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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - d20 EoE: Experience Tracker

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Mission: Destiny In Motion

Awarded (Possible)

Base XP Award: 4,000 (4,000)

Completing Primary Objectives: +25% (25%) - Rescuing the prisoners was the primary objective. Well done.

Completing Secondary Objectives: +10% (+25%) - Creating an adequate distraction so the Rescue Team could slip in and escape. This was only partially completed. The tank should have been dealt with prior to the Rescue Team attempting their escape.

Role Play Bonus: +15% (+25%) - There were several 'two line' posts that consisted of 'I aim and shoot' that detracted from the grittiness of the scenes. This is an over all bonus awarded to everyone. The more you try and keep the 'feel' of each scene alive the more of bonus you'll all receive.

Team Bonus: +0% (+30%) - Overall the team didn't do so hot. Hopefully they'll get better.

Fiction Bonus: +500 - Isis and Kittani receive this bonus for their ongoing Fiction.


Out of a possible 8,200 XP the team was awarded...

Shiro: 6,000
Gabriel: 6,000
Milena: 6,000
Isis: 6,500
Kittani: 6,500
Adrian: 6,000
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