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World of Darkness: Attrition - WoD:A - lots of leg-room, easy lease terms...

Sarah Dead-Wolf

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World of Darkness: Attrition is in need of players! Yes, that's right - just like the rest of the country, our Dark Los Angeles has been hit by the housing burst, and we find ourselves with vast swaths of territory going for bargain-basement prices! It's a buyer's market in this beautiful Californian cross-venue paradise. Mages? Changelings? Vampires? Even more werewolves? We've got room for you all, and for the low, low price of ***FREE!!!***

But wait, that's not all! Join now, and our EMT - Evil Moderation Team - can hook you up with custom plot, geared just right to make your life (or unlife) in L.A. a roller-coaster of adventure (or, at your option and for no additional cost, a living hell)!

So come on down to Crazy WoDA's, send in your application to Dave ST, Vivi OOC and Sarah O'Neally, and help us bring the "fun" back to "funnel o' doom"!

- Jess



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