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Mutants & Masterminds: The Family - Area Information

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Mob Information

The Commission

Formed in 1931 in Atlantic City, NJ, The Commission is the Board of Directors for the Mafia. The heads of the Five Families sit on the Board, and they meet every five years or as needed to settle disputes between the families. It was formed by Lucky Luciano, who had to kill Salvatore Maranzano and Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria to make it happen. Though Maranzano had named himself "Boss of all Bosses", Lucky wasn't interested. Instead, Luciano realized that the best solution was to let the families run themselves, but establish a central organization for settling their differences without bloodshed. This would preserve family control, prevent warfare, promote their business interests, and keep the mob away from public and law enforcement attention.

Bonanno Family

Boss: Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno

Underboss: Francesco "Frank" Garafolo

Dealings: Gambling, loan-sharking and racketeering

Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City

This is a close-knit and traditional Family; their closeness is due to most of the family being from the same small town in Sicily, Castellamare del Golfo. At the creation of The Commission, Bonanno was the youngest of the bosses, at age 26. They are strongly allied with the Profaci Family.

Mangano Family

Boss: Vincent "The Executioner" Mangano

Underboss: Phlip Mangano (Vincent's brother)

Bealings: Extortion, Union racketeering and illegal gambling (horse races, running numbers and lotteries)

Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City, and other areas including Long Island, Augusta, GA, New Jersey and Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Though Mangano was an old-school Mafia don and therefore unpopular, he was tolerated due to his ties to Emil Camarda, the vice-president of the International Longshoremen's Association. The family largely controls the waterfront of New York and Brooklyn through this connection.

Profaci Family

Boss: Joe Profaci

Underboss: Joseph "The Fat Man" Magliocco

Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, extortion, gambling, hijacking, cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting and fraud.

Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City

Another old-school don, Profaci managed to survive the purge of the old-school and retained his power base. To date, this overbearing boss has remained in control, but rumors are always circulating about a coming coup. His ties to the Bonanno Family are surely part of that retention.

Luciano Family

Boss: Lucky Luciano (outgoing)/Frank Costello (incoming)

Underboss: Guarino "Willie" Moretti

Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, pornography, Prostitution, bookmaking, and illegal gambling

Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey

Lucky is considered the father of the modern mafia; his influence and power, even from prison, has made the Luciano family incredibly powerful. Acting Boss Costello has made the last few years incredibly profitable for the family and they are looking to expand outside New York.

Reina Family

Boss: Gaetano "Tommy" Gagliano

Underboss: Gaetano Lucchese

Dealings: Racketeering, Assault, Bookmaking, Burglary, Cargo theft, conspiracy, Contract killing, counterfeiting, Cigarette smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, fencing, fraud, illegal gambling, hijacking, Labour Racketeering, Point shaving, loansharking, money laundering, murder, Robbery, and Sweatshops

Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey

Gagliano is the quietest boss in the Commission; he is rarely seen, usually sending his underboss to meetings. He's seen how closely the other four families work together, so he keeps his head down and avoids media attention. Little is known about him outside the family.

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