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Aberrant: 200X - Riding the Waves [Mature] [Fin]

Ryusei Hideyoshi

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They appeared back in his hotel bedroom locked in each other's embrace.

She was a baseline, but attractive, and She certainly took notice of him. Those thoughts burned through his mind as he ran his hands over her back,as he returned her passionate kiss with his own, as her hands began to dig into his back.

The image of the nude Jason and Danielle burning in his mind, he gave into his carnal passions, his errection rubbing her rump as she wrapped her legs around him. He untied her top, and tossed it aside, his hand fondling Katya's breasts with a gentle yet passionate strength impossible for a human. His right hand seemed to flow down her sides, his fingers rippling across all the pleasure centers on the way to untie the bottom of her bathing suit.

Soon she was naked, Her legs around his waist just above his swim trunks, his breath hot on her neck, his hands holding, carressing her in ways that she hadn't know possible.

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Wrapped in the arms of a honey-hued, blue-eyed god, Katya was barely aware of the transition from ocean to bedroom. She was consumed with a need for this man - her hands raked all over his body, sliding across steel-like muscle.

Her tongue plumbed the depths of his mouth as Ryusei used his magic touch to remove the impedement of her bathing suit. She moaned as she felt his throbbing shaft press against her ass; she whimpered with each preternatural caress that felt just right.

One hand tangled in the ebony silk of his hair, she bit an earlobe, hard enough to earn a hungry groan. She kissed him, her tongue tasting his skin as she made her way to his strong, smooth chest. With each sound that he elicited from her, Ryusei felt himself growing harder, almost painfully hard, his own pleasure seeming to keep pace with Katya's. Beneath his skin, his muscles danced like those of a great cat.

All thoughts of Jason and Danielle were seared from him, the heat of the young woman in his arms burning them away, marking him for her own.

Her thighs - strong for such a small woman - tightened just above his hips and her pelvis pressed firmly against his abdomen, urging him to the bed. Ryusei glided, almost danced, backward, then let himself fall, Katya riding him to the luxurious bed.

The time it took to hit the bed seemed to take too long, to stretch - Ryusei had time to notice her raven hair flutter, the arousal in her silvery-grey eyes, the hungry look to her mouth.

They hit the mattress with a bounce. Ryusei's magic hands went back to her small, pert breasts, tweaking their stiff tips. Katya pressed back, her firm buttocks grinding against his rock-hard erection. Her delicate hands reached back and twisted in the fabric of his swimming trunks. With lust-fueled strength, she pulled, and the swimwear tore apart like wet paper.

Deftly, she twisted around, presenting Ryusei with her fine backside, her legs splayed wide. Her hands kneaded his lithe, powerful thighs, and over her slender shoulder, she flashed him a wicked grin, then turned back, her head lowering.

Ryusei felt her flick him with her tongue, then her lips wrap around the head of his iron shaft. Her divine dance of lips and tongue and throat was unfathomable, unpredictable... and mind-wrackingly enjoyable.

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It was heaven for Ryusei. Her lips her tongue, everything felt perfect. Time seemed to stretch and stand still and he hadn't even started playing with it yet.

Not to be outdone, his hands quickly moved along her sides to her firm rump squeezing and exploring, his right hand working its ay around her inner thigh, finding her slit,, rubbing the opening teasingly before she felt him shift beneath him.

She felt his hands rubbing her thighs, could see as aome of the muscles in his legs and abdomen tensed as he curled up abit and then she felt the gentle tickle, then long strokes as his tongue carressed her sex, then began a slow almost rhythmic cadence of movement against her clit.

His hands worked down her legs to her shapely hips and over her dancer's calves, down to her feet even as he maintained perfect balance. His every touch seemed designed to stimulate every possible erg of pleasure from her, and he showed no signs of stopping or slowing down.

His hands began working their way back up her legs, It became quite clear that the calm, quiet reserved Japanese man was full of suprises, as he actually applied pressure to certain pressure points to relive all strain and stress in her muscles, relaxing her in ways she'd never felt before.

Through it all his tongue kept up it's dilligent exploration and stimulation, and somewhere in his mind, he wondered how it had come to this.

