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Known History [Where did you come from? How did you get here?]

Personality [Who Are You?]

Role [Magicial Support, Melee, Fire Support, etc ]


General Skills and Capabilities


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Character Sheet

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Secret Knowledge - Optional

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Prime Runner Profile: 'Chunin'


Birth Name: Unknown
Aliases: Marko Cain, Chunin
Birth Date: 14 Feb 2044
Nationality: Caucasian
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 186lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:
  • Kanji tattoos on back of neck. (Ken and Kokoro)
  • Well muscled and physically fit.

Psychological Profile:
  • Quiet and reserved, has trust issues.
  • Possesses a Code of Honor that seems to prevent him from committing certain acts.
  • Ruthlessly efficient when pursuing his personal agenda. His Code of Honor does not seem to apply to this agenda, it is unknow whether it is a part of the Code, or if it conflicts.
  • Always attentive and assessing his surroundings.

  • Arguably the luckiest man alive.
  • Received intensive discipline and training of martial arts and close combat weaponry.
  • Has mastered both Ninjutsu and Karate. Extreme caution advised.
  • Capable of both Arcane and Physical magic. Classification: Mystical Adept.

  • Vengeance

Current Residence: UCAS, Seattle
Life Style: Low

Street Cred: 3
Public Awareness: 0
Notoriety: 1

Click to reveal.. (Character Stats)
Physical Attributes	Mental Attributes	Special Attributes	Special Attributes
Body:	        5       Charisma:	4	Edge:	        6       Current Edge:	6
Agility:	5	Intuition:	5	Essence:	6	Astral Init:	10
Reaction:	5(6)	Logic:	        4       Initiative:	11	Matrix Init:	11
Strength:	4	Willpower:	4	Magic/Res:	6	Init Pass:	1(2)

Condition Monitor: 11/10
Armor: 12/6 (17/11)

Active Skills:
Groups: Athletics 3, Conjuring 2, Electronics 3, Firearms 2, Influence 3, Sorcery 3, Stealth 3 (+1 Infiltration)

Combat: Archery 6 (Bows +2), Blades 5 (Swords +2), Dodge 4, Throwing Weapons 5, Unarmed Combat 6 (Martial Art +2)

Physical: Perception 5, Survival 2

Knowledge Skills: Security Systems 3, Seattle Street Gangs 3, Yakuza 3, Area Knowledge 3, History 4, Security Procedures 3, Current Events 2
Language Skills: English 6, Japanese N

Qualities: Ambidextrous, Focused Concentration 2, Martial Arts 4 (Karate), Martial Arts 4 (Ninjutsu), Mystical Adept, Sensitive System, Vindictive, Vendetta

Spells (3): Improved Invisibility, Gecko Crawl
Powers (3): Critical Strike (2), Improved Reflexes (1), Killing Hands, Penetrating Strike (2)

Gear: Transys Avalon Commlink w/Novatech Navi OS, AR Gloves, Nanopaste Trodes, Sustaining Focus (Rating 3), Katana Weapon Focus (Rating 2), Katana Weapon Focus (Rating 2), Contact Lenses (w/Low Light Vision, Image Link, Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Vision Enhancement (Rating 3), Vision Magnification), Earbud (w/ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3), Select Sound Filter (Rating 3), Spatial Recognizer), Autopicker (Rating 6), Lockpick Set, Maglock Passkey (Rating 4), Sequencer (Rating 4), Grapple Gun, Stealth Rope (per 100 m), Fake Sin (Rating 4), Fake Sin (Rating 4), Glasscutter, Armored Vest [w/ Thermal Dampening 5, Ruthenium Polymer Coating] w/ FFBA Full Suit [/w Thermal Dampening 5, Nonconductivity 2, Shock Frills, Ruthenium Polymer Coating]

Click to reveal.. (Contacts)

Thomas Sasaki, Fixer (L2, C2)
Quite simply, the Thomas Sasaki is a Marko's most important contact, to bad Thomas hates him. Like a spider at the center of a web radiating out in all directions, Thomas has connections, hookups, and the rep to make or break a runner’s career in Seattle. Whatever Marko needs, he can get it for him: jobs, guns, info, wheels — you name it, and he’ll come up with it sooner or later. For a price, of course.

He knows everybody, or at least it seems that way. Marko thinks of him as a combination employment agency, procurement firm, and all-purpose fence, earning his keep by what he knows, who he knows, and how well he can broker deals between people who need things and the people who provide those things. When a corporate Mr. Johnson needs somebody to steal a rival’s prototype or “persuade” their head scientist that she’d be happier elsewhere, Thomas calls Marko for the job. When he has some hot swag he needs to unload in a hurry, Marko calls Thomas to use his connections to get the best price.

One thing Thomes isn’t, though, is cheap. He's gonna get his cut one way or another for every transaction — a percentage of Marko's payment for a run, a little off the top for every piece of gear he fences. Getting on his good side might be worth the discount, but so far Sasaki can't stand having to work with the white boy.
Physical Attributes	Mental Attributes	Special Attributes	Special Attributes
Body:	        3       Charisma:	5	Edge:	        2       Current Edge:	2
Agility:	3	Intuition:	5	Essence:	6	Astral Init:	0
Reaction:	3	Logic:	        3       Initiative:	6	Matrix Init:	6
Strength:	2	Willpower:	4	Magic/Res:	0	Init Pass:	1

Active Skills: Computer 3, Data Search 4, Dodge 2, Etiquette 4 (Street +2), Negotiation 5, Perception 3, Pistols 3
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Rumors 4, Fences 4, Gear Values 6, Shadowrunner Teams 4

Mr. Johnson (L3, C3)
Mr. Johnson is the grease that keeps Marko Cain's shadowrunning machine running. As the intermediary between the corp executives, government agencies, and the shadowy world of the streets, he’s the one who starts the ball in motion. Without Mr. Johnson, there can be no shadowruns, because the corps and other employers won’t get their hands dirty directly - that’s why they call Marko Cain a “deniable asset,” after all.

Mr. Johnson runs the meet, does the hiring, and pays the cred for the job. He’s Marko's first source of information about what needs to be done — the layout of the place he's breaking into, the habits of the person to be extractes, how often he'll be hassled by security patrols — and he’s a good person to talk to when he needs specialized gear, passcodes, or identification to complete the job.

He’s been around a long time, and he knows the score in the shadows. His connections, while perhaps not very extensive, run deep in the corporate world, and he has a long memory.
Physical Attributes	Mental Attributes	Special Attributes	Special Attributes
Body:	        2       Charisma:	5	Edge:	        3       Current Edge:	3
Agility:	3	Intuition:	5	Essence:	6	Astral Init:	0
Reaction:	3	Logic:	        4       Initiative:	8	Matrix Init:	8
Strength:	2	Willpower:	4	Magic/Res:	0	Init Pass:	1

Active Skills: Computer 4, Con 4, Data Search 3, Etiquette 4 (Corporate +2), Intimidation 2, Negotiation 5, Perception 3, Pistols 3
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Finances 3, Corporate Rumors 6, Psychology 5, SOTA Technology 3

Andrea D'Anna, Corporate Secretary (L4, C3)
Andrea is another gal doing her job, keeping track of someone else's business so they don’t have to. She's adept at pushing papers, taking calls, making coffee, and gossiping relentlessly. Her job is a complete and utter bore and so is the stuffy suit whose corp life she manages. Therefore, she spends an inordinate amount of time gathering dirt on everyone else in the office or gossiping, often viciously, about her boss, further fueling her disgust with the corporation.

The hours away from the office are the hours when she’s alive, sometimes just to dance and ogle, sometimes to make sure she’s seen at the newest and hottest clubs, and other times to make the pub-crawl and erase all the memories of the past week. She knows what’s in, what’s out, who’s sleeping with whom, and what all the right people are wearing, dancing to, and talking about.

