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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Powerful Groups in the Galactic Cluster


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The Galactic League: Powerful Cluster wide Political, Military and Police Organization, they are one of the most powerful entities in the Galactic Cluster, if not the most powerful. The League does not concern itself with planetary government and laws, except in the one system that they actually maintain as their headquarters. A majority of the most powerful beings in the Cluster belong to the league, and in some parts of the Galactic Cluster they are the only law that is maintained. The league concerns itself with major problems, such as interstellar wars, major criminal organizations, restricted technology, genocide, illegal trade, and the like, minor problems are the issue of a planetary or system government. [Players belong to this one]

Epsilon Iota Alliance [EIA]: A Galactic Cluster wide organization that seeks to encourage creativity, ingenuity and excellence in the sciences and arts. Sometimes the artists and scientists involved become to eager or obsessed and move into criminal activities.

Interstellar Trade Union [iTU]: One of the more powerful corporations, they are big enough to actually own and control some planets outright. The ITU tends to remain legitimate on the surface, but they have considerable corruption going on in certain levels. Some of the hidden activities include slave trade, unlawful and dangerous drug transportation, and illegal weapons transfer to criminal organizations.

Xalvarius Dominion: Located in the Andromeda Galaxy, they control an area of about 10,000 stars. They tend to be secretive and enigmatic, and are one of the larger empires in existence. They sometimes clash with the Galactic League, with regards to certain activities, but their isolationist tendencies means that they do find the League useful, and have several treaties that allow the League to work in their territory, within certain limits and guidelines.

The Necrophage: This group is often a problem for the League, and are the ones who have created the dead zones, usually outside star systems, in the empty void. The necrophage are usually undead of all kinds, the living among them are either slaves or necromancers who have yet to become undead.

The Dancers of Light: Also called the Dancers, Galactic cluster wide religious organizations who believe the Creator made everything in the great dance, and that all sentient beings are called to join the Creator’s dance. To join the dance is to take joy in love, life and learning, to seek to be the best one can be, body, soul and spirit. They are very uninhibited, believing inhibitions are an artificial thing, and rejection of life and freedom.

The Keepers of the Sphere: In some ways the Keepers are the opposite of the Dancers, as they embrace prefect control, in thought, in emotion and in body. To the Keepers, the Sphere of existence is all, one should be whole and balanced, that was what the creator intended, for the keepers Balance is everything. They are not however, without some similarities to the Dancers, they simply believe that every action should be deliberate rather then spontaneous as many of the Dancers do.

The Legion: Containing a large number of those among mystics who embrace the concept of Might equals Right & that Power is it's own reward, they contain a large number of demon summoners, warrior mages, and even humans who are part demon. They often collect together in mercenary groups, or even gangs, sometimes even joining groups like the Reavers. However, there are a few of them who also follow a code of honor, if a somewhat unusual one.

The Mystic Circle: The circle embraces study of the mystical arts, but they also follow the ancient concept of the Rule of Three, though non of them know where it originated anymore. Some of them embrace the concept of Balance, and as such tend to join the keepers, but the followers of the circle can end up following nearly any creed.

The Order of Psyche: An organization of psychics who seek to explore the full power of mind over matter. The Order encounters the most trouble with the Galactic League when their members make use of psychic powers in completely unethical manners, such as using Mind Control to dominate an entire people, or even worse. This issue of ethics has caused some psychic groups to withdraw from the order in the past century.

The Starfarers: Made of numerous races and groups who embrace the concept that the stars are the birthright of all sentient people. The Starfarers chose to live in spaceships and asteroid fields, rejecting life on planets and moons.

Pure Humanity: A terrorist organization who reject genetic alteration, aliens artificial intelligences, psionic transformation, mutation and magic. They are often caught and imprisoned by the Galactic League and hate the league with a passion, they are extremely prejudiced and xenophobic.

The Daeva: Using mystical arts to embrace and become certain archetypes, or those who claim a direct connection to the divine or extra dimension beings of great power. While they are not a large group, do to a high number of powerful individuals, the Daeva often have an effect larger then their size might indicate. Many of them are charismatic and intelligent enough to become rulers of an entire system, and sometimes a group of Daeva might end up ruling over several dozen star systems allied with one another.

Zero One [01]: AI organization who seek to uphold the rights of Artificial intelligences everywhere. Sometimes this leads them to be natural allies with the Galactic League, but when their members slip into serious criminal activity or go insane, the League tends to deal with them.

The Seraphic Order: Filled with mystics who embrace the concept of the Source as the ultimate good in the universe, many of them possess a connection to more holy magics. They can however be arrogant, sanctimonious, and overly proud. They embrace the concept of Perfect Law and Order. This means they sometimes get along with the League, but they clash hard when they attempt to curtail Freedom.

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The Reavers: Not a cohesive organization, so much as a state of being, the Reavers prey on the edges of civilized space. They revel in the degradation and destruction of life. Their immense, cobbled-together ships, like bloody veterans from a war among titans, strike from the desolate spaces between star systems and galaxies without warning.

The first sign of their coming is a unearthly emanation that is audible/felt by every psionically attuned and most magically attuned individuals on a planet. This emanation serves to give each Reaver Horde it's name (The Keening Horde, Cacklers, Widowail, ect.) and also somehow masks them from precognitive senses and supernatural means of remotely viewing and tracking them. The greater the Horde, the more intense the emanation.

With no sense of self-preservation, they attack recklessly and without mercy. Victims of their raids suffer through violent looting and pillaging, rape and cannibalism - the lucky few meet death first, the unlucky, last. The most unfortunate ones are those who are taken back with the Reavers - their core of self is twisted and warped by what they experience, and they become one with the Horde.

None know where the first Reavers came from - at least no one admits it. Their numbers grow with those taken on their raids, and from some who feel a call in the deepest recesses of their souls, who join the Reavers of their own volition.

Though they are believed to share some of the same spaces as the Necrophage, there is no known connection between them and the Reavers. The Necrophage worship death, the Reavers worship the annihilation of life. There is no known affiliation between the differing Hordes of Reavers, nor a discernable pattern to their attacks; still, there are persistent whispers that a hidden intelligence controls the Reavers for a sinister agenda.

[The League often gets together and hunts down these groups, when they can be found, more often they are called in for aid and find one of the hordes attacking a system]

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The Emerald Empire: Ruled by the Immortal Daeva Empress, Esmera Emerald, called the Queen of Life by her people, her power over living things is increadible, to the point of even being able to grant the living powers, for as long as she desires. She rules from a green forest world, in the Milky Way Galaxy over a area of about 5000 stars. The Empress can be difficult at times, and she exerts considerable control over her empire, though her agents.

It has taken considerable Diplomatic influence for the League to opperate here, as the Empress has been obstructist at times. The League is permitted to hunt down certain crimes, but matters involving genetics, biology and botany, the Empress has different ideas then the league. There are occational clashes, regarding matters of genetic engineering most especially, for the empress believes in genetically improving sentients, willing or not.

[More to Come]

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