyone is in your tradition, only the one guiding the ritual must know the spell.

- Edge may be also be used to simply buy a perfect success, in this case no roll is made.

- All of the rules regarding the Resonance difference, in Unwired on pages 137 to 138 apply to technomancers.

-Chemistry is an Active Skill, not a knowledge skill

- The special enchantment rules in the Digital Grimore also apply

- The following from the 20th Anniversary book apply to Adepts

• The Adept Power Improved Ability now supports Vehicle Skills.

• The Adept Power Kinesics is now capped at Level 3.

• The Adept Power Improved Reflexes costs have been revised as


Level 1: 1.5 Power Points

Level 2: 2.5 Power Points

Level 3: 4 Power Points

• The Adept Power Improved Physical Attribute costs have been

revised as follows:

.75 Power Points per level

1.5 Power Points per level over Natural Maximum



- When undergoing Submersion or Initiation, you may gain a free echo or metamagic, or you may sacrifice your free metamagic/echo for a free +1 to magic or resonance.

-Anyone with an Initiation/Submersion rating of 1 or better may buy an number of echos/metamagic equal to their Magic/Resonance rating + Grade for 15 Karma. [Your total number of metamagics may never be more then Grade + Attribute(Magic or Resonance)]

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Karma Rules

I've decided to use an honor system regarding Karma, in other words, you get to keep track of your own Karma, but I'll be checking periodically.

So, here's how it's going to work.

- For every week that you post at least a paragraph (250+ words) you'll get 2 Karma.

- For fictions, if you post a long fiction (500+ words), you'll get 2 per post.

- Actions that met the Karma awards on page 263 will be awarded karma that doesn't count in the above list.

- Completing [successfully] a run will also net a bit of extra karma[1-3].

(I'll make those awards like this)

Click to reveal..

Marko is Awarded 1 Karma for having the right skills in the right place

Deirdre is awarded 1 karma for being particularly brave

- Max Karma per week will be 6, not counting awards of course.

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