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Aberrant RPG - Cattle Call for Aberrant Writers!


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(The following has also been posted at EON Online.)

For those of you with an interest in contributing to Aberrant: The New Flesh (EON's upcoming Mega-Physical ebook), here's your chance. As of this posting, only two parts of Chapter Two (what one could call "Aberrant: Combat") are still being worked on. (Nearly all else has been finished writing-wise.) I've got the section on combat styles taken care of, but my limited knowledge of guns is just not up to the task of writing the expanded firearms listings we were hoping to include. What's more is the fact that no one else available on the Development Team AFAIK has such knowledge either.

Originally this was going to be written by archer21, but it seems his RL circumstances have made that impossible. If anyone is both willing & able to take his place & write up the expanded firearms listings, they're welcome to post here, hopefully with examples of what they'd produce.

Below is the fragmentary unedited material that archer21 wrote for us before disappearing on us. It makes for a convenient bar to measure your material by, in any case.

Revolver: The first modern handgun, these firearms are generally considered outdated by the newer magazine-loaded pistol, but still have advantages of their own. They're still readily available on the streets of most modern cities; in both light and heavy varieties. Light revolvers are usually small and light enough to be easily carried and concealed. Lacking the capacity of magazine-loaded pistols, most revolvers are limited to 6 shots maximum.

Optional advantage for STs: Revolvers can be fired repeatedly even while hidden in a pocket or beneath layers of cloth, such as a towel held over the hand. The moving slide of pistols negates the possibility of doing the same after the first shot is fired; limiting similar use. Revolvers also don't

Common calibers: .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum

Pistols: Modern pistols have overcome early jamming problems and nearly replaced their predecessor, the revolver. A standard sidearm among law-enforcement officials and military forces. Pistols come in light and heavy versions, just like revolvers. Light pistols are generally smaller and in a lower caliber, and are more easily concealed. Heavy pistols usually use a larger caliber, with a frame to match, and are therefore more difficult to conceal.

Optional advantage for ST's: Pistols use a single magazine instead of separate chambers to hold ammunition internally. This makes a pistol easier and faster to reload, allowing for an exception to standard rules for reloading. Pistols can, at ST discretion, be reloaded twice as quickly as normal, allowing for two reloads in one full turn.

Common calibers: 9mm, .40 caliber, .45 ACP

Light Rifle: Often referred to as a carbine, the light rifle shines at short to medium range distances. Typically utilizing a smaller caliber than it's larger brother, carbines are still remarkably effective for both hunting and combat situations. Their shorter length and lower weight make them much easier to carry, and since very few use the bolt-action common on heavy rifles, carbines also allow for a faster rate of fire. The most easily recognized light rifle is the lever-action, short barreled carbine common to the Old West, such as the Winchester 1894. A second very popular carbine is the AR-15, a semi-automatic version of the U.S. military's M4.

Optional advantages for STs: Carbines are also easily found in pistol calibers, such as .357 and .44, allowing users to use a single type of ammunition for both their pistol/revolver and carbine. The longer barrel of the carbine allows for higher damage output and farther range than the same caliber in a pistol or revolver.

Common Calibers: .22, .223, .30-30

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Re: Situation Update-

Good News: A firearms savvy writer has been found, and we're halfway through with the firearms subsection. The kind fellow is "Echade" from over at RPGNet, & his material is up to snuff AFA our accustomed level of quality. Thanks to Wanderer/Irioth for headhunting this guy for us!

Even Better News: A martial arts-savvy writer from the EON forums - one Quantum Promise - is helping out with the unfinished Combat Styles section.

If all goes well, all that will be left to do is get whatever additional art pieces we were going to put in & get the whole mess stuffed into PDF format. Here's hoping...

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