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Mutants & Masterminds: The Family - The Family -- Listing of PCs and NPCs

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Little Tess

Real Name: Contessa Elizibeta Luciano

Nicknames: Little Tess, Tessa (close friends and family only)

Occupations: Teenager

Legal Status: American Citizen, minor.

Aliases: None so far.

Place of birth: New York, NY, USA.

Age: 17

Marital Status: Single.

Known Relatives: Mother (Marielle Victoria Luciano, deceased), Father (Antonio Sergio Luciano), older brothers by age (Salvatore Marco, Gerardo Emile, Dante Rolando)

Group Affiliation: Genovese Family

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Weight: 98 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Pale skin and eyes.

Strength Level: Below average.

Abilities/Special Skills: Rumored that she is a strogoi and can cast the evil eye on people or be a lucky charm for them.

Weapons Used: Non-combatant.

Personality: Quiet, respectful, and intelligent.

Personal Interests: Society, the Family, history.


Little Tess earned her nickname for always being a small and quiet child. Her mother died when she was very little and Tess herself spent a great deal of her childhood in and out of hospitals. Her health has improved as she's gotten older, though she's still a pale and slight young woman. Over the past few years her father has allowed her more time in public and the endearing girl has made a favorable opinion in all the right circles. She also has earned a reputation amongst the more superstitous of the Family for being a strogoi, able to curse or bless a person. Tess herself has dismissed the claims as pagan superstition, but the rumor persists.

Although her father, Lucky Luciano's younger brother, is not going to be the next Boss, the departure of her uncle has put stress on her family. Tess is a quiet pillar of support, the very model of a proper Family daughter, for her father and brothers; however, her public life has slowed a little. She no longer attends quite as many parties or attends the clubs and lounges the Family owns as often, but she's always about somewhere, usually not far from her father's side.

Click to reveal.. (Mechanics)

----------Ability Scores---------

Strength: 8 (-1)

Dexterity: 10 (0)

Constitution: 6 (-2)

Intelligence: 18 (+4)

Wisdom: 22 (+6)

Charisma: 20 (+5)



Toughness: +0

Fortitude: +0

Reflex: +2

Willpower: +10



Attack Bonus: +0

Damage Bonus: Unarmed -1

Grapple: -1

Defense Bonus: +0

Initiative: +0


----------Lifting Capacity---------

Light Load: 26 lbs

Medium Load: 53 lbs

Heavy Load: 80 lbs

Max Load: 160 lbs

Push/Drag: 400 lbs


----------Movement Rate---------

Base Speed: 30 ft/r / 60 ft/r / 120 ft/r

Leap: 9 ft / 4 ft / 2 ft



Acrobatics - 0 (+0)

Bluff - 8 (+13)

Climb - 0 (--1)

Concentration - (+6)

Diplomacy - 9 (+14)

Disguise - 0 (+5)

Gather Info - 8 (+13)

Handle Animal - 0 (+5)

Intimidate - 0 (+5)

Knowledge: Streetwise - 8 (+12)

Knowledge: Families - 8 (+12)

Knowledge: Civics - 8 (+12)

Knowledge: Popular Culture - 8 (+12)

Notice - 8 (+14)

Search - 0 (+4)

Sense Motive - 8 (+14)

Survival - 0 (+6)

Swim - 0 (--1)









Contacts: Make a Gather Information check in one minute

Leadership: Spend hero point to remove adverse conditions from ally

Inspire (5): Grant allies +5 to attacks, saves, & checks

Luck (2): +2 hero points

Assessment: Know a subject's relative offensive and defensive ability

Master Plan: Bonus in situations when you have a chance to plan

Teamwork (3): Additional +3 bonus for aid actions

Connected: Make a Diplomacy check to call in favors or aid

Taunt: Demoralize using Bluff rather than Intimidate

Well-Informed: Gather Information check when meeting someone

Benefit: Charlie Luciano's niece



Luck Control {} - Power Rank 2 - Cost 6 (3 * 2)

Description: Spend for another & force re-roll


----------Cost Summary---------

Abilities: 24

Combat: 0

Saves: 8

Skills: 19

Feats: 18

Powers: 6

Total Cost: 75


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Real Name: Salvatore SanGianone

Nicknames: None

Occupations: Jazz Singer

Legal Status: American Citizen

Aliases: None

Place of birth: New York, NY, USA.

