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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - GL - 7000 'Scheherazade'


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Name: Scheherazade

Vehicle Stats

Size - Awesome - Stellar Battleship

Strength: 160

[Light: 20M Tons || Medium:40M Tons || Heavy: 51.2M Tons || Maximum: 100M tons || Push/Drag: 256M Tons]


- Star Drive: Space Flight 20 [About 0.6 Light Years per Second]

- Impulse Drive: Flight 16 [One Million MPH]

Defense: 8

Toughness: 20/30* [5 Levels Impervious] *With Force Field Active

Features: Alarm - DC 40 to Disarm, Hidden Compartments(Dimensional Portals) - DC 40 to Find & Enter, Remote Control [ship's Avatar Only]

Weapon Systems

Plasma Cannons (Must Select between Beam and Blast, can not fire both)

- Disruption Beam [Disintegration + 12: Full Action to Charge, Max Range: 1200ft]

- Plasma Blast [blast + 16 Max Range: 12,000 ft]

Laser Cannons (Must Select between Direct and Pulse, can not fire both)

- Direct Beam [blast + 14 Max Range: 30,000 ft]

- Pulse Lasers [blast + 12: Accurate x 2, Autofirex2, Max Range: 120,000 ft]

High Energy Torpedoes [blast + 12: Full Action to Target, Area - Explosion, Range Modifier, Accurate, Homing, Max Range: 20 million miles]

Defensive Systems

Force Field [Force Field + 10: Ablative]

Defection Shield [Deflect(All Ranged) + 10, can not be active with Force Field Up]

Cloaking System [Concealment + 10: Passive]

Nanotechnology Repair System [Only Activates if ship or Ship's Avatar is significantly destroyed[90%], does not activate if disintegrated || Regeneration + 10: Recovery + 9, Resurrection + 1(One Week with access Materials, takes 3 months in deep space) - Will Resurrect Ship's Avatar if destroyed, with last memory download]

Protection 5 [impervious]


Radar [Distance Sense, Area 5, Acute, Accurate 2]

Star ship Trail Tracking

Magnification x 100,000

UV Vision (Picks up and uses Ultraviolet Light for Scanner Display)

Microscopic Vision (Down to Atomic sized)

DataLink + 1 (Neural Uplink)


D-Tech: [Dimensional Pocket + 7 (10,000 Square feet)]

Headquarters - Awesome Size [10,000 Square Feet]

Base Features: Combat Simulator w/Attached Pool and Gym[Holodeck], Communications [Hypercomm to League Headquarters], Concealed [included in Hidden Compartments above], Defense System [stun, Nullify], Fire Prevention System, Holding Cells [Nullify, + 50% Toughness], Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space (For the Crew), Power - Cosmic Generator (This is the Engine for the Starship as well), Security System - DC 40 to overcome, Workshop


Each Station must be maned for the ship to operate at full capability, the stations are listed below, the command station can slave the others to it, but doing so reduces the ships effectiveness, Navigation & the Engineering Station can both slave the Piloting station to it. Weapons works most effectively with more then one gunner.

- Pilot

- Weapons

- Navigation/Sensors

- Engineering

- Defense Systems

- Central Command

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Command Crew

Senior Guardians

Captain Namiah Daylan (Captain)

- Primary: Diplomatic

- Secondaries: Medical, Tactical

- Station: Central Command

Commander T'aeg (Chief Engineer)

- Primary: Engineering

- Secondaries: Science, Exploration

- Station: Engineering

Lieutenant Commander Kaien Saotome (Martial Commander)

- Primary: Martial

- Secondaries: Justice, Psychic

- Station: Special - Exterior Assalt

Lieutenant Commander Amanda Joy Terrance (Chief Medical Officer)

- Primary: Medical

- Secondary: Psychological

- Station: Medical

Nova Trainees

Lieutenant(JG) Sapphire Rose (Moral Officer)

- Primary: Psychic

- Secondaries: Diplomatic, Psychological

- Station: Defense

Lieutenant(JG) Kataran Hodarg (Security Officer, Pilot)

- Primary: Justice

- Secondaries: Intelligence, Psychic

- Station: Piloting

Lieutenant(JG) Kerong (Weapon Officer)

- Primary: Martial

- Secondaries: Tactical

- Station: Weapons Control

Ensign Cassandra 'Chance' McLane (Magic)

- Primary: Mystic Corps

- Secondaries: Unassigned

- Station: Secondary Defense or Secondary Weapons


Ships Avatar - Zade(Special)

- Primary: Unassigned (As of Yet)

- Secondary: Unassigned (As of Yet)

- Station: Navigation (Any)

The Bridge


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Starship Combat Rules

In battle, the ship uses somewhat different rules for combat. It opperates as a single combatant with mutiple actions, each station, and therefor each player assigned to a station, has certain actions they can carry out.

Pilot: Evasive action, dodging, moving, running away, etc. The player uses thier own piloting score for manouvers, but also uses thier defense score for evasive action.

Weapons: Obviously, weapons and targeting, the player uses thier own attack score, and can chose whichever weapons they wish to fire.

Navigation/Sensors: In combat this station is mostly used to anticipate enemy action and keep the everyone informed. (It has a lot more applications outside of combat)

Engineering: In combat this station monitors power and repairs, it can also slave the piloting, defense or weapon station and carry out any of those actions. (The Engineering station has a great many out of combat applications as well. Furthermore, the Enginner can rig up any system for any of the other systems, if they have the invention feat, and make the rolls of course)

Defense: This station controls defensive systems, in combat it's most important for the force field and deflection system. Also the individual manning this station can engage the cloaking device.

Central Command: All stations are slaved to this station, with in combat is used for tatical and analysis. The individual manning this station can make any action that any of the other stations can. Or roll to add thier skill in tactics to any other rolls being made, aiding the chosen station.

Ship's Avatar: While the Ship's Avatar is capable of manning any and every station, it also possesses the ability to man all stations at once, opperating like a secondary central command.

Exterior Assalt: Just what it sounds like, the player is not bound to the combat

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