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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Wakinyan

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Name: Wakinyan (formerly Totem)

Real Name: Daniel ThunderHawk

Gender: Male

Height: 15'2" Wingspan: 60'6''

Weight: 1,502lb

Appearance: Wakinyan is a legendary animal the Griffin made flesh. An amalgam of various animals, an Eagle type raptor, Timber Wolf and African Lion are just the some of his most prominent features. His tremendously muscled body is covered totally in a broad arrangement of feathers and fur of various size and shape. His coat often shifts colors based on the environment and mood of the young Nova ranging from an almost perfect camouflage to an intense rainbow of colors during moments of extreme emotional stimuli. A sharp beak along with overly large, saucer like avian/mammalian eyes dominates his face, The irises flicker and flash with a internal lightning that sheds light in total darkness and can be seen even in broad daylight. He goes without clothing as it is not only impractical given his immense size but also it is unneeded in his beastial state. The tendency for biped standing is the only human like feature that remains.

Powers: Obviously with the body that the young man has found himself in physical aspects are extreme. His strength and stamina are rated among the top percentiles of known Novas. Capable of stopping small arms fire with no effort and most form of conventional warfare weapons with minimal damage. On top of this he can regenerate almost any injury that manages to wound him in seconds. Speed is surprising given his huge size but is low among displays of speed some novas exhibit. Massive wings give him the ability to fly long distances at speeds approaching that of many civilian propeller driven aircraft. Also taken into account is his coats Chromamorph ability to blend into all forms of environments or become a violent burst of vibrant colors. Claws over a foot in length extend from both his feet and hands (paws?), capable of rending all known forms of material. All of his senses are heightened to extraordinary levels even among Novas with extreme powers of perception. His nonphysical powers have manifested and began displaying since the time of his eruption with increasing power and intensity. A sixth sense ability to foresee events happening in the near future. The ability to create both audio and visual illusions of amazing detail and recently he has developed the ability to manipulate the atmospheric environment manipulating weather with apparent ease. His powers continue to expand at an alarming rate putting the already tainted nova at greater risk of being overwhelmed by the backlash of his might.

Known Facts: Wakinyan is somewhat of an enigma his eruption circumstances are unknown and he has refused to discuss it openly. All that is known is he is from the city of Oglala on the Pine Ridge reservation of South Dakota an Oglala Sioux. Right after his appearnace authorities there contacted Utopia to come and pick him up over the objections of many of the locals. He willingly was taken to the Chicago Rashoud facility and was released (kicked out is more the word) from Utopia after only a month for being "uncooperative" with his training and treatment and overly "aggressive" to staff and other patients. Rumors persist that Utopia wanted to have him moved to the Bahrain facility due to his extreme physical and mental taint and the trouble began when it was mentioned to him.

Since then he has returned to the Pine Ridge reservation where he has developed a religious status among the locals, causing Utopia further concern that a India Syndrome situation might be developing within the Native American community. In 2014 he participated in a disasterous and near fatal one shot XWF match against the Champion Ravana. Was attacked by militants of the Church of Archangel Michael. The most signifigant event was however that he played host to a large gathering of Novas on his home reservation during the 2014 Sioux InterTribal Pow-Wow. During this time some of his strange powers of spirit and time began to manifest. Afterward he spent traveling the world with his friend Neil Preston and visiting some of the Nova hot spots world wide.

2015 began with him becoming what would be a slacker in the Nova community. Not working, living off his likeness in commercials for the Dodge 'Hyper-Hemmy' Gryphon truck. Much to the chargrin of those close to him he seemed to lack any motivation. However as the year progressed he worked on getting his G.E.D. and started pondering what he should do with his life. All that came to an abrupt halt in early June when the Terats Leviathan and Geryon attacked him and left him for dead. What happened after that is a mystery, all that is known is that the Nova was missing for over two months before returning back to his home in Oglala. When he did return his personality seemed to have greatly shifted and he changed his name from Totem to Wakinyan, the sioux name for Thunderbird. Later in the year he apparently married a before then unknown Nova by the name of Ptesan-Wi and had several incidents with a newly erupted Nova named Carver. One of which ended with him being arrested after destroying property, causing accidental death and assaulting police officers.

Early 2016 found Wakinyan released from jail and despite the drama of the prior year Wakinyan had began taking college courses with renown Nova Archeaologist Dr. Lee Jones.

In midsummer of 2017 Wakinyan was murdered by a rogue element within the Directive causing a uprising within the Native American community and Nova rights groups. Many of his followers believe he will return and a resurgence of the 'Ghost Dance' tradition over the past decade has been labeled a cult by the American Government and mass media.


Character Sheet

 Primary Physical: 2 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 4 Stamina
 Secondary Social: 2 Appearance, 2 Manipulation, 1 Charisma
 Tertiary Mental: 1 Perception, 1 Intelligence, 1 Wits
ABILITIES (23): 3 Brawl, 3 Might, 1 Athletics, 1 Stealth,
2 Awareness, 1 Investigation, 1 Navigation, 1 Academics,
1 Computer, 1 Linguistics, 1 Arts, 2 Intimidation, 1 Diplomacy,
1 Seduction, 1 Carousing, 1 Etiquette, 1 Perform
BACKGROUNDS (7): 4 Node, 2 Allies, Cypher 1
MERITS: none
FLAWS: Dependants (Tribe) (4), Enemy (CoMA) (2), Minority (Lakota) (1)
BONUS POINTS (15 + 7): Quantum 2-4 21, Contacts 1
INFLUENCES (5): Politics: Sioux Tribes 5

Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
30 JUN 09  Starting Points                       -       -         90
30 JUN 09  Quantum (Tainted)                     5       3         87
30 JUN 09  Attributes (9)                        -       3         84
30 JUN 09  Body Modification: Wings (Tainted)    -       2         82
30 JUN 09  Weather Manipulation (Tainted)        1       3         79
30 JUN 09  Claws (Beak) AP, Perm (Tainted)       1       3         76
30 JUN 09  Claws (Talons) AP                    1,2      6         70
30 JUN 09  Flight (Wings)                       1,2      6         64
30 JUN 09  Hypermovement (Flight)                1       3         61
30 JUN 09  Sizemorph: Growth                     1       3         58
30 JUN 09  Extra Health Levels (Bruised) x5      -       5         53
30 JUN 09  Extra Health Levels (Maimed) x6       -       3         50
30 JUN 09  Mega-Attributes x10                   -      30         20
30 JUN 09  Abilities x12                         -       2         18
30 JUN 09  Armor                                 1       3         15
30 JUN 09  Stun Attack                           1       3         12
30 JUN 09  Strobe                                1       3          9
30 JUN 09  Resiliency                            1       3          6
30 JUN 09  Health                                1       3          3
30 JUN 09  Willpower                           4,5,6     3          0

***XP LOG***
Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance

Date       Source                          Accumulation  Total
30 JUN 09  Node 3-4                              2         2
30 JUN 09  Quantum 5 (Tainted)                   2         4
30 JUN 09  Body Modification (Tainted)           1         5
30 JUN 09  Weather Manipulation (Tainted)        1         6
30 JUN 09  Claws (Beak) (Tainted)                1         7

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