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Mutants & Masterminds: Mecha Mayhem - Maiden Flight


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Admiral Peet* watched a formation of Pantheon aerospace fighter flying in formation on a practice run while Roxanne waited patiently for his response. The moment she heard her sister was working on the new Valkyrie designs she had to be part of the project. Roxanne had spent the last months studying every thinkable detail concerning the new Valkyrie Variable Fighter. She wanted to make sure she was the best suited pilot for the testing of the new Fighter Prototype.

The specs alone made her lose her mind. If the Prototype performed only half of how it was expected it would still dominate and revolutionalize aerospace combat. Being one of the first to fly this baby would ensure her more fame than she could ever reach with her band Electric Dreams.

“I’m not sure, Lt. Cmdr., I think you’re too attached to this project because of your sister. I’ve made the experience that it’s better to keep such things separated – it causes less trouble on a personal level. I don’t want to criticize your professionalism and if you tell me straight in the eyes that this won’t cause any problems I’m inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt.”

The Admiral had barely finished his sentence when Roxanne almost interrupted him. “Of course, Sir!”, she said realizing that this kind of impulsive reaction wouldn’t really help her get the job. She straightened herself assuming a military correct posture and repeated what she said.

“Of course, Admiral. There will be no problem concerning my sister or myself – this project is larger than any personal ties. I know what I do and I know what I want.”, her voice was full of determination.

The Admiral smiled and nodded at her, “That’s exactly what I was afraid of – you’ll get what you want. But I can’t deny that your abilities and your dedication makes you one of the best – if not the best – candidate for this project.”

With a sigh he added, “Alright – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Devereaux Your father would’ve been proud.”, Admiral Peet knew how much the sisters missed their father and how important it was for them to honour his legacy.

Roxanne almost jumped in happiness and had to really contain her enthusiasm. She felt like hugging the Admiral but that would be a breach of protocol. Instead she saluted and smiled like a little child that has just been granted access to the largest chocolate fabric in history. The young pilot excused herself and dashed off to tell her sister – this was just too good to be true!

“Sera! Sera!”, she yelled as she approached her sister on deck. “I got it! I got the assignment!”, she almost crashed into Seraphine and hugged her madly.

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Engineer Seraphine Devereaux stood on the flight deck, running yet another diagnostic on the Prototype Valkyrie Variable Fighter. The information was displayed as a holographic representation from her Mechaneer's Right Hand (MRH - it could have connected directly to her brain through a neural interface, but she prefered it this way, especially while standing in front of the immensity of the Prototype.

Nothing could go wrong with the test. As one of the very few female engineers in Pantheon Enterprises, she had to be twice as good to earn half the respect, no matter who her father had been. It hurt that she had to sometimes use her womanly wiles just to keep even with the men - Rox had been able to prove her skills as a pilot purely on her own merits.

But with a successful test, all that would change. She'd earn the respect she deserved and have proven herself better than any of her contemporaries.

Seraphine was about to run the diagnostic again when she heard her named called out by sexy woman's voice, then felt the soft impact of the sisterly persuasion as Roxanne pulled her into a tight hug.

"You got it? You got it! I knew you would, Rox." You always get everything. Sera returned her sister's joyous embrace, the twins jumping up and down in their shared enthusiasm. The sight of the bouncing, buxom, incredibly beautiful twin idols was extremely distracting - few men even bothered making a pretense at continuing with their duties while they stared in open-mouthed admiration at the gorgeous duo.

The sisters had an arm around each other's shoulders as they turned their attention to the magnificent piece of top-tech machinery towering above them. "A Devereaux helped build her," Sera said with pride, squeezing her twin a bit closer, "And now a Devereaux is gonna test her out." I wish I was a pilot - a competent one, so I could've been testing my prototype. "Dad would be proud."

"So, what d'yah think? You've read everything right, Rox? Even the latest spec update from last week? You just have to put her through her paces - you don't have to push it. We just need a successful test." Seraphine grinned up the Prototype Valkyrie, eminently satisfied with the results of her labours. "She's one mean bitch, but she'll take care of you."

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Roxanne gave the prototype an admiring look. “Sis, I’ve practically slept with her. I’m up to date with every single detail up to the latest update and you’re absolutely right – she’s gonna blow our minds. I’m soo glad I’ve been given the assignment and knowing that you had your able hands and mind on it gives me a good feeling about her.”

Roxy obviously had made some kind of emotional connection to the new Valkyrie. She was really into this fine piece of technology.

“You’re a genius, Sera. If this baby does only half of what I’ve read we’re going to dominate space combat. This beast will change everything.”, there was an admiring sparkle in her eyes and she happily leaned her head against her twin sister.

They decided to celebrate this day later in Roxanne’s quarters. Sera brought the booze while Roxanne provided the snacks and the movie they were going to watch. It was just like when they were teenagers and Roxanne even wore one of her old T-Shirts which had an old printing of her favourite band and singer “Jesse”. Today she was an idol singer herself but sometimes she felt as if she was still 14 and dreaming about her future and of course – boys.

The movie was an old flick and the plot was rather lacking but the actors were all extraordinary good looking and that was enough for the twins to have a good time. They would be talking most of the time anyway while the movie played in the background.

“So what about that new guy you told me about last week? Whatshisname again? Richard? Robert? You’re not really going to date one of the deckhands, are you?”

