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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] Blaize Fairview [Mortals] (student)

Blaize Fairview

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Name: Blaize Fairview

Concept: Overachiever, neglected child.

Age: 17

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Lust


Blaize is a lovely young woman, with blue eyes and red hair, stunningly beautiful, smart, sexy, who moves with exception grace and agility. She’s also rather strong willed, with considerable resolve and composure, and strong sense of presence. As much as her beauty draws attention, her intelligence tends to scare some guys off, though there are those who find that attractive as well. What’s really unfair about her, in the eyes of some of the students, is she’s good at just about everything, she’s a straight A student, an amazing athlete and acrobat, and an incredible dancer. She’s a woman who is driven to excel at everything she does, and she has the talent to do so in a lot of cases. She’s also kind and compassionate, and a likable young lady, who is always hopeful of better things. As of the student’s say with regards to ‘it’s unfair of her to be so good at so many things’. There is a dark lining in this silver cloud, however.

She was sent to the school by her parents, who being entirely too busy to focus on their child with all of the jumping around the globe they do, for their business, they more or less leave her to her own devices, other then checking on her now and again, to make sure she’s fine, and they have a very indulgent view of fine. However, despite being quite well off, they are very neglectful, and have ignored their daughter’s requests for any allowance (or attention), saying she doesn’t need anything that the school will not provide. What she has presently, besides the basic thing’s the school provides, she’s obtained from others, in bets, games, or persuasion.

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