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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Virtus Arach - The Job Board

Dave ST

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This is the Virtus Arach Job Board. Here you will find various jobs avail to you, the members of Solteria's most awesomely-awesome guild. Before you dive right in and start selecting jobs you should take a moment to realize exactly what you're getting into. I've left a quick explanation below.

1. Some jobs are easy, some are hard, but all will require you to make use of all your abilities at some point. They are classified by what the focus of the job is going to be:

  • Combat - These are jobs that focus around kicking a whole lot of butt.
  • Mystery - Something has happened and you'll be asked to discover what.
  • Acquisition - You be asked to search for and locate some missing something or other.
  • Protection - The guild is hired to protect someone or something.
  • Tournament - Tournaments come and go, not a job per se' but we always post the flyers for local tournaments. These are a great way to earn fame and prestige and not to mention some great prizes. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?

This is not all inclusive, as others are added this list will be updated!

2. Select which job you'd like to take and inform Master Hideki (The ST), or myself (The ST) if he's not around so that I can log you in the books and create an appropriate journal record of the events (Job Thread) for guild tax purposes.

3. To Team or Not to Team! You don't have to go it alone! If you'd like to team up with other guild members make sure all of you let me know your leaving! Since some Guildmates are kinda slow at times or gone for long periods of time you can take jobs solo. The job should state whether it's recommended for someone to attempt it alone. All jobs take into consideration your companions.

4. Payment! You are paid for jobs. The payent on the job is total, not per team member. The more difficult the job, the more pay. Some contracts might even offer special rewards, so keep a look out!

5. Any questions, just come see me in the tap room, I'm always there!



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Help, Bandits!

Issuer: Four Winds Captain of the City Watch, Lideer Hozen

Type: Combat

Description: Bandits are waylaying merchants on the eastern road on their way into Four Winds! Local patrols haven't been able to locate their hide out, but perhaps a local mage can! Combat experience is a must!

Solo? Recommended for a group of 2-3.

Payment: 6,000 Gil

Fortune Finders Wanted

Issuer: Jessenia of Four Winds

Type: Acquisition

Description: Please help my father, the Fortune Teller Brishen. He's lost all his powers but I think I know of a way to save him! Inquire at my home in Four Winds, it's by the old well.

Solo? Recommended for 1 or 2.

Payment: 1,000 Gil

Ghost Needs Busting!

Issuer: Dana, Owner of the Great Vigo Inn and Tavern in Four Winds

Type: Just get rid of it!

Description: My tavern is haunted! I need some mages to take car eof it, right away. It's killing my business!

Solo? Recommended for a group of 2-3.

Payment: 3,000 Gil + a 1,000 Gil Bartab!

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