Age: 28

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Mother (Marisa Sangianone)

Group Affiliation: Genovese Family

Height: 6ft

Weight: 200 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strength Level: A bit better than average

Abilities/Special Skills: Can speak over 20 languages(Apparently)

Weapons Used: Charm

Personality: Seducer, enabler, and all around nice guy

Personal Interests: Jazz, Music, the Mafia

As a young man growing up in NYC, Salvatore Sangianone was raised by a single mother. His mother was a burlesque dancer who was known to have ties to several of NYC's more eligible bachelors, including several well-known "mobsters." While growing up around the entertainment industry, even peripherally, Sal learned a few things about music. As he grew older, he began to sing in the choir of his church, and also was taught how to play the organ and piano. When he reached his teens, he first heard Jazz music, and taught himself how to play the trumpet and trombone. However his first love has always been singing. He also blossomed into a fine, upstanding young man who everyone wanted to befriend. However, against his mother's wishes, he started singing at Jazz clubs. At one of these clubs, he met up with a couple of old acquaintances of his mother, mobsters who wanted to make sure that Sal was doing well, and was availing himself of all opportunities. He soon discovered that the club was owned by a mobster of the Genovese mob family. He wanted in on the power and fame evidenced by his new mob friends. When asked what he could do for the family, however, he responded, "With my voice and your money, we could grow this group tremendously." Ever since, he's been a good source of recruits for the mob, and his fingers are in many pies, so he has access to many sources of information that may potentially leak. He has also learned how to drive himself around the city, seeing owning his own vehicle as a perk of his new found status. His singing voice is a rich baritone, known to cause women to swoon.

Click to reveal..

Mafia Face/Lounge Singer



Gender: Male

Age: 35

Size: Medium

Height: 6ft

Weight: 200lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Power Level: 5

Power Points: 75

Max Attack: 5

Max Defense: 5

Max Save DC: 5

Max Toughness: 5


STR: 14 (+2)

DEX: 12 (+1)

CON: 14 (+2)

INT: 10 (+0)

WIS: 12 (+1)

CHA: 20 (+5)


Attack 2 (Melee 2, Ranged 2) [unarmed +2 (Bruise)]

Defense 4 (2 flat-footed)

Initiative 1


Toughness 2 (2 flat-footed)

Fortitude 4

Reflex 4

Will 3


Bluff 5 (+10)

Climb (+2)

Concentration (+1)

Diplomacy 10 (+15)

Disguise (+5)

Drive 2 (+3)

Escape Artist (+1)

Gather Info 7 (+12)

Handle Animal 2 (+7)

Intimidate 2 (+7)

Investigate 2 (+2)


-Popular Culture 2 (+2)

-Streetwise 4 (+4)

-Civics 2 (+2)

-Business 2 (+2)

Notice 4 (+5)


-Keyboards 4 (+9)

-Wind Instruments 4 (+9)

-Singing 8 (+13)

Search 4 (+4)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Stealth (+1)

Survival (+1)

Swim (+2)







Inspire (1)


Distract(Bluff) (1)

Fascinate(perform) (1)


POWER[3] Comprehend(Languages)

POWER[2] Comprehend(Animals)



Abilities 22 + Skills 17 (68 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 10 + Combat 12 + Saves 7 – Drawbacks 0 = 75 / 75

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Real Name: Michael Toro

Nicknames: Mickey Sheets

Occupations: Textiles Factory Owner

Legal Status: American Citizen & WWII Veteran

Place of birth: Bronx, NY, USA.

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Grandfather (Antonio)

Group Affiliation: Luciano Family

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Anchor tattoo on his bicep

Strength Level: A bit better than average

Abilities/Special Skills: Very intimidating and sharpshooter

Weapons Used: Gun/Fear

Personality: Loyal man with revenge in his heart.

Personal Interests: Revenge, the Mafia, Business

As always, a rough background to flesh out more in game:

Mickey grew up in the mob atmosphere, his Grandfather, Antonio 'The Bull', was a Made Man that always looked out for his family. When Mickey's Father decided he was going to avoid the criminal lifestyle, it nearly broke Tony's heart, but his son would not be swayed, and he did his best to give his son the life he wanted, using his influence on the back end to keep him from being used by the mob.

