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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Home is where the Heart is [Meta-OMEN].

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Aurora jumped to the moon, and then a quick bath the heart of a volcano, in order to kill any mechanical bugs or the like that would track her, she also shifted her hair to black, her eyes to deep purple, and paused a moment to lighten her skin even more then it was already. That done, she jumped home, not to her home in Seattle, but her home where her parents and siblings were living, and as she appeared on the doorstep, she felt her sisters arms close around her waist. “Welcome home, we were expecting you.”

She couldn’t help but smile as her father, mother and brother joined the mix, and she closed her eyes a moment, enjoying the interaction. “The twins told us you were coming.”

“Which one, Winter or Summer?”

Her younger sisters grinned, they enjoyed keeping everyone in the dark about which one of them was the precog and which one was the telepath. “Guess.”

She looked at them, and reached out to ruffle the hair on their heads a moment. “One of these days, I’ll figure out it.”

“Daddy knows, but no one else can figure it out, and Daddy promised not to tell anyone except Mommy.”

At that point her mother spoke up. “And your Mother is still determined to figure out by herself, so your Father hasn’t told her.” She smiled at her husband, sliding her arms around his waist. Now that she’d seen so many other novas, Aurora couldn’t help but compare her mother to them, more objectively, and she had to admit, her mother was extremely attractive, even by nova standards, though she could turn it off and look completely human, something that Aurora couldn’t manage yet.

At that point, her brother spoke up. “So, Sis, you ready to take a look at my latest work?” She turned, and looked at him, then chuckled. “What is it now, scamp?” As the rest of the family let her out of their embrace, they stood by and watched as Darren took her around down the stairs, into the huge cavern that was below their house, a specially reinforced one at that.

It littered with dozens of creations, in different materials, though some of them were fading back into the quantum they had come from. The ones created from the stone itself, appeared to be lasting, Darren could create and even manipulate matter, though he wasn’t as capable as their father at the latter. He was a bit obsessed about art, and the art world, and some of his works were truly remarkable, he also liked to mix music with his art, and it was quite remarkable at times. His newest piece, she stopped and starred at her holding Uncle John as he was dying, done in crystal, and her breath caught. Of course, she was quick witted, so she moved past the instant, but it was enough for her rather perceptive brother to notice. “You like it then.” She nodded, knowing it was what her brother needed from her. “Good, Dad needs to talk to you now.”

She chuckled softly, as her brother turned to his next work of art, shaping the material of the cave this time, making the stone rise up, as he created a gryphon statue, or at least, what she thought was going to be a gryphon.

Still, she wondered what her father wanted to speak with her about, and she walked though the cavern, to where her father kept his lab, he would work on stuff here, sometimes mother would help, but sometimes it was a personal project. He must have come down while her brother was showing her his latest work of art, and he was alone sitting in front of the computer mainframe he’d built, looking at what appeared to be charts of the night sky, and orbits around the earth.

“I see your brother is off on his next project already, now that he’s shown you his latest work.” She smiled, and went to give her father a hug, before speaking up. “Yes, I think it’s a gryphon this time, though maybe not, anyway, you wanted to see me?”

“Yes, I did.” He paused a moment. “I am reluctant to ask you this, but you’re the only one in the family who can safely look into the matter.”

“What is it, Daddy, I’ll give it my best, no matter what.”

“I’ve plotted out the most likely directions for the future to go, as well as talking to your sisters about their precognitive visions, and I’ve confirmed that we, as a family, should need to leave earth in the next decade or so. I’ve been studying what problems there might be, and my issue at the moment, is the Omen Satellite system.”

She blinked, she wasn’t sure why that was a issue, but then, her father was super humanly intelligent, his mind moved at light speeds beyond hers. “Why is that an issue?”

“Because, while I can guess the capabilities within certain limits, I can’t pin them down exactly without a scan, and a full scan is necessary for me to identify their potential as a future threat, and how far we would need to move initially. If what I suspect is true, even the moon wouldn’t be completely safe, and the asteroid belt would eventually be threatened, but I need more data.”

She might not be as intelligent as her father, but she was superhumanly perceptive, with a razor sharp mind. “And you need me to take something to do the scan.”

“Yes, but it could be dangerous, sweetheart, and I’m reluctant to send you into danger, I am not sure what levels of protection are maintained on the satellites.”

“I’ll do it.”

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He smiled slightly "I was afraid you'd say that, I suppose I don’t need to remind you to be careful?”

She looked at her father, and then she went to him and hugged him, knowing he’d mentioned it out of concern for her. “I promise I’ll be careful.” She paused; there was something else that she wanted to ask him.

“Dad, lately I find myself growing and adapting much more quickly then I remember when I was younger, is that normal?”

“Ah.. I wondered if you’d been experiencing that, or even if it would happen.” Before she could ask anything more, he began to explain. “My calculations indicated it was highly likely, but I couldn’t be certain until it began. I’m not sure how long it will last, but during the next year or so, your going to find yourself going though a sort of, hmm, well, apotheosis might be a viable description for what is going to happen. Basically, your going to develop more capabilities much faster, and your abilities are likely to broaden, sometimes on the spot. It’s likely to culminate in a final and sudden burst of greatly increased quantum power and capability, sometime before your 20th birthday, then things will even out a bit, but it’s hard to say specifically, it will be about the closest thing you’ll get to the experience of eruption that all first generation nova’s experience.”

She listened to her father’s explanation quietly, before speaking up again. “Well, that’s something to pay attention to then.” She then chose to change the subject. “So, what do I need to check these Omen Satellite system?"

"I've triangulated the most likely positions, based on what data I can collect. You should alter your appearance, significantly, then take this." He hands her small scanning device. "Use it to scan the Satellite's, I need readings from several of them."

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Considering for a moment, she nodded, then paused to check her appearance, deciding that it would simply not do. She began to make minor adjustments to her appearance, shifting hair color to black and short, making her eyes a bright purple, shifting her skin color lightly, and altering her eufiber clothing a moment. Once she was relatively satisfied with the changes, she realized that she didn't want to use this one after all, and she turned to her father. "I think this would work better for this investigation, at least this way, no one will recognize me."

She paused to look herself in the mirror that was nearby, making a few more minor shifts until she was relatively satisfied with it. "I like this look, I may use it again sometime in the future, so I guess I should pick something else."


Once more she begins to shift her appearance, this time chosing a hair that wasn't quite natural, and shifting her eyes and skin a bit again, going for a somewhat more wicked, sort of bad girl look this time, sultry and seductive. She shifted her outfit to something a bit more suitable to this look as well.


She turned to her father, who was looking at her with one eyebrow raised at this one.

"Well, I'm not likely to use it lightly this way, Dad, but at least they aren't likely to think it's me."

Her father didn't speak for a moment, then he nodded. "I don't exactly approve, sweetheart, as your father. However, on the matter of pure logic, I can't exactly disagree with your argument. You should likely save this one for tasks you had to do, where you don't want to be recognized."

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