Bitter and underpaid, she can be subverted to Marko's needs. She has access codes, itineraries, and she knows who stays late at the office and who just tells their spouse they are working late. Like most corp underlings, she won’t stick her neck out too far, but for the right amount of nuyen she will gladly pull some strings and help him out.
Physical Attributes	Mental Attributes	Special Attributes	Special Attributes
Body:	        2       Charisma:	5	Edge:	        2       Current Edge:	2
Agility:	2	Intuition:	4	Essence:	5.65	Astral Init:	0
Reaction:	2	Logic:	        3       Initiative:	6	Matrix Init:	6
Strength:	2	Willpower:	2	Magic/Res:	0	Init Pass:	1

Active Skills: Computer 3, Data Search 3, Etiquette 4 (Corporate +2), Gymnastics 1 (Pilates +2), Perception 3
Knowledge Skills: Business 3, Corporate Policies 3, Corporate Rumors 4, Megacorp Law 2, Local Club Circuit 4
Augmentations: Breast Implants, Datajack

Click to reveal.. (Combat Info)

Karate [DV 5P or S, AP -2, +1 Reach w/kick attacks] Attack Pool: 13, Defense Pool: 10 dodge, 16 block
Advantages: +1 DV on Unarmed Combat attacks; +1 die for Full Parry; +2 die on melee block Defense Tests
Maneuvers: Blind Fighting, Disarm, Finishing Move, Kick Attack, Set-up, Sweep, Throw, Watchful Guard

Ninjutsu [DV 5P or S, AP -2, +1 Reach w/kick attacks] Attack Pool: 13, Defense Pool: 11 dodge, 14 block
Advantages: +1 die on Surprise Tests when initiating an attack, +1 die for Gymnastics Dodge, reduced visibility modifiers in melee combat by 1, +1 die on Infiltration Tests
Maneuvers: Evasion, Focused Will, Ground Fighting, Herding, Iaijutsu, Multi-Strike, Riposte, Two-Weapon Style

Shock Frills [DV 7S, AP -2] Attack Pool: 11, Defense Pool: 11 dodge, 12 block

Savallette Guardian [HP, DV 5P/7P, AP –1, SA/BF, RC 2, 16 ©, w/integral silencer mod, personalized grip mod, smartgun* mod, extended clip mod, Regular Ammo] Dice Pool: 7 (9 w/smartgun)
*Standard, included with the gun. Also has 1 point of built in recoil reduction standard.

Katana Weapon Focus x2 [DV 5P/6P, AP -1, +1 Reach, personalized grip mod] Attack Pool: 15, Defense Pool: 10 dodge, 16 parry (24 w/full defense)
Two-Weapon Fighting – Attack Pool: 11 dice each hand, -2 penalty to opponent’s Defense Tests. Defense Pool: 11 (15 w/full defense) The character may choose to apply the Full Defense option using only one of these weapons, attacking with the other weapon as normal (and without sacrificing an action).

Bow [DV 6P, AP -0, 20 Regular Arrows, 5 Explosive Arrows] Attack Pool: 13

Throwing Knives [DV 4P, AP -0, 10 knives] Attack Pool: 10

>>>>>('Chunin'? What kinda name is that?)<<<<<
- Georgio (12:17:11/06-22-72)

>>>>>(Japanese. It was the title given to Ninja Warriors in ancient times.)<<<<<
- Shadowdancer (12:22:46/06-22-72)

>>>>>(Man, I heard this guy was off his rocker! The Vory are seriously pissed at him right now for a supposed assassination a few months back... seventeen bagged and tagged and no one saw a thing. A guy that survived said all he wanted was a name, and cut through everyone until he got it. Stay away people, this guy is bad news.)<<<<<
- The Vigo (09:12:54/06-23-72)

>>>>>(Guy wants a name, give him a name! Seriously, I know a guy who did a covert-op with Chunin not long ago. Apparently he's ex-military, didn't say which branch. Pal says he was polite, composed and worked well with everyone. Not what I'd call a lunatic, but hey, this is the shadows we're talking about.)<<<<<
- The Smiling Bandit (Strikes again!/Ha-Ha-Ha)

>>>>>(I heard some people murdered his wife or fiance, and he's looking to bring em all down. It's almost romantic.)<<<<<
- Connie Connoisseur (11:39:41/06-23-72)

>>>>>(He's good people. If you shoot it to him straight he's got your back for life. Despite the word on the street, he is Ninja, sworn in, life for the clan, all that. I'm don't know what his personal agenda is, but trust me, this guy is 50% good and 50% evil all wrapped up into a neat little Code of Honor. Don't cross him people. )<<<<<
- Fastjack (03:59:17/06-24-72)
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Birth Name: Shivlal Ayub

Aliases: Vajra

Birth Date: 11 Sept 2042

Nationality: Indian(Eastern)

Metatype: Nartaki

Gender: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

* Gold skin color

* 4 arms

* Tattoos on each arm of a different hindi word, representing the four horsemen of the apocalypse.(Death, War, Famine, Pestilence)

Psychological Profile:

* Professional, quiet, and competent


* Among the best in the world with automatic weapons

* Capable of Physical magic. Classification: Adept.


* Pride

Current Residence: UCAS, Seattle

Life Style: Medium

Street Cred: 3

Public Awareness: 0

Notoriety: 1(Rumor has it he's done some work for either Lowfyr or Hestaby recently.)

Click to reveal..
Name - Shivlal Ayub
Metatype- Nartaki

Body- 5        Willpower- 5     Edge- 5
Agility- 6     Logic- 5         Essence- 6
Reaction-5(8)  Intuition- 5     Magic- 6
Strength-5     Charisma- 5      Initiative- 13 Passes:4

Automatics 7        Negotiation 3            Languages- Hindi- N
Blades 2            Armorer 4                           English- 6
Longarms 4          Automotive Mechanical 2             Japanese- 3
Pistols 4           First Aid 2              Academic- Religion 3
Unarmed combat 4    Survival 3                         History 3
Dodge 4             Navigation 2             Street- Security Companies 3
Running 4           Intimidation 2                   Lone Star Procedures 4
Swimming 2          Leadership 2             Professional- Military 4
Pilot Groundcraft 3 Infiltration 2                   Firearm Design 4
                    Perception 4
Condition monitor: 11/11
Armor: 6/5

Ambidexterous x 3
Martial artist(Firefight lvl 2[-2 to penalty for firing in melee])
SINner(Level 1)

Armorer Shop $5,000.00
Fake SIN(Rating 6)(Srinivas Varanasi, UCAS)$6000.00
6 months Lifestyle(Middle) $30,000.00
Thundercloud Contrail(Morphing license plate, spoof chip, multifuel engine, Gridlink override, chameleon 
coating) $20,500.00
2x Ceska Black Scorpions w/ Personalized grips, sound supression and electronic firing $4500.00(5 clips each 
normal rounds$750.00/2 clips each gel rounds$440.00)
2x Ares Crusaders w/ personalized grips, sound supression and electronic firing $4800.00(5 clips each normal 
rounds$850.00/2 clips each gel rounds$500.00)
Mortimer of London Greatcoat $3000(6/5)
5 Lightsticks $25.00
Flashlight $25.00
Microflare Launcher(4 flares) $150.00
Commlink(Renraku Sensei(2/4)[Renraku Ichi 2/2])$1600.00
Docwagon contract(Gold 1 yr) $25,000
Voice Masking Device $500.00
Mannlicher Wildhuter w/ silencer(5 clips normal ammo)$2000.00
Mortimer of London Suit jacket, Trousers and Shirt $2850.00
Lined Coat (6/4) $700.00
Globetrotter line 2 fatigues, 1 heavy armor clothing outfit, 1 camo jumpsuit(Urban camo) $2350.00
Glasses w/ Thermographic, Ultrasound, Vision magnification, Low-light $1325.00
Earbuds w/ Audio enhancer(rating 3), Select sound Filter(Rating 3), Spatial Recognizer $1010.00
Cougar Fineblade(Small) $550.00
Cavalier Safeguard $275.00 (30 rds of ammo $150.00)
4 x FN-93 Praetor w/Sound supression, custom look 2, Electronic firing $9800.00 (10 clips 
normal ammo each $4000.00) 
2 x Colt Government 2066 w/ silence mod, melee hardening, ceramic components(3), gecko grip, 
extended clip $9600.00 (4 clips each $260.00)
2 x Hidden Gun arm slide $700.00
Backpack(For spare clips) $100.00

Total Gear = 142,500

Adept Powers:
Boost Agility(2)
Combat sense(2)
Improved Reflexes(3)
Improved Sense(Flare comp, Sound dampening)

Mr. Johnson conn 5 loyalty 2
Street Doc(Hypo) conn 3 Loyalty 5
Beat Cop Conn 1 Loyalty 2
Fixer    Conn 3 Loyalty 2

>>>>>(This guy is

terrifying, I watched him walk into a room,

cool as a cucumber, there were 15 people

there, armed and dangerous, and he drew

guns in all four hands, and shot down

every last one of them, and he moved so

fast that not one of them could manage to

draw before he killed them all. And he’s

not wired or anything, so it had to be


- Paco

>>>>>(I happen to know that he’s an

adept, I believe he follows the way of the

warrior, with a focus on guns.)