The other 99 percent did not care and was fully dedicated to showing Katya how intense things could be when sleeping with a nova.

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Kat was in hell, and loving it. Ryusei's every stimulating touch added a step to her waltz across his member, reflecting her burning desire back to him.

With the first touch of his tongue on her netherlips, she climaxed, her orgasms coming in shuddering waves. Her nails dug into his thighs, leaving bright red marks, as she struggled to continue her worshipful ministrations.

As Kat felt the biggest wave of bliss yet approaching, she took him all in, her lips pressed to the base of his iron rod. Just as she went over the edge, a convoluted flex of the muscles in her mouth dragged Ryusei along with her. Both of them moaned in their shared orgasm, Kat convulsively swallowing Ryu's spent load.

Panting, Kat twisted around, her lips bent in a devilish grin as she saw the exertion on Ryusei's face. She may have been only a baseline, but she would wear him out yet.

Shifting her hips in an intricate rhythm, her firm ass ground against his cock hard, almost excruciatingly, coaxing him back to life. Her fingers trailed up the side of his torso, traced the lines of his muscled chest. Her touch was delicate and teasing, infuriating and intoxicating, instinctively knowing how to make him writhe, in need and release.

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She'd turned back, sated in one fashion, obviously ravenous in another. She teased him back to iron hardness easily, and he smiled, her only hint that something was about to happen. There was a blur of motion, and she found herself on her back, looking up at him, as his black hair framed his smiling face and cerulean eyes.

Then she felt his cock tease her slightly, then enter into her with passionate force, hilting entirly in a single smoothe motion. She felt the moment seem to stretch, as if the sensation of having him withn her, filling her completely seemed to go on forever, only to have it end as he withdrew.

Her nails dug into his back as he plunged into her again, each time he made the sensations seem to stretch for hours. His hand alternated between guiding her hips, to caressing her rump and sides.

His lips kissed up each shoulder, up the sides of her neck, and down again to her chest. She could feel playful bites as he nipped at her, up and down her neck, down to her breasts, where his tongue seemed to be determined to see if her nipples could become as hard as his cock.

He smiled as she came again, clearly his ministrations were having the effect he desired. She was playing him like a violin, but he was a maestro conducting an orchestra, coordinating everything. A touch hear to illicit a moan of ecstacy, teasing dab of the tongue there, to make her eyes flutter and almost roll back, a harder thrust at just the right moment to drive her to orgasmic madness, He was quite happy with how things were going, knowing He had so much more left to show her.

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Ryusei was the maestro conducting the orchestra, but she was the dancer who was going to make the symphony her own. With one arm around his neck, her hand tangled in his hair, she grinned at him from two inches away, full of bliss and mischief.

With a surge of strength, shocking in a woman so small, Katya flipped him over, and she began to ride him. Each time she slid down his slick, steel shaft, to Ryusei, it felt like she was sliding up at the same time. With each thrust, the impossible sensation seemed to last longer and longer, the moment stretching out into eternity.

The powerful contractions of the muscles of her nether regions gripped him tight, tantalizing him to climax, then teasingly forestalling his release. In his need, Ryusei's caresses grew rougher, his breathing ragged, just as Katya's did the same, with each earth-shaking orgasm.

As she rode him, mercilessly, Katya's argent-eyed gazed stayed locked on Ryusei's cerulean eyes - he knew, at this moment, that her entire world was him. Ryusei couldn't but stare at her, and with each pelvic gyration, Kat seemed to grow ever more ravishing, though he couldn't have said what had changed about her.

Her perfect lips bent in a dimpled grin, her confidence evocative of Jael's. A hand caressed her pert breast, and he realized her figure - though different - was as mind-numbing as Bombshell's or Knockout's. A soft moan passed her lips, her white teeth and the tip of her tongue visible, and Ryusei beheld a goddess riding him who even Aušrine would envy.

Time stood still, waiting, holding it's breath...

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Ryusei smiled, beholding the Russian Goddess gracing him with her company, He pulled her down to him, his hand pulling her face to his, holding her neck firmly and thrust hard as she ground her hips into him, burying himself deep within her, before releasing another load deep within her.