Mickey's Father, Sam, married, had two sons and enjoyed a simple life in the Bronx as a deli owner. Mickey went off to war and was trained as a sharp shooter, which he seemed a natural at, only to come back to find out that his family had been hit. In an effort to convince his Grandfather to move a certain way against Lucky, a rival family had the deli's building condemned, then, when that didn't work, killed them. Mickey would have also died that day, had he not been off at war.

This obviously enraged both Tony and Mickey. Tony, knowing the political atmosphere to be tense, had hesitated in any action, 'The Bull' having calmed in his older age. However, Mickey was not so well informed and despite his Grandfather's spoken wishes, he tracked down the hitman and fed him to the fish of the Jersey. He then made it quite clear to the hitman's family that if they didn't wish to find the same fate befall them in his desire for revenge, that they sign over the textiles factory that operated on the Jersey Docks. They complied and Mickey felt more satisfaction seeing the family ruined and beggared than he would have in their deaths.

He now uses the factory for the Family; laundering money, shipping and receiving, or just housing things out of the public eye. He's not particularly happy to see Lucky getting deported, and believes there would be a way to get him back, he just doesn't know how yet.

Click to reveal.. (Numbers)
Stats [PP=24]

Str 14 +2

Dex 16 +3

Con 14 +2

Int 12 +1

Wis 12 +1

Cha 16 +3

Combat [PP=8]

Attack +2

Defense +2

Ranged +5

Saves - total= [base+ability] [PP=14]

Toughness 6 [4+2]

Fortitude 5 [3+2]

Reflex 7 [4+3]

Will 4 [3+1]

Powers - {Rank} [PP Cost] [PP=0]

Feats [PP=10]


Fearsome Presence x3

Improved Sunder

Precise Shot

Quick Draw

Attack Focus: Ranged x3

Skills - total=[base+ability] [PP=19]

Bluff 8 [5+3]

Diplomacy 8 [5+3]

Drive 6 [3+3]

Gather Information 8 [5+3]

Intimidate 11 [8+3]

Investigate 4 [3+1]

Knowledge - Business 7 [6+1]

Knowledge - Civics 6 [5+1]

Knowledge - Streetwise 7 [6+1]

Knowledge - Current Events 6 [5+1]

Language - Italian 1

Medicine - 2 [1+1]

Notice 6 [5+1]

Profession - Businessman 7 [6+1]

Search 6 [5+1]

Stealth 5 [2+3]

Survival 3 [2+1]

Swim 5 [3+2]

Click to reveal.. (mug)
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Name- Josiah Valentine

Nickname- Crunchy

Age- 28

Height- 6’4

Weight 230

Hair- Brown

Eyes- brown

Josiah “Crunchy” Valentino is a former Heavyweight boxer who fell on hard times. Known for his phenomenal right hook, Left cross combination, He was a real contender for the title. That is until he was contacted by a representative of one of the other Families and told to take a dive. His reputation was everything and he saw himself as alone in the world so he refused, and fought and won.

The results of that final victory would be far-reaching, as Afterwards suspicions of unfair technique and enhancement came to light. It ended with his being barred from ever competing again in the sport of professional boxing.

Having lost what he truly loved he turned to the Soldatos, distant cousins on his mother’s side, and threw in with them, looking to get back at the Family that stole away his life for a few dollars.

A full member of the Family, Crunchy has killed in the name of the family, often with his fists, which have been mistaken by police as massive blunt objects. Nobody questions Crunchy’s loyalty to the family, and he shows no fear when facing down other families.

He’s not lacking in intelligence, he just lives by relatively simple rules, and for now he really couldn’t be happier. He's an attractive man, though he's largely quiet, letting others talk. When it's time to get down to buisness,

Click to reveal..

Stats (40)

Str 20

Dex 20

Con 20

Int 10

Wis 20

Cha 10

Combat (20)

Attack 5

Defense 5

Feats (10)


Appearance 1

Grappling Finesse

Improved Critical 2 punch

Improved Grapple


Power attack

Equipment (gun) 1

Improved initiative 1

Skills 20 (5)

Diplomacy 2

Intimidation 4

Swim 1

Drive 2

Stealth 1

Sense motive 2

Notice 2

Language 1 italian

Bluff 2

Gather information 1

Search 1

Survival 1


Reflex 5

Will 5

Fortitude 5

Toughness 5

Powers 2

Strike 1 Mighty (Power fist)

Flaws 2



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