>>>>>(If you can get him on your side, in

a gun fight, he’s a huge force multiplier,

but sometimes he’s a bit choosy about

what jobs he’ll take)>>>>>


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Prime Runner Profile: 'Scathach'


Birth Name: Deirdre McGuinness
Aliases: Deirdre O'Riordan, Scathach
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2052
Nationality: Tir Na Nog
Metatype: Elf (Dryad), Changeling (Class III Surge)
Gender: Female
Height: 200 cm (6'7'')
Weight: 90 kg (198 lbs)
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Gold, Cat-like pupils

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:
  • Magenta Hair; Gold, Cat-like pupils; Short-furred cat tail, about 4 feet long.
  • Moves with unearthly grace and speed.
  • Tall, with sleek, powerful musculature, and flawless tone.
  • Possesses an incredible, eye-catching beauty, but up close, anyone can see a dangerous look in her eyes.

Psychological Profile:
  • Bitter about her unofficial exile from Tir Na Nog.
  • Highly aware of her immediate surroundings, especially movement.
  • Is still new to the Runner scene.
  • Is sensitive to remarks about her Changeling status.

  • A martial artist prodigy, possibly one of the greatest alive.
  • Has combined mastery of Carromeleg, Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha, and Wildcat into one brutal style.
  • Is in peak, unaugmented, physical condition.
  • Capable of Physical Magic. Classification: Adept.

  • Money (for now)

Current Residence: UCAS, Seattle
Life Style: Middle

Street Cred: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Notoriety: 0

Click to reveal.. (Character Stats)
Physical Attributes	Mental Attributes	Special Attributes	Special Attributes
Body:	        6       Charisma:	5	Edge:	        3       Current Edge:	3
Agility:	8	Intuition:	4	Essence:	6	Astral Init:	8
Reaction:	6(9)	Logic:	        3       Initiative:	10(13)	Matrix Init:	6
Strength:	6	Willpower:	5	Magic/Res:	6	Init Pass:	1(4)

Condition Monitor: 11/11
Armor: 12/8 (18/14)

Active Skills:
Groups: Influence 1
Combat: Dodge 6 (Ranged +2), Unarmed Combat 7 (Martial Arts +2)
Physical: Climbing 4, Diving 1, Escape Artist 2, Gymnastics 6, Infiltration 2, Perception 4, Running 4, Shadowing 2, Survival 2, Swimming 4
Social: Intimidate 1
Vehicle: Pilot Groundcraft 1 (Bike +2)
Knowledge Skills: Danaan Politics 2, Gaelic Football and Hurling 3, Magical Beasts 2, Martial Arts 4, Seattle 'Real' Food 2
Language Skills: Gaelic/Sperethiel N, English N

Qualities: Adept, Aptitude (Unarmed Combat), Bilingual, Maneuvers (Blind Fighting, Disarm, Evasion, Finishing Move, Ground Fighting, Kick Attack, Multi Strike, Riposte, Set-Up, Sweep, Watchful Guard), Martial Arts 4 (Carromeleg: +2 dice Surprise Test when Attacking; +1 die for Interception Attacks, +1 die when receiving a Charge), Martial Arts 4 (Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha: +2 DV Unarmed Combat, +2 dice on Defense Tests vs. Unarmed), Martial Arts 4 (Wild Cat: +1 DV Unarmed Combat; +1 die Called Shot to Unprotected Areas; +1 die Called Shot for Increased Damage, +1 die on Subduing), Trait Sealed As Secret by GM, Astral Beacon, SINner 1 (Tir Na Nog Citizen), Sensitive Neural System, Sensitive System

Metagenetic Qualities: Celerity, Functional Tail (Balance Tail), Metagenetic Improvement (Agility), Nasty Vibe, Extravagant Eyes (Gold Cat-eyes), Allergy: Cold Iron (Uncommon, Moderate), Unusual Hair (Vivid Magenta)

Metatype Abilities: Glamour, Low-light Vision, Symbiosis

Powers (6): (All powers Geased: If Geas is broken, all Adept powers are unavailable for 24 hours) Boost Agility 1, Combat Sense 1, Critical Strike 3, Elemental Strike (Fire), Freefall 1, Great Leap 1, Improved Reflexes 3, Improved Scent, Killing Hands, Motion Sense, Sustenance

Gear: Sony Emperor Commlink w/ Redcap Nix OS, Subvocal Microphone, Seattle Mapsoft (Rating 6), Stylish Sunglasses (w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Vision Enhancement x3, Vision Magnification), Eye Contacts (w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Thermographic Vison, Vision Enhancement x3, Vision Magnification), Climbing Gear, Inline Skates, Survival Kit, Medkit (Rating 4), Fake SIN (Rating 4: Deirdre O'Riordan, UCAS Citizen), FFBA Full Suit [6/2], Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (Black and Red, used as Motorcycle Gear[6/6]), Steampunk Line (Overcoat [3/3], Corset [2/2], Slacks [1/1], Blouse [1/1]), Suzuki Mirage (GridLink, Gridlink Override, Morphing License Plate, Spoof Chip), Basic DocWagon Contract (1 year)

Focus: Sraithfuil [Chain of Blood]: Level Focus 6 (Unarmed)
-A close fitting choker, 2 armlets, and 2 anklets, all wrought of orichalcum and gold, with Celtic knotwork and dragon designs.
-Only usable by Blood Relatives.
-Special: Certain Aspect of this item are Sealed by the GM, it's full nature is enigmatic.

Lifestyle: Middle Lifestyle (Elven District, Downtown; 1 month)
[LP 15: Comforts 3; Entertainment 3; Necessities 3; Neighborhood 4; Security 3; Concerned Neighbors, Friendly Neighbors, Home-grown Farming, Quiet Neighborhood; Ambusher's Delight, Green Plan, Lax Security]

Nuyen: 1750

Click to reveal.. (Contacts)

Bosco, Bartender (L3, C2)
Bosco is the owner and bartender of an Elven sports bar in the Elven District. He's relatively short for an elf - inches below six feet - but is broad shouldered and muscular, with a quiet, sturdy presence that people find easy to confide in. He hears a surprising amount of gossip from both the metahumans that live in the district and the executives that pass through Downtown, and he's willing to pass it on to his regulars, for a bit of cred of course.

He always has something to share with the ravishing, exotic native of Tir Na Nog, or a piece of advice about living in the UCAS and Seattle. He always wanted to visit the Elven Nation across the pond, and never seemed to find the time - he figures Deirdre's lyrical accent is the closest he'll ever get.

