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Mutants & Masterminds: Mecha Mayhem - Glossary of terms

Justin OOC

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CIC- Commander in Chief

2IC- Second in Command

CI- Combat Intelligence

CWIS- Close In Weapons Systems

CAP- Combat Air Patrol

CAG- Commander Air Group

CI1- Stage 1 Full autonomy and control of the ship including all reflex and armageddon level weaponry Full control of all Drone capable mecha.

CI2- Stage 2 Limited Autonomy, normally used when cre is incapacitated. Primary functions are to preserve the lives of the crew, has access to all weaponry except reflex and armageddon class Full controll of all Drone mecha

CI3- Stage 3 Normal mode Obeys orders absolutely but provides alternatives that may increase efficiency

CI4- Stage 4 Slave mode only does as commanded, without fail. Will not offer advice or unsolicited information.

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