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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Galatic Races


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Close to 90% of the various races claim some connection to humanity, though there are a few that do not. Here are some of the ones the players belong to.

The Elan: Thousands of years ago, so far back in time that no even the Elan themselves are certain when, a very powerful psychic named Elan(or something similar) sought immortality, the only thing that is known about her is that she was female (though a small number of Elan's even argue this one), and that she sought immortality. Eventually, she found a method of psychic transformation that allowed one to transcend humanity, to become an immortal being of incredible psychic power and capability. Eventually she guided others though the transformation, though only folks who were already exceptional in some way, a tradition that continues to this day, every Elan is exceptional in some way, and every Elan possesses tremendous psychic power, if only in potential. The transformation is considered the birth of the Elan, what they were before is rarely (but not never) recalled as more then dreams and images, if at all, though it often has some effect on who they have become.

[Nova Guardian Sapphire is one of their rising stars, and regarded by many as the most beautiful Elan alive, who are already an exceptionally beautiful race]

Xydarian: Native to the planet Xydar, called Xydarians, they are naturally a bit tougher than humanity was, and more resistant to injury. They are immune to the effect of aging and take the long view, even to the point of keeping their home world pristine and balanced with nature. They look human for the most part, but the entire race has brilliant blue eyes, that change shade depending on their mood. Every member of this human subspecies has telekinetic power, though only a few can lift more than a hundred pounds or so. The few who can are known as Exemplars, though the reasoning behind this title is lost to time. Out of a poplulation of 1.2 billion, only about a thousand Exemplars are known, and only 5 remain on Xydar permanently.

[senior Guardian Kaien is one of thier Most Powerful Exemplars]

A'fen D'Lan (roughly translates as First Builders): A true alien species that spent its immortal existence terraforming planets so that they could support life. This was in no way done quickly, their sense of time being proportionate to their unending lifespan. Once certain changes had been instigated within a planet, the would go into a kind of hibernation state within a neighboring satellite, awaiting the need for their next move in the planet's evolution. They worked as a collective, similar to a hive, but maintaining a sense of individuality. Together, the power they wielded was unfathomable, but having no sense of drive, greed, or need for power, it was never misused. That concept just wasn't present in their genetic makeup. On the average they stood around 10 feet tall, and there are few remains of their work, besides life bearing planets. [What little is know of this race was learned from League Member T'aeg, who is apparently the only surviving member, though the master Engineer is not 100% certain of it.]

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Ren and the Rendallen

Strike no man or beast in anger, lest you become a monster. This quote is the heart and soul of the Ren, their credo and their mantra.

Ten thousand years ago, the people who would become the Ren appeared above an uninhabited planet terraformed by the A’fen D’Lan. There are no records of where this advanced race came from, only that they were seeking a new home. With the permission of the A’fen D’Lan, they claimed Rendallen as their new homeworld and built their civilization within the course of a few generations. To cement their ties to their new land, they took the name Ren for themselves. Out of respect to the ‘First Builders’, the Ren did not make major alterations to the planet.

Because of this generosity, the Ren have sworn that all A’fen D’Lan are to be given succor by the Ren. When they hear that the A’fen D’Lan were destroyed almost to a man, their entire culture mourned for a year; some still wear the white grieving robes, to this day. T’aeg, the only member of the First Builders known to exist, is revered. Though not publically known off-planet, there is even a small group of Ren that worship him as a god.

There is no public information about who and where the Ren were before they moved to Rendallen. If the A’fen D’Lan know, the only known survivor has not said anything about their origins. The Ren themselves do not talk about it; it’s a terrible insult to ask them, and one of the few ways to guarantee an angry response from them. Mystery sleuths from around the galaxy have long sought the answer to their origins. Legends say that the Ren came from a dying world, one which they killed, and if their sins are known, they’ll disappear into the stars again, to begin again somewhere else.

