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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Virtus Arach - VA: Supporting Cast

Dave ST

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Master Hideki


Name: Master Hideki

Age: 87

Height: 4'11" (Uknown)

Weight: 91lbs. (Unknown)

Sex: Male

Likes: Virtus Arach, sexy young girls

Dislikes: Dark Guilds, Council of Mages, asparagus

Magic: Colossal Spriggan Magic

Description: Fun loving and energetic, even at his old age, Master Hideki has coached all the members of his guild to the what he believes is the true path mastering magic: having the freedom to find their path and what works best them. He preaches that magic can not be mastered by filling ones head with ancient philosophies or structured mantras and sutras. Each mage must walk his or her own path...

His magic, Colossal Spriggan Magic, makes his body incredibly malleable and allows him to adjust his height and strength levels. He can stretch his limbs and sometimes slide into places via a 'flat form'. He possess other magics and is a wise man whose knowledge of the occult is extensive.

He's also a bit of a perv.

Claire Blanche


Name: Claire Blanche

Age: 21

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 131lbs.

Sex: Female

Likes: Listening, Keeping an eye on things, Bar Fights

Dislikes: Rude People, Jelly Beans

Magic: Unknown

Description: Beautiful, polite and fun loving, Claire is Virtus Arach's 'spokes person' if anything else. She's appeared on the cover of 'Arcana Weekly' more times than any member of any other guild in all of Solteria. Thankfully the guild is closed to outsiders or else she'd have a horde of men (and women) swarming around her 24/7. Although she seems a bit slow at times she's actually quite intelligent, she's just been in Virtus Arach for so long that she doesn't understand why everyone just isn't more like her guild.

Her form of magic is unknown by the guild and although her S Rank status has not been revoked she hasn't used magic in almost four years but only Master Hideki knows why. Her title while she was active was 'The Scourge'.



Name: Hagel

Age: 34

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 204lbs.

Sex: Male

Likes: Drinking, Zeke

Dislikes: Being away from home, Moogle Pom-poms (they creep him out, there's something sinister at work there)

Magic: Augmentation Magic.

Description: Loud and boisterous Hagel is one of the older members of the guild who's been a member since he was thirteen. Loyal and brave Hagel is doing best at the guild to make ends meet for he and his son since his wife Suretta past away a couple years ago.

Hagel's magic permits him to augment his body to suit various situations. Going without air, enhancing his strength, and jumping great distances are all within his capabilities. He also knows some minor shape changing magic that allows him to turn himself or others into small animals.

His son Zeke is his entire world and he's been doing his best to raise the boy to grow and be a fine man one day.

Yunis Zaffet


Name: Yunis Zafett

Age: 15

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 109lbs.

Sex: Female

Likes: Stories of her guild mates, Hayato

Dislikes: Dishes, Having lame magical powers

Magic: Dish Magic.

Description: Yunis is a sweet young lady who is growing more and more into a beautiful woman with each passing day. She is shy but good natured and every chance she gets is out in the tap room listening to the stories of magical adventures and all the cool thing 'real mages' are doing. She has a huge crush on Hayato.

Yunis has the magical ability to gather up, scrub, dry and put away dishes. She thinks this is the most useless magic any mage has ever had and it depresses her to no end. She completely lacks self-confidence and has resigned herself to be a dishwasher he entire life.

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