Physical Attributes   Mental Attributes   Special Attributes   Special Attributes
Body              4   Charisma        6   Edge             2   Current Edge     2
Agility           4   Intuition       3   Essence          6   Astral Init      0
Reaction          3   Logic           2   Initiative       6   Matrix Init      6
Strength          5   Willpower       3   Magic/Res        0   Init Pass        1

Active Skills: Etiquette 3 (Street +2), Intimidation 3, Longarms 1 (Shotguns +2), Negotiation 3, Unarmed 2
Knowledge Skills: Alcohol 5, Corporate Rumors 3, Media Stars 3, Sports 5, Street Rumors 5, Trivia 4

'Cousin', Fixer (L3, C3)
Cousin is an amiable Elven rogue from Tir Tangeire, who got his moniker from the familiar way he calls everyone 'cousin'. He's retired from running himself - now he's just the middle man, getting people in touch with those that have mutual interests. There are many rumours about who he worked for, and if he really is out of the business, the most persistent being that he is still one of the infamous Tir Ghosts still working for Tir Tangeire.

The towering, busty, dryad-changeling drew his attention as soon as he laid eyes on her and he has gone somewhat out of his way to help her in her burgeoning shadowrunning career. Other than the obvious interest he shows in trying to get into Deirdre's pants, he also has a more convert reason for trying keeping an eye on her - he wants her to sign on with his masters. He's been circumspectly keeping tabs on her, planning the right moment to put forth his proposition.

Physical Attributes   Mental Attributes  Special Attributes   Special Attributes
Body              4   Charisma        7  Edge             4   Current Edge     4
Agility           6   Intuition       6  Essence        2.6   Astral Init      0
Reaction        5(7)  Logic           5  Initiative   11(13)  Matrix Init     12
Strength          4   Willpower       5  Magic/Res        0   Init Pass      1(3)

Active Skills: Athletics 3, Dodge 4, Electronics 6, Firearms 4, Influence 4, Perception 4, Stealth 6, Unarmed Combat 4
Knowledge Skills: Whatever the ST decides he needs
Cyberware: Flare Compensation (Retinal Modification), Commlink (Response 6, System 5, Signal 3), Smartlink, Wired Reflexes
Gear: Form-Fitting Body Armor, H&K 227-S
Programs: Analyze 4, Armor 5, Blackout 4, Browse 3, Exploit 5, Scan 3, Stealth 4, Track 4

Click to reveal.. (Combat)

>>>>> Anyone know who this fine piece of tail (pun intended) is? I've seen her around lately and the way she moves... I'd 'run' with her. She even run the Shadows? <<<<<
- Danger Sensei

>>>>> Hope you like danger, Danger Sensei. I saw this girl in action in Carbonado. Remember that orc gang, the Pillagers, who were working out of some of the abandoned mines? Well, they made their last mistake when they tried to 'pillage' her bike. I've never seen anything so beautiful nor so terrifying. She gave them one warning, then smiled when they didn't take it. She took them out, all of them. With just her hands and feet. In a blink, they were all crippled, cacked, or cooked. Her hands and feet were on fire!. Damned slitch is an adept. <<<<<
- Riser

>>>>> Now I want really want to meet this girl. <<<<<
- Danger Sensei

>>>>> She frequents Bosco's. Has a sexy Irish accent, but scary eyes. Buy her a pint of Guinness and don't stare at the tail. Not sure if the runs the Shadows. <<<<<
- Tarlan

>>>>> I think I've seen this girl at Tir Na Nog's Rose of Tralee Fèill, she almost won too. Girl knew how to have fun, even if she did have a bit of an attitude. Can't believe she left the Isle. <<<<<
- Metal Mickey

>>>>> That's 'cuz the Danaan families are a bunch of prigs and eejits. God help ya if ya ain't one hundred percent Tuatha. <<<<<
- Sinèad F

>>>>> What's a Scathach anyway? Sounds like crotch itch. <<<<<
- Butch

>>>>> She was the great warrior woman who trained CuChulain, ye rakkin' Sep. From what I've seen, she comes by the name fairly. She also has a right quare astral signature, as well she might, being a Dryad from Ulster. <<<<<
- Clan Fear-Tèarminn
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Birth Name: Unknown

Aliases: Uriel, Constantine, Mr E

Birth Date: 21 March 2046

Nationality: Caucasian

Metatype: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 140lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

•Frequently wears disguises, sometimes obvious ones (blue skin and flaming red hair. Otherwise tends to the common/non-descript clothing etc.

•Wiry, gymnasts build.

Psychological Profile:

•Very careful of his identities.

•Shows some reluctance to jobs against Manadynamics

•Highly observant


•Smart, agile and strong willed

•Master of Spellcasting, specialising in combat spells

•Has been known to give instruction in Longarms

•Capable of Arcane magic. Classification: Magician


•Looking for someone close to him he has lost.

Current Residence: UCAS, Seattle

Life Style: Low

Street Cred: 3

Public Awareness: 0

Notoriety: 0

Click to reveal..

Character Stats

Positive Qualities
Astral Chameleon		
Focussed Concentration 1		
Mentor Spirit - Sun	
Negative Qualities
Sensitive Neural Structure		
Records on File	- Manadynamics	
Lost Love One		
Day Job (10 hrs/week)		
Body	        4	
Agility	        6	
Reaction	4	
Strength	3	
Charisma	4	
Intuition	4	
Logic	        6	
Willpower	6	
Edge	        4	
Magic	        6	
Active Skills
Spellcasting (Combat Spells)6
Ritual Spellcasting	3
Counterspelling		4
Assensing		4
Astral Combat		4
Conjuring Group		4
Athletics Group		2
Longarms (Sniper Rifles)5
Pistol (Semi-Auto)	2
Automatics		1
Dodge		        4
Blade (Knives)		3
Unarmed Combat		2
Pilot Ground Vehicle	1
Influence Group		2
Stealth Group 		2
Instruction		3
Perception (Sight)	4
Armorer		        2
Outdoor Group		1
Artisan (Bladesmith)	3
First Aid		2
Arcana		        4
Enchanting		3

Knowledge Skills
English                 N
Latin                   3

Magical Theory          4
Corporate Sec Proc      3
Corporate Magic Sec     3
Seattle Talismongers    2
Seattle Arms Dealers    2
Seattle Street Gangs    2

Click to reveal..



Talismonger - Lizzy Brew

Connections 2

Loyalty 2

Fence - Raymond Chow

Connections 3

Loyalty 1

Hacker - CrystalTech

Connections 2

Loyalty 1

Click to reveal..

General Spellcasting Dice Pool = 12 dice (Avg 4 sux)

Combat Spellcasting Dice Pool = 16 dice (Avg 5 sux)

Drain Test Pool = 13 dice (Avg 4 sux)


Heal Damage Value -2

Armour F/2 +3

Manabolt F/2

Powerbolt F/2 +1

Physical Barrier F/2 +3

Stunball F/2 +1

Sterilize F/2 +2

Mindnet F/2 +3

Analyse Magic F/2

Fireball F/2 +5

Enhance Aim F/2 -1

Physical Mask F/2 +1


Sniper Rifles = 13 dice + Accessories

Longarms = 11 dice + Accessories

Semi-Auto Pistols = 10 dice + Accessories

Pistols = 8 dice + Accessories

Automatics = 7 dice + Accessories

HK PSG Enforcer Sniper rifle

3 spare slips (total ammo = 30 Explosive, 20 APDS)

Colt America Lt Pistol 4P, SA, 11©

3 spare clips(20 Regular, 20 Gel)

Colt Manhunter Hvy Pistol: 5P, AP-1, SA, 16©

Built in Laser sight +1dice Mod

2 spare clips (30 Regular, 20 Gel)

Force 1 Weapon Focus Dagger: 4P, +1dice mod, use in Astral

More details to follow wink

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Dale Cazantino is an unassuming figure of a man; the very last sort of person one would expect to see wearing armored clothes and skittering from shadow to shadow. In fact, this is somewhat true...he doesn't so much skitter as amble. With a round, pale face that can be boyishly charming at it's best, but by no stretch handsome, and a somewhat rotund figure (less rotund these days than before) relatively unsuited for strenuous physical demands, Dale is hard for anyone in 'the biz' to take seriously at first glance. In fact, between his almost babyish appearance and his soft spoken demeanor, it's almost literally impossible for Dale to be intimidating, regardless of how he threatens or blusters. Of course, when his drone trundles out from behind him and levels an autocannon-laden turret at someone...that tends to equalize things.