The plunge hit just right to send a cascade of ecstasy washing over her, bringing her to her ownclimax as well.

He laid there with her afterwards, gently stroking her neck asthey were both breathing hard.

His grin was almost comical, as she looked to him, his eyes bright and light. "You definitely aren't just a normal young woman Katya. You are something most special indeed." his last word seemed to come out almost as a growl. "I find myself very, very glad that you prefer the company of men." His hand worked lower down her back, kneading and massaging, even if it wasn't really nescessary.

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When they had finished, Kat lay with cheek on Ryusei's firm chest, almost purring with his gentle touch and the fulfilled lassitude radiating through her. Her feathery touch traced idle designs across his abdomen.

"I find myself very, very glad that I prefer the company of men, too, Ryusei," Katya said, her voice and accent muzzy with afterglow. She tilted her head up to look at Ryusei directly, her dimpled grin, full of satisfaction. He was still beautiful, inhumanly so, but he wasn't as overwhelmingly so as when he had emerged, wet and glistening, from the ocean. When he had smiled - at her! She was sure the smile had been only for her - her heart had begun to beat so fiercely that she was sure it would burst from her chest.

She gave an arrogant sniff, full of mock-vanity. "I never claimed to be a normal woman, just not a nova." As Ryusei's hand worked its way down her back, her hand began to trail down his front. "You're a most singular man yourself Ryu. Being with you, I want to be worthy of you. It seems you can inspire me beyond my limits." She gave a low, sexy chuckle. "Maybe I inspired you beyond yours?"

Feeling her arousal growing as his hand worked lower, Katya pulled away with a playful swat, feeling his own hardening arousal. "Perhaps, we should wash off round one, before starting round two, eh? I see a hot tub waiting for someone to occupy it."

She slid from the bed, nude and free, exaggerating the sway of her natural dancer's grace, as she made her way to the hot tub, sure her lover would follow. Before stepping into the warm water, she twisted her neck, vertabrae popping, then suddenly froze.

Ryusei, smoothly and silently coming up behind her, followed her gaze to a clock, his sapphire eyes widening. Even with his mastery of time, he hadn't realized how long they had been going at it.

"Has it really been that long?" Kat giggled, awed and pleasingly embarrassed at the seeming evidence of their enduring prowess.

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We watched her walk away, the swing of her hips almost hypnotic. He'd risen and followed, stopping when she did. "I guess it has, do you really mind though?" His hands rubbed her shoulders briefly, but then he let go as he turned on the hot tub's jets. He turned back to her and smiled.

"Ladies first, especially the gorgeous and lovely Russian one Here with me now."

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"You're such a gentleman," Kat purred, sliding into the tub. "Now, do some very ungentlemanly things to me." She slid into the tub and moved across it, coming to rest over one of the jets. Ryusei's smile grew as he climbed into the hot tub, his hands reaching out for her as his eyes seemed to gleam with mischeif. "it would be my great pleasure..." His voice sounded almost like a growl as his lips met hers.

Later on they would tire of the hottub, and move on to the walk-in shower, Her gasps and moaning as she was pressed against the cold tile, fist on her back, then as he held her tightly and took her from behind, filling her so completely she couldn't stand it, her legs finally giving way, only to find he had a hold of her, and didn't stop until he was sated.

On shaky legs she fixed herself a drink in the room's kitchen, As Ryusei returned with her luggage.

"You're sure you want to stay with me?" He smiled to her as he sat down on one of the plush counches surrounding a massive Television, currently set to one of the many music only stations that the hotel received.

She brought over her drink, and a second, that Ryusei knew was Vodka, handing it to him as she sat across his lap in only a bathrobe from the hotel. "I told you that I welcomed your company as long as you wished to stay." He looked simply like normal Ryusei now, but he was still impossibly handsome. She rubbed her free hand through his hair and smiled.

He smiled back, "Though there is a fee for staying with me."

"Oh? What would you have of me?"

He smiled as he eyed her, the tides of lust alreay rising again. "Everything."

She didn't respond verbally, but set her drink down, one hand undoing his shirt, the other untying the knot of her robe.

Their lips met, and she could only think that it was a fair price.

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