Despite their questionable beginnings, the Ren have become upstanding members of the galactic community. A few members of their race have joined the Diplomatic Corp of the Galactic League. Otherwise, they are pacifists and cause few problems, keeping largely to themselves. When attacked, they defend themselves by use of a unique martial art called Nien thri chintal. It is called ‘The Folding Sweep’, which is the basic maneuver of the art.

The Ren, as a people, mediate daily. From the age they can begin to understand what it is, they are trained to it. They call their mediation Corvu nesital chin, which translates to ‘control of the soul’. They believe that they must maintain control of themselves at all times, and that their mediation helps them accomplish this. While they are not overly expressive, they do not come off as a ’cold-fish’ race, though individuals are certainly somewhat less friendly than others.

The Galactic League has kept an eye out for the peace-faring race, but seventeen years ago, the Ren faced invasion by Keldon, an imperialistic race of conquerors. To stall until the Galactic League could come and liberate them, the Ren entered into a long negotiation. No one except the Ren expected it to work but it did. The Keldon had just finished signing the peace treaty between their people when the Galactic League arrived. This incident cemented their status as mysterious peace-mongers and only increased the lure of learning their strange history.

Nien thri chintal – This purely defensive martial art is about learning about all the offensive martial arts. Adepts of the Folding Sweep can fold and sweep their bodies around the strikes of their opponents.

There is a small segment of the Ren that have added to Nien thri chintal by including actual strikes and attacks. This faction calls themselves Hanba hereo tiz – the Righteous Strike – and believe that so long as they act only in self-defense, they are upholding the credo of the race.

Ren’s General Views of Other Races

The Elan – While the Ren appreciate the Elan’s views on beauty and the sanctity of life, the race as a whole feels more comfortable with the ethos of the Keepers of the Sphere. The Elan are just a little too unrestrained for them.

Xydarian – The Ren have had little dealing with this race, and have only admiration for their powerful psionic abilities.

A’fen D’Lan – The First Builders are much-loved by the Ren, a sentiment which bewildered the A’fen D’Lan. Today, they nearly revere the only remaining survivor of the First Builders; T’aeg will never need for anything, should the Ren learn of it.

[senior Guardian and Decorated Captain, Namiah Daylan is of this Race]

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Tai Ceti

The Tai Ceti are a human descended race with receptive empathy, empathic healing abilities, and immunity to aging. Some time in the far distant past, they have legends of the transformation that gives the Tai Ceti their most impressive ability, that of self-duplication. They are extremely capable biologists, geneticists and doctors, some of the galaxies most decorated medical professionals come from their ranks. The source of their empathic powers seems to be a pyschic mutation, but their duplication ability appears to be outright supernatural. Most of them can only make one or two duplicates, but a rare few can create many more. Though their Healing abilities are impressive, they somehow reach out and transfer the damage from others themselves, in a powerful psychic affect, however it takes them around five minutes to complete this ritual effect, and it takes serious concentration on their part to do.

Native to the Tai Ceti star system, which ten times the comets and asteroids then most systems, including a dozen asteroid belts and 2 gas giants. Within the planetary life zone, however, is a single planet with a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere that that is somewhat protected from bombardment by the moons and rings around it, but does often have rather impressive meteor showers. It is within the dimensional zones attached to the planet however, that the Tai Ceti make their homes.



[Cosmic Guardian Amanda Joy Terrance belongs to this race]

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The Harvester averages between seven and ten feet tall when standing erect, but due to leg and arm length, can easily reach objects 15 feet in the air. If this is not enough, it can also jump up to four times its own height, the landing cushioned by large footpads and extremely springy leg muscles and cartilage. Its shaggy, coarse, body hair is for coloration only and provides little protection against heavy cold or UV rays. However, the skin of the Harvester is a thick, tough hide, which has prevailed from its parent species that dwelled upon a volcanically active moon. They can emit a highly concentrated pheromone that incapacitates animal life that comes within skin contact, putting the victim into a comatose state.

