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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Virtus Arach - The Guilds of Solteria

Dave ST

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Virtus Arach


A rather young guild at only two centuries in existence, Virtus Arach nonetheless holds a seat of power among the magical communities of Solteria. Despite its current status as a lesser guild of orphan mages and magical cast-offs, there was once a time when Virtus Arach was one of the most prestigious guilds in the land. Today however, it is just a ramshackle old tavern filled with rowdy drunks and talentless hacks.

Nearly seven decades ago the guild warred within its own ranks and those within could only watch as the power structure collapsed in on itself. Although the reasons for why this occurred are either lost to history or never spoken of, from the wreckage of the infighting rose a single member of the guild, Hideki, who –according to the story- cast out all those responsible for the near destruction of the guild. Since then on he has held the seat of ‘Guild Master’; his age is catching up with him however, and some fear his thread is nearing its end…


There is only one system of organization within Virtus Arach and that’s the ranking system. You are either ‘S Rank’ or you’re not. Those mages in the guild who are ‘S Ranked’ have simply been approved by Master Hideki to accept ‘S Rank’ jobs from the job board.

Aside from that all members of Virtus Arach are treated with equal respect despite their power or accomplishments. While praise for excellence is common, it doesn’t raise anyone above his or her peers within the halls of Virtus Arach.

Guild Rules

1. Look around at your guild mates. These are your ‘nakama’, your companions, your friends. Treat all within these walls as family, for that’s what we are.

2. Magic flows from the heart. Let us all strive to seek our own ways of mastering the power that lies deep within us. We are here for you, seek out your guild mates and learn from each other.

3. S Rank jobs are not to be taken from the job board by any non-S Ranked mage. I’m serious this time!

4. We are to never intentionally bring harm upon or endanger the lives of other members of Virtus Arach. This should apply to other guilds as well, treat them as you would your own nakama, unless they really deserve it and throw the first punch.

5. Deezy is no longer allowed to infuse aetherium crystals on the guild premises.

6. Never lose hope.


The only real operations the guild performs are the various work orders posted on the Job Boards from people or places in need of magical assistance.


Pure chaos. Virtus Arach is collection of the most undisciplined magic users upon all of Solteria, and Master Hideki wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the guild seriously lacks the combat strength to handle most S Rank jobs –and in turn pay the bills- the guildhall was converted into a guild tavern some fifty-three years ago. Well, actually it was converted for one night to accommodate a celebration and people were too lazy to put everything back. Once Master Hideki realized the vast amounts of alcohol the guild could consume in a typical day (and that they were willing to pay for it) the guilds new source of income was born.

Today it remains the same, a large two-story tavern that caters exclusively to guild members, of which there are about a hundred or so, can be found bragging that they are strongest mage in Virtus Arach - brawls have become so common place in the tavern that they are almost are accepted as the guilds 'secret handshake'.

Guild members generally do not live within the guild, they almost all live within the city of Four Winds or the neighboring outskirts. Jobs tend to keep them on the move however and most members of the guild are gone for months at a time. Some members of the guild have never met other members of the guild due to them being never being present at the guild at the time between jobs.

The Guild and other Organizations

Virtus Arach has earned the contempt of just about every organization upon Solteria. Their ‘no rules’ way of handling their jobs generally results in havoc and chaos in abundance wherever they visit.

To VA’s credit however, they are currently the only guild with a 100% success ratio on completed jobs.

The Council of High Sorcery is rumored to be levying sanctions against Virtus Arach for irresponsible use of Magical Energy…

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