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Aberrant: Phoenix Rising - Aftereffects: An offer of power

jameson (ST)

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In the wake of the so called "taint bomb" (which I strongly remind you all is only a name and not indicative of what it was or how it happened), the quantum field of earth is over charged much like it was in the days after Divis Mal's first quantum burst.

What does this mean for you? Maybe nothing, maybe something.

Here is the offer:

  • You may take on as many additional points of taint as you wish, you have been back for roughly 24 hours now and the changes (if any) will begin to show soon.
  • For each point of taint that you take on you will gain the normal 1 aberration at the appropriate level. Aberrations should be appropriate to your concept and tend to be as likely mental as not, you may make suggestions to me but ultimately I will be the final arbiter of the aberrations you acquire.
  • Lastly each point of taint that you take on in this way will yield 2 Nova Points usable for the purchase of any Quantum related trait (no mundane stats, skills, or backgrounds). If you desire you may take an additional point of taint to halve the cost of something bought with these NPs as normal but that will not yield another 2 NPs (only whatever normal savings it would yield)
  • Powers purchased can be out of theme, also if you wish to purchase Mastery for an existing power (not a new one) I will consider it on a case by case basis for powers with at least 4 dots.
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