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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Lessons, Taught and Thought

Sean Cassidy

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Sapphire had informed Amanda that she would be waiting for her in the holodeck, so they could have any environment they required for the lessons. Lessons of any sort, blue-haired beauty thought with a wicked grin.

She had spent the time waiting formating the holodeck into a replica of one of her few memories from before. The features of the rambling house were vague and indistinct, but the wooden porch swing on the wraparound veranda was rendered in exquisite detail, creaking with a faint melancholy. A path of hard-packed dirt led to a gravelled road, the trees in the near distance blending together, their indigo leaves blushing purple by deep red of the dawning sun.

When Amanda entered the scene, the mild, unrelenting thread of desire and pleasure driving her on, she found the unearthly Elan sitting in the swing, one leg curled up beneath her, her long blue hair pulled over a shoulder, pale skin almost luminous beneath the eternal dawn. She was dressed in layers of translucent scarves, which did nothing to conceal her peerless beauty, a patina of elegance and sophistication clinging to her despite her overt sensuality.

Sapphire's distant gaze slowly drifted in Amanda's direction, an ephemeral smile painting her enticing lips as she drank in the sight of the the graceful doctor.

*Finally, now our lessons can begin. Feel free to configure the holodeck to whatever is needful, this memory is never far from me... And I am never far from you.* Though Sapphire didn't move, her smile was mischievous as Amanda began to feel phantom touches, soft as dream, caress her body, running through her hair.

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Amanda trembled when she entered the holodeck, and on some level she couldn't help but think this was entirely unfair, though it was unfair in a way that she couldn't help but enjoy. "I'm here.. actually, all of us are here.. "

All seven of her selves were stepping into the room, and each of them shivered, as the phantom touches touched all seven of them. "What do you know of how this goes?" Even as she spoke, she considered the room for a long moment, and then she spoke up.

"The shrine of Ariel Vera Tai, please." As she said that, the room began to change and shift, until it was what she requested. "What do you know of how we train the young in their empathic capabilities?"


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Sapphire felt her heart beating faster, her smile growing broader at the sight of all the Amandas entering the holodeck. *This is a surprise, Amandas, but a most... pleasant one. I suppose, you felt it would unfair if only one of you got to participate - though I must say I'm thrilled that I will be able to experience the whole of you, Amanda.* Amanda could hear the mirth, the excitement and desire in the stunning Sapphire's voice. A feathery touch of the same emotions ignited in each of her selves, the cumulative affect growing quite strong.

Sapphire drifted out of the swing, her bare feet barely touching the ground as she glided among the seven Amandas. She interspersed psychokinetic caresses with physical ones among all the Amandas, the sweep of her silken hair across skin, the press of her lips on shoulder and neck and lips. She could feel the Amandas tremble beneath her touch and shivered as the wash of desire flooded over her from all seven of them.

Sapphire watched in distracted interest as the setting switched from memory to shrine, though she noted the statue of the founder, Ariel Vera Tai. Mmmm, another people with a matriarch.

*I know some of the Tai Ceti empathic training methods. It is a very natural and intimate process, unimpeded by the artifice of clothing. The child rests in the lap and embrace of the teacher, back to front. The teacher calls upon her own memories to evoke the strongest of emotions, and the student must bask in its entirety, taste its every nuance. That the Tai Ceti duplication ability is also involved, I should have guessed, and I believe that I would have seeked out this experience earlier, had I known.*

Sapphire pirouetted gracefully, her gem-like eyes passing across each of the Amandas that encircled her. She raised her arms above her head, her flawless figure posed to enticing perfection, her smile and expression managing to be both purely innocent and sinfully obscene.

*As I am the child for this event, is it not your responsibility to help me undress?*

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