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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Mission Briefings


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Mission One

Mission Briefing: The Star Systems

Briefing 21 Star Systems, in a cluster around 36 light years around them, on the edge of the Emerald Empire, but not actually a part of the Empire, they seek to maintain their independence from it.

The following is the information that can be downloaded about each of these 21 systems.

D’sir: Long again, before the dinosaurs of earth, so millions of years ago, the A'fen D'Lan passed though this system, which possessed an class K orange star. Finding a somewhat barren planet ideal to their purposes, they reshaped it to support life, and then departed for other regions. Today, this jungle world is teaming with biological life, and a descendent race of humanity inhabits it, though they have altered their genetics to take on tiger characteristics, they name themselves the D’sirians. They are a proud warrior people, and see the need to unit against the outside thread of the Emerald Empire, but insist that their own rights and privileges stand. Besides their home system, they also control five other star systems in this cluster of stars, and they gravitate toward jungle worlds. D’sir is their home system, a jungle world, the other systems with they control are named D’sal (vast rainforests, even the poles are not all that cold), D’kar(Forest), V’dan (Ice world), K’thar (Mountainous world), Sh’kir (Desert World)

Click to reveal..

This is the appearance of a female D'sir,

Warning: She is wearing nothing but her fur


Scarlet: the system of the seven clans, is a system containing a class M red dwarf star, filled with 4 asteroid belts, and 3 dwarf planets around the size of Pluto. This system is inhabited by seven of the post human race know as the Animus. The clans here are control the following forces, and are called by the name in the (), they are Darkness (Night), Cold (Ice), Electrical (Lightning), Hellfire (Mystic), Kinetic (Force), Magnetic (Iron) & Plasma (Stellar) Clans. They are not perfectly united with one another, having some factional infighting, but it’s like a family, they unit against outside threats. Politically they can be viewed as a sort of group of allied city states who do not agree with one another always, but have a mutual defense treaty. There is also a group of Elan who have a enclave hidden somewhere in this system, the Ruby Heart enclave, they tend to stay out of the factional infighting, but do had a defense treaty with all of the clans. Though they control only one system, they are one of the more powerful groups within this group of stars, due to their natural abilities.

Octaran: An uplift species, who began as octopi from earth, long ago, and were advanced to complete sentience. That was thousands of years ago, and sense then they have further evolved, but remain in many ways, intelligent octopi, but they have filled the system besides just their watery world. The Octaran have proven quite extremely capable in zero-gravity environments. They retain eight arms, their chameleon ability to change skin color, ink sacs, and a sharp beak. They also have increased cranial capacity and longevity, can breathe both air and water, and lack a skeletal structure so they can squeeze through tight spaces. In space, they typically crawl along in zero gravity using their arm suckers and expelling air for propulsion and can even walk on two of their arms in low gravity. Their eyes have been enhanced with color vision, provide a 360-degree field of vision, and they rotationally adjust to keep the slit-shaped pupil aligned with “up.” A transgenic vocal system allows them to speak. They control about four star systems, besides their howm system with a number of worlds of mostly water or ice covered, with deep oceans under, like the moon Europa. They have named their worlds – Surge, Deep, Current, Reef, and Octarus (Home System)

Teganese: This race is a mix of human and birds like ravens, humanoid in appearance, with dark black wings. They are known to have a sense of humor, and though they are unaware of it, they are descended from the Japanese people with regards to their human DNA, and have a lot of the views of the Japanese on things. They have named the three star systems they control, the Raven Systems, Hugin, Munin, and Tengu(their Home system). They have a high percentage of psychics and mystics in their population.

Tengaese Fire Mage


Kintari: This system is also a system containing only a large red star, and a huge gas giant and a number of different asteroid belts, like the Scarlet system. In this case, however the gas has a moon that is actually habitable by normal humans, and it’s actually similar in in size and environment to earth, though erosion, tides and environmental storms are rather heavy.. Here a variant species of humanity, the Kyrsu live, with their fox-like traits and illusionary powers. Every Kyrsu looks like a mix of fox and human. Careful study of this race shows signs of strong supernatural traits that appear to be breed in, and the Kyrsu never develop psionic power, however, all of them are illusionists and many have a talent for the mystical arts.

The following worlds mainly are inhabited by a species not too far from humanity at its roots, though with a much higher tendency toward psychic power. Ark, Mirror, and Veil, these folks do bear certain traits in common, a long lifespan, and heavy use of cybernetics, they are often fighting off raiding parties, and some of the Elan in the area come from them. They have some tension from the Clans of the Scarlet system, who view them as evolutionary throwbacks at worst, and as potential transcendent at best.

Gehenna: The home system of the Wraith human subspecies, not to be confused with any other version of wraith, the Gehennan’s crash landed on their swamp planet a long time ago, and somehow were imbued with a strange ability.. they can become ghostly and walk through solid objects.. going wraithlike for a time, though it is draining the longer they do it.

Shangra la: This system is host to the various groups who have collected together to create a system that can at least make it hard for the Emerald Empire to absorb. It is impossible to say who and what race lives in this system, because it’s filled with thousands of different races, from around the galaxy… who have come to study one most cybernetically advanced societies in the galaxy. Embracing nanotech, cybernetics, and AI design, they encourage AI’s, and grant them full rights rarely seen elsewhere. They are in some ways, the jewel of this cluster of stars, and their embracing the concept of freedom has colored much of the systems around them.

Shangra La


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The Emerald Empress.

Immortal, with ties to the Daeva, she claims to embody such beings such as as Isis, Freya, Sif, Idun, Erzulie, Gaea, Persephone, as concepts more then as beings, though some has suggested she is a daughter of one of these ancient deities. She's incredibly powerful, though it is arguable as to if she is the most powerful Daeva out there. While she may or may not be the most powerful, she is the most active on the political scan. Despite that, she does have a care for others, to a certain degree, and can occasionally be convinced to withdraw her forces in certain situations.

Her people love her (and many even worship her as a goddess, though she doesn't encourage, or discourage that) and can be more fanatical at times then she wishes, it's this aspect that occasionally has been used to convince her to withdraw her forces, and reprimand her people. The problem, of course, is getting her direct attention and making an appeal to her better nature.

The Empress is a being of life, but is also one of a fierce nature, and she embraces the concept of genetic growth and development. She has forbidden any laws within her domain that would inhibit or limit any form of genetic engineering or experimentation. Her purpose, when asked, is transcendence, but not individual transcendence, but a collective one, a magical, psionic and scientific transformation of mind body and soul. She has transformed the central planet of the Empire into a veritable garden of eden.

Below is her general appearance, and yes, that is usually all she ever wears, the vines that she wears appear to be alive and somehow sustained by her. The staff is some sort of mystical device, though exactly what it does is uncertain. The golden symbol on the end of the staff has become the symbol of her empire, though it is done in emerald rather then gold, to symbolize her.

Click to reveal..


Powers: The Emerald Empress has demonstrated incredible powers over Life and Earth, as well as considerable magical power, she can not be killed, as her body regenerates instantly from any damage, and she doesn't age, the power of life sustains her so greatly, that she can walk though deep space without any concern. She has also indicated superhuman toughness.

OOC: For those you desiring to know, her PL is somewhere around 18 to 20, but you should not be dealing with her directly (for the time being), unless it's to negotiate.

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