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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Galactic League Information


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The Galactic League is huge enough that it's divided into different groups within the League, such as the Diplomatic Corps, or the Engineering Corps, or the Martial Corps, etc.

The following are the ranks granted to the Cosmic Guard on board a Galactic League Starship, within the Galactic League's Fleet

Nova Guardian [Ensign or Lieutenant Junior Grade]

Cosmic Guardian [Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander]

Senior Guardian [Lieutenant Commander, Commander or Captain]

Sector Commander [Rear Admiral (Lower or Upper depending on service Record)]

Regional Commander (Vice Admiral)

Galaxy Commander (Admiral)

High Guard (Fleet Admiral)

Note: Within the Galactic League, possess a rank one higher with regards to the group below them. A Captain of the Cosmic Guard is a Rear Admiral with regards to any Star Patrol Unit, and a Vice Admiral with regards to a System Defenders, or in a War Setting with regards to any Military Unit. This ranks also often translate into civilian ranks to a certain degree, most of those who have served with the Diplomatic possess diplomatic immunity, and a Captain usually possesses a status equivalent to Foreign Ambassador with regards to any nation in the Galactic Cluster

Galactic League's Symbol


The Galactic League's Home System.

No one knows exactly where the League system is, but what is known is the following: One, it's a Dyson Sphere. Two, it's Star was actually made somewhere in the deep void, thousands of light years from any of the Galaxies in the Cluster. Three, powerful psychic techniques are used to implant the location within Senior Guardian's Mind, with magical and psychic methods making it buried, and undetectable unless it's needed. Four, there are multiple enormous D-Tech extra Dimensional Spaces within system [Many locations with Dimensional Space + 20]

Galactic League Corps















[More Corps as I think of them]

Tribunal Orders

A tribunal is formed of a Senior League member and two other league members, though more serious matters sometimes have a Tribunal as large as 17 members.. though that is the largest permitted, and they are always odd in number.

Tribunal Execution Order

Minimum Numbers: 7

Purpose: To assign the Death Penalty for acts of extreme cruelity and evil

Requirements: All Votes in Affirmative, The Individual the Execution Order is brought against does not have to be present

Crimes: Genocide(successful), Extreme Terrorism (Example: Destroying Planets/Star Systems for Terrorism purposes), Deliberate Mass Murder (Example: Serial Killings), Extreme Ritualistic Murder(Example" Killing thousands in order to summon a Demon Legion, or binding their souls in agony to create Necrotech)

Special: In essence, this is an assassination order, a Team is formed of the Martial Corps, whose job is to hunt down and carry out the order. Sometimes, however, an individual can not actually be killed (High Resurrection powers and/or Immunities), but can still be put under this order, in which the team will bring them in for permanent dimensional imprisonment (In this case, there is no patrol, there is no hearing, there is no release, it's eternal dimensional imprisonment in solitary confinement, and constant surveillance)

Tribunal War Declaration

Minimum Numbers: 17

Requirement: All Members to Vote in Affirmative, High Guard in agreement

Effect: The Galactic League as a whole declares war on a particular unit in the Galactic Cluster. This is never done for single individuals, or even small groups, but only for large groups, and usually multi-system empires at that.

[More Tribunal Orders to Come]

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