Metatype: Straight human being, born of normal human beings.


Name: Dale Cazantino

Handle: "Wiz" or "Wizard" (A contraction of Wizard of Caz)

Known History: Dale was once a design engineer working for GMC and living a pretty comfortable life. The specifics of the situation aren't generally known outside GMC, but it turned out he'd been working on the side, coming up with a set of designs for something that could be big. The company wanted to take possession, Dale was less enthused at the prospect. He took his data and went underground; resurfacing briefly in India to do work with one of their companies before vanishing again as he returned to the States. The situation's died down now to some extent, though GMC still has a decent price offered for bringing in his data (and/or him...that's negotiable).

Personality: Dale's the kind of guy who has something to say about -everything-, and speaks with absolute confidence and assurance in what he says, justified or not. Fortunately, he's intelligent enough that this hasn't made a total fool of him. Most things he doesn't know about he dismisses as of lesser importance. While generally friendly, he can come off as smarmy sometimes, and tends to get terse and snippy when angered. In particular, his idea of how 'life in the shadows' works is based largely on the few episodes of trid shows he's seen that cover the subject...though he's learning better.

Role: Dale provides broad technical expertise, though isn't really focused towards hacking or breaking into things. For a team of runners, two things he brings with him will be of the most interest: His car, and his drones. The car; a 'modified to the limits of the chassis' Rover 2068 SUV is armored, armed, equipped with a suite of sensors and ECM, and can carry a small team anywhere (on road or off) in stylish comfort. The drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but include an optically and electronically invisible recon drone, a small helicopterish drone with a sniper rifle attachment, and a large four-legged "centaur" combat drone with light milspec armor and a LMG with a grenade launcher in a turret. Dale also possesses a keen mind for analyzing data and facts, and can either find answers or come up with answers to just about any question.


General Skills and Capabilities


Click to reveal..

Name: Dale Cazantino

Street Name: The Wizard of Caz

Meta: Human

Gender: Male

Karma: 0

Attributes (321)

Strength 2 (6)

Agility 2 (6)

Reaction 3 (15)

Body 3 (15)

Charisma 3 (15)

Intutition 5 (42)

Logic 6 (60)

Willpower 6 (60)

Edge 6 (42)

Essence 6

Resonance 6 (60)

Initiative: 8

Matrix Init: 11

Passes: 1

Matrix Pass: 3

Physical Damage: 9

Stun Damage: 11

Traits 50

Technomancer (10)

More than Metahuman (10) ("jump" in or out of drones/vehicles as free action)

Analytical Mind (10) (+2d to Data Search/Software/investigation/clue/solving)

Perceptive (10) (+1d to Perception)

Juryrigger (20) (accomplish much with little, using Mechanics skill)

Photographic Memory (20)

Gearhead (20) (+2d driving cars, inc Acc 20% or handling +1 per scene)

Wanted (-20)

SINner (-10)

Media Junkie: Mild (-10)

Poor Self-Control: Pedantic Know-it-all (-10)

Incompetent: Intimidation (-10)

Active Skills 406

Pistols 2

Dodge 3

Etiquette (Corporate) 1

Navigation 2

Perception 4

Gunnery 4

Infiltration (Vehicle) 2

Pilot Aircraft 4

Pilot Ground Vehicle 4

Pilot Anthroform 4

Armorer 4

Aeronautic Mechanic 4

Automotive Mechanic 5

Cybercombat 3

Demolitions 3

Electronic Warfare 5

Hacking 3

Computer 4

Data Search 4

Hardware 4

Software 4

Compiling 3

Decompiling 3

Registering 3

Knowledge Skills (33 lvls)

Physics 5

Chemistry 5

Metallurgy 5

Mathematics 5

Popular Science Fiction 5

Computer Games 4

Language Skills

English (Native)

Japanese 4

Complex Forms 112

Analyze 3

Browse 3

Command 6

Edit 3

Encrypt 3

Scan 3

Armor 3

Attack 2

Decrypt 2


Sniffer 3

Spoof 4

Living Persona

Firewall 6

Response 5 (6 in VR)

Signal 3

System 6

Equipment (111)

Nuyen: 4d6x100


- Defiance EX Shocker (Pistol), 8S(e), -1/2 imp armor, ammo 4(m), 150ny


1000rnds LMG ammo: 2000ny

500rnds rifle ammo: 1000ny

50rnds EX Explosive sniper ammo: 500ny

50rnds APDS sniper ammo: 350ny

8 HEX Grenades: 360ny

Armor (not all worn at once, obviously :))

Armor Vest, 6/4, 600ny

SecureTech PPP Vitals Protector, +1/+1, 200ny (can be worn with any armor)

Lined Coat, 6/4, Fire Resist 5, Insulation 4, 1800ny

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit w/helmet, 6/8, Noncon 5, Shock Frills, 1750ny


Micro-Transciever 5, 1000ny

Fingernail Data Storage, 200ny

The Glasses, 850ny

- Image Link, Smartlink, Vision Enhance 2, Vision Mag

The Goggles, 1200ny

- LowLight, Flare Comp, Ultrasound

Earbuds, Audio Enhance 2, Select Filter 1, 410ny

Miniwelder, 250ny

Respirator 5, 500ny

Fake SIN 5, 5000ny: Andy D. Clay

Fake SIN 3, 3000ny: Randall Mortimer

Fake SIN 1, 1000ny: Alhoun Metrigan

Armorer Shop, 5000ny

Automotive Mechanic Shop, 5000ny

Aeronautic Mechanic Shop, 5000ny


Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (Minidrone), 10,325ny

- Handl +1, Accel 3/15, Speed 30, Pilot 3, Body 1, Arm 1, Sens 2, 2500ny

- Standard: Imp Takeoff/Landing 2, Special Weapons (anti-minidrone, DV5)

- Autosofts: Defense 3 (600), Manuever 3 (600), Clearsight 3 (600), Targeting 4 (std), Firewall 5 (2500)

- Attributes: Signal 5 (1000), Response 4 (2000)

- Sensors: (Cap 3, Sig 3) Camera (LLV, FC, Imagelink, 275), Laser Rangefinder (100), Mic (50)

Ferret RPD-1X (minidrone), 17,625ny

- Handl 0, Accel 10/20 (5/10), Speed 60 (30), Pilot 3, Body 1, Arm 2, Sens 3, 3000ny

- Standard: Improved Sensor Array

- Chameleon Coating, 2 slots, 1000ny

- Signature Masking 3, 3 slots, 6000ny

- Walker Mode, 2 slots, 500ny

- Gecko Tips, 1 slot, 300ny

- Autosofts: Defense 3 (600), Clearsight 3 (600), Firewall 5 (2500)

- Attributes: Signal 4 (500), Response 4 (2000)

- Sensors: (Cap 5, Signal 4) Camera (LLV, FC, Thermo, Imagelink, 375), Laser Rangefinder (100), Mic (50), Motion (front & back) (100)

Ford LEBD-1 (Medium Security Drone), 26,475ny

- Handl 0, Accel 5/20, Speed 80, Pilot 3, Body 3, Arm 9, Sens 3, 4500ny

- Standard: Mechanical Arm, External fixed remote controlled Weapon mount, Imp Takeoff/Landing 2, Special Machinery (2 handcuffs, shockable)

- HK PSG Enforcer Sniper Rifle (in mount, silenced), 7P, AP -3, SA only, 2x12rnds, 5200ny

- Lock-On Countermeasures, 1 slot, 5000ny

- Sensor Masking 2, 2 slots, 4000ny

- Improved Sensor Array, 1 slot, 1000ny

- Software: Defense 3 (600), Targeting 3 (600), Firewall 6 (3000)

- Attributes: Signal 5 (1000)

- Sensors (Cap 8, Signal 4) Camera (LLV, FC, Thermo, Imagelink, Image magnification 475), Laser Rangefinder (100), Barometric (200), Radar 4 (800)