The Harvester completely lacks vocal cords, and yet, it has a very complex language. The structure is similar to computational binary, but rather than 1s and 0s, it is comprised of whistles and tongue-clicks. Their ears are highly sensitive, being able to tell the difference between "click-click click" and "click click-click" even with multiple conversations going on around it. When angry or annoyed, they will pop their lips. However, the most unusual thing is their laughter: it is a series of short exhalations, much like human laughter without the sound. It also has a simpler signed language, which can be used to express ideas or emotions. For this reason, the palms of the hands are lightened so that they stand out against the darker body. The green eyes also change their tint with mood, darkening when angry and lightening when sad.

Interestingly enough, they have a deep sense of modesty. Mates will jealously guard one another as well as wear the same color of clothing. As many as seven mated pairs with young may live together forming a community, but rarely any more than that.

The Harvester caste has been bred for assault, and while primitive in look, advanced tactics are not beyond its means. A community will attack together, leaping into combat whilst emitting pheromones and communicating among each other to form a seamless attack unit.

This is a typical male specimen of the Harvester caste sans clothing.


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The Animus are an exceptional race, they claim descent from humanity, and that a large number of them went though a sort of ascension ritual, transdending ordinary humanity by an order of magnitude. Every Animus possesses at least low superhuman attributes, especially in mental areas, and all of them are exceptionally beautiful by human standards. All of them have some sort of control powers, light, elemental(any of the four), darkness, gravity, magentism, electricity, kinetic, and others. All of them can at least fly and survive in the depths of space. They organize themselves into clans based on what they control, such as the Darkness clan, or the Fire Clan, etc.

The Animus view unascended humans with a certain measure of distain, in thier view they are a evolutionary throwback. They regard psychic humans as moving in the right direction, if a different one then thier own, and have extreme respect for the Elan, as individuals who have gone though thier own transcendance ritual.

They view the A'fen D'lan as an asscendent race, and are respectful of them, or at least, the one of them remaining.

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Octaran: An uplift species, who began as octopi from earth, long ago, and were advanced to complete sentience. That was thousands of years ago, and sense then they have further evolved, but remain in many ways, intelligent octopi, but they have filled the system besides just their watery world. The Octaran have proven quite extremely capable in zero-gravity environments. They retain eight arms, their chameleon ability to change skin color, ink sacs, and a sharp beak. They also have increased cranial capacity and longevity, can breathe both air and water, and lack a skeletal structure so they can squeeze through tight spaces. In space, they typically crawl along in zero gravity using their arm suckers and expelling air for propulsion and can even walk on two of their arms in low gravity. Their eyes have been enhanced with color vision, provide a 360-degree field of vision, and they rotationally adjust to keep the slit-shaped pupil aligned with “up.” A transgenic vocal system allows them to speak. They control about four star systems, besides their howm system with a number of worlds of mostly water or ice covered, with deep oceans under, like the moon Europa. They have named their worlds – Surge, Deep, Current, Reef, and Octarus (Home System)

About 5% of the population shows psychic potential, and a smaller 2% mystical potential, and about 3% of the populace is somehow empowered, with 2% mutated in some unusual, and yet beneficial way. 90% of the psychic population are primarily telepathic, and about 85% of the mystics are focused on water magic in some way or another. Clairvoyants and Mystics are encouraged to join the Way of the Waters, which is their local religion. The empowered often end up in some aspect of the Way of the Waters, more often then not the martial aspect. Mutations are too varied to give to much detail.

AS a race, they have a talent for seeing things in three dimensions, and enjoy a certain creativity, especially in the arts and sciences, though those of pure human descent sometimes have difficulty to relating to their art.

Their society is a generally a sort of theological meritocracy, and they chose their leaders by calling on certain mystical rituals, and oracles, lead by their mystics, to pick out the best or most capable leader for their people, for the next Octaran year(about 18 months earth time). Anyone present may be chosen for any office, which has caused some interesting events in their, such as a 24 year period where their highest officials were not even Octaran's



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