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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - So now you know....

Justin OOC

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Alright what I'd like here is fairly simple.

I want each of you to list how your PC views the other PC's please include any possible reasons though I'm not asking for a full laundry list.

As an incentive for quality descriptions, I'll give away up to 3 CP for the posts.

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Ken - To Kaori, Ken is nothing but a spineless, idealistic fool. His constant reliance on everyone to keep him safe while his 'demon' fairy does all the work leads her wonder why the old man can't just find a way to keep the Valkyrie and discard Ken altogether and give credit where it's due.

Although despite that she trusts Ken. Whatever the reason or how it was acquired Ken has somehow managed to earn Kaori's trust. If he said something was true, she'd back his claim simply on the merit that he said it.

Pray he never violates that trust.

Kenichi - She viewed Kenichi as a proud, honorable fighter whose prowess in combat was something to be respected. Then he insulted her and Skye in a most tasteless manner.

"Kenichi who? I'm sorry, I know no one by that name."

Jim - Kaori thinks Jim is quite handsome and harbored a small 'crush' on him at one time, that is, until she actually got to know him. Her opinion now is simply that Jim knows about as much 'Bushido' as Kaori herself knows about American pop culture.

Although she feels his potential with a sword is great he'll never realize it because he can't quit making grenade launchers long enough to learn anything resembling 'technique'. Softening the enemy up with his grenades and his refusal to meet his adversaries on equal footing and head on on the battlefield simply proves to her that he is a warrior with no honor and no spine.

She's tried to stop finding him so attractive, but thus far has failed. Thankfully the two of them never have to deal with one another.

Skye - Skye and Kaori have something in common, this battle with the demons has struck them at their home. Both have have lost, or nearly so, members of their family to the attacks.

When Koari lost her parents she saw first hand that same night how Skye reacted to her own family being attacked. Where Koari reacted with anger and rage towards those responsible Skye wept and allowed her focus to turn solely upon her mother and what she could do to help her. Since then Kaori has admired Skye, somewhat, because Kaori feels she is incapable of feeling the things 'normal' woman her age should.

Although she doesn't always agree with Skye, she has still come to simply accept her as she is. Her attitude towards Skye is a neutral one, she harbors no animosity towards her but Skye's habit of speaking her mind without a filter grates her nerves from time to time.

Keiko - Kaori has no friends, as far as she knows. If she did however, Keiko would be the closest thing to one that anyone could find.

Although she finds the girl as irritating and naive as Ken, Keiko is honest and above all honorable. She reminds Kaori of her grandfather in a lot of ways and thus far she has displayed wisdom and patience that still seems to remain years out of Kaori's grasp.

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