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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - The Order Acquires Marvel's Superheroes


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The Order Acquires Marvel's Superheroes

"We'll Keep a Close Eye On Them," Says Order Spokesman

Historic Manhunt Comes to Close

OrderNet Daily Reporting, NEW YORK - A long, multi-generational manhunt came to an end Monday morning when the long-standing enemies of the state, the Marvel Super Heroes, were acquired in hostile action by agents of the Order.

Confirmed dead include the Hulk, reportedly beaten so badly that he had turned red from blood loss; the X-Men, who took several attempts to get them to stay dead; and Spider-Man, who is survived by his wife, but maybe not.

Leading the operation was the fabled right arm of the Order, Spartan.

"Proportional strength, speed, and agility of fuck-you, that's what I told the little emo shit," Spartan was quoted as saying.

Inquiries as to which super heroes were in custody were not returned at this time. They have been placed under the jurisdiction of the Magistrate of Florida, home to many acquired properties of the Order.

The Magistrate was enthusiastic.

"We look forward to many years of exploiting the Marvel superheroes until they squeeze not just blood but oozing black pus from each and every teat. Praise Archon! The Order is Forever!"

Arguments doubting the validity of this report have been making the rounds in the genre fans community.

"That's total bullshit, man. No way Spartan could take Hulk in a fight. I wrote a six page post on the Internet explaining why. No, I don't have a girlfriend, it's complicated."

Rumors that a new generation of superheroes has arisen were confirmed as (REDACTED).

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