Ares Centaur (Large Security drone), 20,750

- Handl 1, Accel 10/15, Speed 50, Pilot 3, Body 4, Arm 12, Sens 3, 9500ny

- Standard: Weapon Mount (External, Remote Control, turret)

- HK XM30 (LMG mode) (in turret), 6P, AP -1, Bur/FA, 100rnd belt, 3500ny

- HK XM30 (Grenade launcher), Grenade(HEX) 10P, AP -2, SS, 8rnds

- Walker Mode, 2 slots, 500ny

- Autosofts: Defense 3 (600), Targeting 3 (600), Weapon watcher 3 (600), Firewall 6 (3000)

- Attributes:

- Sensors (Cap 8, Signal 4) Camera (LLV, FC, Thermo, Imagelink, Ultrasonic 1375), Laser Rangefinder (100), Mic (50), Motion (front & back) (100), Cyberware Scanner 6 (450), MAD 3 (225), Radio Signal Scanner 6 (150)

The Minivan of Doom, 109,175

Rover 2068 (Modified), Handling +1, Accel 20/35, Speed 140, Pilot 4, Body 13, Armor 10, 25k

- Standard: High Ameneties, Off-road Suspension, Passenger Protection 2, Anti-Theft 2

- Chameleon Coat, 2 slots, 13,000ny

- Normal Remote Controlled Internal Turret, 6 slots, 7500ny

- GE Vindicator Minigun (In turret), 6P, AP -1, FA only, 250rnds Drum, 5525ny

- ECM 10, 1 slot, 10,000ny

- Improved Sensor Array, 1 slot, 1000ny

- Missile Defense System, 1 slot, 10,000ny

- Smuggling Compartment, 1 slot, 1500ny

- Rigger Adaptation, 1 slot, 2500

- Morphing License, 1000

- Spoof Chip, 500

- Run-Flat Tires, 1000

- Software: Manuever 4 (2000), Defense 3 (600), Targeting 3 (600), Clearsight 3 (600), Firewall 6 (3000), System 5 (2500), Vehicle ID 2 (400)

- Attributes: Pilot 4 (10,000), Response 5 (4000)

- Sensors (Cap 30, Signal 6): Std Vehicle package with 2x LLV/FC/Thermo/Image/Magnification (750) (Cap 12), Camera Neutralizer 6 (3000), Ultrawideband Radar 4 (2000), Radiation (100), Non-linear Junction Detector 6 (600), Directional Microphone (50), Radio Signal Scanner 6 (150), Laser Microphone 6 (300)

Drones On The Bench (Currently switched off and secured in shop area)


Evo Orderly (Medium drone), 2000ny

- Handl 0, Accel 5/20, Speed 40, Pilot 3, Body 3, Arm 3, Sens 2, 2000ny

- Standard: 2 Mechanical Arms, Special Machinery (Medkit 6), Walker Mode

Renraku Manservant (Special) (medium drone), 18,000ny

- Handl 0, Accel 5/15, Speed 15, Pilot 3, Body 3, Arm 0, Sens 2, 2500ny

- Standard: 2 Mechanical Arms, Walker Mode

- Touch Sensors, 1 slot, 1500ny

- Mimic Modification 2, 2 slots, 10,000ny

- Retrans Unit, 1 slot, 4000ny


Ivan Kolzekov (Fixer): Con3, Loy2 (10)


Doc Wagon Basic, 1yr (5000)

Casa de Caza 16, 6000ny/month (3 months paid: 18,000)

- Comfort 3

- Entertainment 3

- Necessity 3

- Neighborhood 3

- Security 4

- Qualities: Workplace +1, Network Bottleneck -1

The Bolthole 11, 2600ny/month (5 months paid: 13,000)

- Comfort 2

- Entertainment 0

- Necessity 2

- Neighborhood 2

- Security 4

- Qualities: Easygoing Landlord +1

Click to reveal..

Dale has a secret elbow.

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Prime Runner Profile: 'Osiris'

Image (link still missing)

Birth Name: Winona McGuinness (although no records can be found)
Aliases: Osiris
Birth Date: Unknown
Nationality: mixed - halfblood
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: 6‘1“
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: dark purple
Eyes: golden

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:
  • none

Psychological Profile:
  • Mental stability is questionable – she appears normal until she speaks
  • Open hearted and faithful, somewhat naive
  • Has issues differing what is real and what is AR
  • Her attention seems constantly divided between the real world and the Deep Resonance

  • Supposedly prophesized Herald of the Deep Resonance
  • All her skills and abilities are self-taught. She was raised in an urban Tribe.
  • Is revered like a holy woman in the tribe.
  • Distant cousin of Deirdre McGuinness but has no ties to the Tuatha
  • Technomancer with unknown limits.

  • Exert the will of the Deep Resonance
  • Slightly anarchist tendencies which result in random ‘rage against the machine/system’

Current Residence: UCAS, Seattle
Life Style: Street

Street Cred: 3
Public Awareness: 0
Notoriety: 0

Click to reveal..

Metatype: Elf Technomancer

Body 3 [15]
Agility 3 [9]
Reaction 3 [15]
Strength 2 [9]
Charisma 8 [90]
Intuition 6 [60]
Logic 6 [60]
Willpower 6 [60]

Edge 3 [15]
Resonance 6 [60]


Technomancer [10]
Aptitude [20] Uncouth [+40]
Natural Hardening [20] Reality Impaired [+10]
Photographic Memory [20] Bad Luck [+40]
Erased [20] Sensitive System [+30]
Speed Reading [10]
Paragon [10]
Chatty [10]
Obscure [10]

Skills Knowledge

Tasking SG 4 [55] English N
Cracking SG 5 [80] Deep Resonance Deities 3 [7]
Electronics SG 3 [35] Data Haven 4 [11]
Stealth SG 2 [20] Matrix Security 4 [11]
Athletics SG 2 [20] Seattle Street Gangs 4 [11]
Pistols 3 [14] Sioux 4 [11]
Dodge 4 [22]
Con 2 [16]
Etiquette 1 [8]
Pilot Ground Craft 1
(Bikes) 3 [6]

Complex Forms

Analyze 5 [16]
Attack 4 [11]
Armor 4 [11]
Browse 4 [11]
Decrypt 5 [16]
Edit 4 [11]
Encrypt 5 [11]
Exploit 6 [23]
Scan 4 [11]
Spoof 6 [23]
Stealth 5 [11]
Sniffer 4 [11]

Bound Sprites

Crack Sprite 3 [9]
Paladin Sprite 3 [9]
Machine Sprite 3 [9]
Data Sprite 3 [9]

Connections & Contacts

Tribal Gang (800 Members, 50 Technomancers, rest is support) [16]
Broad Matrix presence +2
Spanning all of Seattle +2

Connection 4 [8]
Loyalty 6 [12]

Permanent Swatter Lifestyle [20]


12 Karma in Equipment/Gear (30.000 NuYen – List follows but Krul knows what I want/need)

Total 1000 Karma

Click to reveal.. (Contacts)

Urban Tribe (L6, C4)
The tribe Osiris lives with and was raised in spans the whole Seattle Sprawl and counts almost 1000 members. Most are kids, juveniles and ex-Otaku that were the first Technomancer’s before the second crash. Osiris is treated like a holy woman in the tribe and the tribe is loyal to the death to protect her. It provides her with everything she needs and she helps them in return with her gifts and prophecies of the Deep Resonance.

Click to reveal.. (Combat Info)

I’m still trying to translate most of the stuff into this format – sorry about it but Osiris only has an Ares Pred IV and some Ammo for it. I’ll try to get the stats done once I found access to an English core book. (I only got the german version)

Click to reveal..

Secret Knowledge - Optional

>>>>>(Log deleted by unknown source)<<<<<
- Shizzle (01:17:11/07-12-72)

>>>>>(Log deleted by unknown source)<<<<<
- Maxwell (2:21:56/07-13-72)

>>>>>(Connection terminated. File corrupted. Deleting…)<<<<<
- Zaxxon (12:52:14/08-23-72)
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  • 5 months later...