Roxanne giggled and took a sip directly out of the bottle – very unlady like but they were alone and no one cared. She was already getting a bit dizzy and her speech slightly slurred. But most of all she couldn’t stop giggling when she was drunk.

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Seraphine gave the Prototype a look of mocking sterness, which turned into a dimpled smile for her sister. "I didn't know he was such a slut, Sis. I thought I had designed him with better taste. Be gentle with him, Rox, he doens't know what he's getting into."

She hugged her sister tight with an arm, leaning her head on top of Roxy's, basking in her twin's praise.

Sera rushed back to her quarters to change. chosing a tight pair of jeans and an even tighter shirt with a plunging neckline. She picked up the 'supplies' since that was always her job - Roxanne never got the good stuff, Seraphine wasn't even sure she knew what the good stuff was.

But booze and a movie with handsome men who rarely wore shirts kept the party light-hearted. Sera couldn't contain a snicker as Roxy was getting the giggle-fits, like she always did when drunk. She's such a lightweight.

"Ryan, Roxy, his name is Ryan, Sis. And it's a date he wants, it's fun in the sack I want." She gave her sister a twinkling eyed grin, then took a long swallow from the bottle. "Who cares he's a deckhand - have you seen him, Rox?! 'Kay, it looks like his face was pounded with hammers, but his body, my God! You can see everything in his tight jumpsuit, and I swear, I don't know how he can walk with a unit that big."

Sera saw her sister's face go red, though that might have been the booze, and giggled herself. "Don't look at me like that, Sis. I like a little romping as much as ever - you don't have to do everything Mr. Blue says, go out and have some fun sometimes. Have you even gotten laid since joining the PEF?"

Seraphine gave her giggling sister a sly look, her own colour rising from the affects of alcohol. "You know, Ryan look sh'like he has an aweful lotsa 'durance. We could share'im like we did 'fore, you remember, right? That'll set you right... might also set you bowlegged." Sera chuckled as she took another sip of the sweet, fiery booze.

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The topic of not getting laid sobered Roxanne up rather quickly. “No, I haven’t!”, she confessed half sad and half angry but not quite sure if at herself or at her sister.

“We’re not supposed… no, I’m not supposed…”, her thoughts were faster than her mouth. “I’m the lead singer – I can’t fuck every dick that comes around like you. Aside from that… most guys just want to fondle my breasts…”, now she was giggling again but not as much as she did a few moments ago.

Roxanne reached out for the bottle and miscalculated the distance crashing unceremoniously onto Seraphine’s lap. “Give that to me”, she demanded and struggled in vain to get the bottle and some leverage on her sister. Soon they were an entangled mess of hair, arms and legs as they half giggle, laughed and actually fought over the bottle of booze.

After a while Roxanne collapsed exhausted on her sister resting her head on her abundant breasts. She looked for the bottle which lay on the floor but found it was just out of reach. “Damn…”, she cursed breathlessly. Most of their get together ended like this – sooner or later they fought over something stupid.

They watched the movie cuddled up and holding each other, sighing at the sight of beautiful half naked men and giggling as they finished the bottle – then they fell asleep.

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"Bitch! I'm not a slut," Seraphine said, trying to sound miffed, but really sounding more amused. "I don't fuck every dick that comes around, not even half... you should try it, you'd - No! Hey! My bottle!"

They wrestled over the bottle - a scene that Mr. Blue would despair to see, and one that men all over would pay for - hair and limbs flying. Sera was getting the upper hand - she had quicker hands - but a pinch in a sensitive spot made her drop the bottle with a shocked gasp.

The battle came to a stop with Roxy's head pillowed on her breasts. Sera scooted down so she could rest her head on a pillow, her cheek pressed to the top of her twin's head, running her fingers through her bright blue hair. A small smile was plastered on her face.

They may have fought - and over the dumbest things - but that just showed how much the Devereaux twins cared for each other.

And Seraphine wouldn't have it any other way.

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The movie was long over and the twins had fallen asleep the empty bottle laying on the floor. Roxanne had her sister spooned holding her tightly with her nose deeply buried in her hair. She was slowly waking up and with it the tickling of Seraphine’s fine hair made her almost sneeze. With some effort Roxanne managed to release her tight embrace without waking up her sister.

Seraphine was fast asleep and obviously had the better half of the bottle they both had fought over. A creeping migraine reminded her of that and she swore (as she always did) to never drink again. How does she do that without getting an headache? Roxanne asked herself and removed a strand of Sera’s hair out of her face.

A quick shower revived her senses but didn’t do much to relieve her from the headache that was building in the center of her skull. She had absolutely no stamina concerning alcohol – it instantly went into her system and made her drunk after the first sip. It was a small price she happily accepted in light of the wonderful news she had received about the Prototype. She was going to be the next Testpilot of the latest build and from the specs alone the Mecha looked amazing. The rush of adrenaline helped to ease the pain and Roxanne managed to pass the day without much interruptions.

The following week was filled with meetings, briefings and studying. Roxanne worked hard and without break to get the most out of the test flight. Her judgement and report would influence the future of the Valkyrie design and she had no intention of failing on this assignment.

The big day had finally arrived and Roxanne had barely slept the night before. She was too excited to sleep anyway. Seraphine had worked at least as much on the Prototype checking every last minute changes they made twice – just to make sure.

“She’s fuelled, armed and ready for take-off Sis. You sure you can handle her?”, Sera teased winking at her sister.

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