Description: 1.8m; 85kg; 24 year old. Athletic build. Caucasian; gray-green eyes; blond hair (Not natural color), darker facial hair, unshaven, sometimes even a mustache (fake or real). Any visible tatoos are meaningless and never permanent.

Metatype: Human male


Name: SIN: Randolf “Randy” Nicholson

Alias: Fake SIN: Wyatt Earp

Handle: “Dead-eye”; "The Ghost"

Known History:

Click to reveal.. (Known History)

Randolf Nicholson was born and mostly grew up around San Francisco with his parents working for Nakashima Technologies. The corp transferred his family back to the HQ in Yokohama, Japan so he also spent many of his early teenage years living in the JIS where he picked up some of his interests; soccer, volleyball, Japanese arts and poetry, and classical music. In school Randy was athletic; although not very big, he was very agile. When his awakened powers began to manifest he stopped playing team sports to keep from being different, preferring to keep these gifts to himself. His parents eventually found out and encouraged him to continue this practice, not wanting the Japanese corp to get involved in raising their child. This also prompted the family’s relocation from Japan, back to San Francisco.

Randy was slow to grasp new technology as a kid, preferring old–fashion things. He never really understood computers but was forced to learn the basics anyway. He still only uses the basic functions of such things, often leaving things setup at the factory settings or just not using all of the functions. The exception being anything related to information security where he spent extra time to fully understand about protecting himself. He uses technology, but doesn’t really understand nor care how it works. To him it's more like 'magic' that he just can't comprehend, but intellectually he knows it is mundane. Being an Adept he was more comfortable with the inner energies that further enhanced his abilities anyway.

Moving back to California Randy took up target shooting for competition. This fell right in line with his love for the tales of fiction of the Wild West and gunfighters. It became an obsession in his late teens. It drove him to seek a career with Lone Star, his romantic notions believing them to be the Texan Rangers reincarnated. Further training and development of his Adept powers made him ideal for a counter-agent operative working undercover. They relocated him to Seattle to work a dangerous undercover op. Unfortunately Randy was nearly killed due to incompetence on the part of his handler. The handler went missing, thanks to the first appearance of “The Ghost”, never to be seen again, and the targets of the operation found his remains. The evidence indicated that the dead man was Randy’s undercover persona, thus leaving him free and clear. With a little cooperation from a friend within Lone Star when they brought Randy back in, the disappearance of his handler was not investigated too closely and they gave some more evidence to support Randy’s undercover persona’s death.

However, this incident caused Randy to leave Lone Star and take up a new identity, Wyatt Earp after one of his heroes of old. He started working the shadows as “Dead-eye”, a gun for hire, mainly protection gigs and helping out innocents that need unconventional assistance with problems the authorities either can’t or won’t handle. If he needs to do some wetwork or even assassinations that “Dead-eye” does not feel comfortable with, he will again assume the persona of “The Ghost”. “Dead-eye” takes jobs where the killing is more in line with self-defense or in defense of others, leaving the messy and more questionable work for “The Ghost”. Randy has gone to great lengths to keep these personae different and leave “The Ghost” as anonymous as possible. He even goes so far as to provide dead-drops to himself to contract the jobs to “The Ghost”. His contacts know about “The Ghost”, but only Dash the fixer has dealings with him in dead-drop communication. “Dead-eye” now tends to contact “The Ghost" through him to maintain a degree of separation. Anyone who knows or works with “Dead-eye” is probably not aware of his abilities at disguise or infiltration, and would find him unlikely to be capable of doing the runs that “The Ghost” has accomplished.



As “Dead-eye” Wyatt Earp: He has a cool and calm demeanor, with wry sense of humor. He will generally go along and get along. He is confident in his abilities, but doesn’t flaunt them. Considers business is just business, nothing personal. He will stay loyal to the contract once he has agreed and be faithful to his shadowrunning team. He is not afraid to use violence when necessary, but he is not blood-thirsty. He always pays attention to his surroundings and covers his back. He is very careful what jobs he will take, since this identity’s physical description matches his original SIN. He will do his best to avoid confrontations with Lone Star, and prefers contracts where he is providing backup firepower or covering protection. He will do his best to protect the innocent if possible. He tends to carry himself like an old west gunfighter in his lined coat. He will never carry the Ares Viper Slivergun in this persona, and will let people think he prefers his submachine gun or assault rifle as weapons of choice. He only carries the Hammerli 620S concealed without the silencer if he needs more than one gun and cannot take the submachine gun or assault rifle. He will also not use the helmet and goggles either.

As “The Ghost”: This identity will kill to protect its identity and is very secretive, rarely talking more than absolutely necessary, and at that only in whispers. He is almost paranoid while observing his surroundings. He will generally not be a team player and can only be trusted as long as it doesn’t interfere with his more important considerations. He is not afraid to intimidate people either. To be allowed to know that “The Ghost” is the same person requires extreme trust and the ability to take the secret to the grave. More than likely anyone meeting “Dead-eye” will never see “The Ghost’s” face unless it is covered by a latex mask. This persona will take assassinations and wetwork if he feels like it, but generally against those he feels deserve it. He will kill innocents if they should learn enough to tie him to “Dead-eye”. He can be very vengeful as well, potentially taking revenge on those that do “Dead-eye” wrong. This persona prefers night-time infiltration and solo runs, using the silenced weapons, wearing the armored vest and helmet with goggles. Generally he will only use the Ares Viper Slivergun, but he does carry the concealed knife and Hammerli 620S as well for backup. “The Ghost” will never use the Suzuki Mirage motorcycle either.

Role: Ranged Comabat and Fire Support


Legendary with a pistol, expert with assault rifles

Physical Adept Powers

Expert at Disguises and good at infiltration

General Skills and Capabilities

Specialized and Aptitude with Semi-Automatic Pistols

Specialization with Assault Rifles

Adept Improved Ability Disguise

Adept Enhanced Perception

Adept Combat Senses

Adept Improved Reflexes

Stealth Group Skills

Some Influence Group Skills

Intimidation Skill

Pilot Ground Craft Skill

Lifestyle: Low (3 months rent)

Notoriety:Dead-eye: 2 The Ghost: 3

Public Awareness:Dead-eye: 1 The Ghost: 1

Street Cred:Dead-eye:2 The Ghost: 1

Character Sheet

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet)

Body: 4

Agility: 5

Reaction: 5 (7)

Strength: 4

Charisma: 4

Intuition: 4

Logic: 3

Willpower: 3

Edge: 4

Essence: 6

Initiative: 9 (11)

Magic: 5

Initiative passes: 1 (3)

Physical Damage track: 10

Stun Damage Track: 10


Adept, Guts, Aptitude Pistols

Mild Addiction Alcohol, SINner

Incompetent Skills; Hacking, Cybercombat, Electronic Warfare

Adept Powers:

Improved Reflexes – 2

Combat Sense – 2

Improved Disguise – 2

Enhanced Perception – 2


Click to reveal.. (Skills)
Active Skills:

Pistols (Specialization semi-automatics) – 7 (+2)

Automatics (Specialization Assault Rifles) – 4 (+2)

Longarms – 4

Disguise (Improved Ability Disguise) – 4 (+2)

Infiltration – 4

Dodge – 4

Perception (Enhanced Perception) – 4 (+2)

Palming – 3

Shadowing - 3

Blades – 2

Pilot Ground Craft – 2

Negotiation – 2

Etiquette – 2

Intimidation - 2

Athletic Group – 1

Knowledge Skills:

Security Companies – 3

Lone Star Security Procedures – 3

Safe Houses – 3

Cover IDs – 3


English – N

Japanese – 4

Spanish – 2


Old West Fiction and Sims

Classical Music

Competitive Target Shooting

Japanese Art and Poetry

Soccer and Volleyball


Click to reveal.. (Contacts)

Dash Mihok; Dwarf Fixer Male (Connections -3/Loyalty – 4)

Bod-3 Agi-3 Rea-3 Str-3 Cha-5 Int-5 Log-3 Wil-4

Edg-3 Ess-6 Init-8 IP-1

Active Skills:

Computer – 3

Data Search – 4

Dodge – 2

Etiquette (Street) – 4 (+2)

Negotiation – 5

Perception – 3

Pistols – 3

Knowledge Skills:

Corporate Rumors – 4

Fences – 4

Gear Values – 6

Shadowrunner Teams – 4


Dash was the first person Randy dealt with outside of Lone Star when he began working undercover. He cultivated the contact after leaving Lone Star to help he get establish in the shadowrunning business. Dash also is the sole person Randy uses for weapons and gear. Dash knows Dominic West as well having introduced them. Dash respects “Dead-eye” because he has performed well on some personal jobs that when running protection and backup for him during some risky meets. “Dead-eye” has saved his life a few times keep Dash from ending up dead. Dash also respects him for what he did for Dominic as well.

Dash knows about “The Ghost” and is familiar with the dead-drop communication methods to contact him. He doesn’t suspect that he is the same person as “Dead-eye” though. He just assumes that “Dead-eye” pushes questionable work to “The Ghost” so he can keep his conscious clear. Dash really doesn’t understand the whole business with “Dead-eye’s” fascination with the Old West and the sense of chivalry that he follows along with it, but he at least respects it knowing that “Dead-eye” can be trusted to be loyal to his word. Also in this day and age he finds almost comical that “Dead-eye” is so incompetent when it comes to computers. Dash is a little scared of “The Ghost” but he has only met him a few times. He doesn’t send much work his way, mainly jobs that “Dead-eye” requests that he farm out to him.

Dominic West; Human Male (Connections – 2/Loyalty – 5)

Bod-2 Agi-3 Rea-3 Str-2 Cha-2 Int-5 Log-5 Wil-3

Edg-3 Ess-6 Init-8 IP-1

Active Skills:

Artisan (Photography) – 2 (+2)

Cracking Group – 4

Disguise – 2

Electronics Group - 4

Etiquette (Street) – 2 (+2)

Forgery - 5

Negotiation – 2

Palming – 2

Knowledge Skills:

Bureaucracy Hacks – 5

Databases – 3

Matrix Hangouts – 3

Police Procedures – 3

SOTA Identification Technology - 5


Dominic was first introduced to “Dead-eye” when he was just getting started, providing the first of Randy’s false identifications and licenses. Then when Dominic started having some problems with a group of gang-bangers Dash talked him into hiring “Dead-eye” for some protection. “Dead-eye” defended Dominic on several occasions, saving his life more than once. One incident, “Dead-eye” killed several of the gang, foiling a shakedown attempt. Furthermore he went on to take extra measures to end the problem for good, bringing in “The Ghost” to start taking out the ring-leaders and such in the dead of night. Dominic has been friends with him ever since helping keep Randy’s identity’s from being known by the wrong people.

Dominic suspects an unusual connection between “Dead-eye” and “The Ghost” but he doesn’t ever talk to him about it. He doesn’t know for sure that they are the same person, and he respects Randy too much to actually try and find out. Dominic has met “The Ghost” a few times, but doesn’t know how to contact him except through Dash. He does know that “The Ghost” play some role in ending his problems with the gang bangers though.


Click to reveal.. (Equipment)
Suzuki Mirage Motorcycle

Doc Wagon Contract (Gold – 1 year)

Fake SIN rating 3

4 x Fake Gun Licenses Rating 4

Lined Coat

Armor vest and helmet

AR Gloves

Commlink: CMT Clip with Mangadyne Deva OS & sub vocal microphone

Contacts: Low-light vision, Smart Link, & Image Link

Goggles: Thermographic & Flare Suppression

Hammerli 620S Light Pistol (Concealed holster; integral in gas vents & Smart Link; Silencer, normal ammo)

Ares Viper Slivergun Heavy Pistol (integral suppressor, Quick Draw Holster, flechette ammo, Smart Link)

Ares Predator IV Heavy Pistol (integral Smart Link, Quick Draw Holster, normal ammo)

HK MP-5 TX Submachine gun (integral gas-vent 2; detachable folding stock; Smart Link; Explosive Ammo; Shoulder sling)

FN HAR Assault Rifle (integral gas-vent 2; Smart Link; Explosive Ammo)

Knife (concealed sheath)

Autopicker Rating 4

Nanopaste Disguise (Small canister)

2 x Latex Face Masks

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Birth Name: Unknown

Aliases: Jeremy Noctis, Nightlock

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9

Weight: 195 lb.

Meta-type: Human

Street Cred: 3

Notoriety: 0

Public Awareness: 1


  • Some shadowrunning experience
  • Accomplished magician
  • Fairly competent with pistols, particularly heavy pistols
  • Highly quick, physically and mentally
Click to reveal..

Attributes {280 points}


Body: 3 [20] Strength: 2 [10] Agility: 5 [40] Reaction: 5 [40]


Logic: 4 [30] Willpower: 5 [40] Intuition: 5 [40] Charisma: 4 [30]


Edge: 2 Essence: 6 Magic: 4 [30]

Initiative: 10, 1 Pass

Other Stats

Condition: 10P/11S

Skills {170 points}


Pistols 3 (Heavy Pistols +2) [14], Sorcery 5 [50], Conjuring 2 [20], Influence 2 [20], Stealth 3 [30], Assensing 3 [12], Dodge 3 (Ranged Combat +2) [14], Perception 2 (Visual +2) [10].


Wines 3, Beers 3, Modern History 4, Seattle Street Gangs 4, Business 4, Literature 5, Talismongers 4.


English [N]

Qualities {0 points}

Magician [15], Ambidextrous [5], Spirit Bane (Beasts) [-10], Spirit Bane (Earth) [-10]


Path of the Warlock

Concept: The universe is ultimately based on the clashing forces of entropy, change, formation, etc. Mana is little more than relatively raw energies of these forces. But these shifting forces are impossible to fully control, what you're really doing is grabbing onto a 'wave' of power, and doing your best to direct as you can.

Drain: Willpower+Intuition

Spirits: Air, Water, Fire, Man, Earth

Spells {30 points}




Chaotic World


Decrease (Body)

Decrease (Agility)




Gear {13 points} = 65,000 nuyen

Ares Predator IV w/silencer and concealable holster [625], 60 APDS rounds [4,200], Armor Vest w/Insulation 2 and Fire Resistance 2 and Non-conductivity 2 and Thermal Damping 1 [2000], Clothing (Business) [5,000], Clothing (More subtle work) [200], Transys Avalon Comlink w/ Iris Orb OS and subvocal microphone [6,050], Magic Lodge (6) [3000], 2x Fake SINs 4 (Jeremy Noctis, Jerm Tocsin) [8000], Earbuds w/Audio Enhancement 3 and Spatial Recognizer [410], Contact lenses w/Low light and ultrasound and smartlink and Vision Enhancement 2 [1850], 7 months of Middle Lifestyle [35,000].

Money and Life

Lifestyle: Middle

Starting Nuyen: 6,000

Click to reveal.. (Contacts)

Contacts {7 points}

Ronald Midan, Owner of the Glittering Shade Club

Connection 3, Loyalty 4

An old buddy who Jeremy has helped out from a number of scrapes, and Midan has returned the favor on at least one occasion. There is a mixture of friendship as well as favor trading in their relationship, though there still are limits to which either of the two can offer, by mutual agreement.

>>>>>(Ok, first it's a black magician, and now a warlock?)<<<<<

- IslandFool (3:23-3/2/72)

>>>>>(No, IslandFool, I saw this guy once before in the bar on the corner of 12th and 8th street. Some drunk troll was looking for a fight, and he was aiming for this black-haired dude. Well, the dude closed his eyes, seemed to scrunch his hand or something... and the trog turned to stone. Literally. It was permanent, the trog's never gone back to normal.)<<<<<

- WizPunk (5:34-3/2/72)

>>>>>(Shit!!! That's what that statue there is?? I thought it was fake. I hope never to meet and get into a fight with that guy.)<<<<<

- Trogdor (0:02-3/3/72)

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