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Mutants & Masterminds: Harmony City - Temp work

The Seeker

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For the second time in an hour, I've stopped somewhere to look at myself, pop a breath strip, and slow my pulse down and psyche myself into thinking that I'm already a shoe-in. ParaDevelopment had the scouts, the contacts, and the precogs to know who needed who to do what when. I need to trust in them to know what they're doing, just as I trust in my own gifts.

I'm glad they hooked me up with the heroes, not they ever work with the supervillains, not as far as I know. A temp service for superheroes is loopy enough for some people, but the same temp service renting out to the Bad Guys, most of whom want to blow up the world whether or not they even realize it? No, that's too incredible. But I could just as easily have used my gifts to make a mint, all without knocking over a single bank, although I'd probably have a hundred times the impact on the economy if I did. And if I'd hooked up with some megalomaniac with a Big Vision to control or destroy the world? Odds are I'd be in a lab getting lobotomized, but if I'd bucked the odds and picked the right team, I could have everything I'd want for the asking.

But I don't do that. I've been around villains and abnormal psyches enough to know that the good times, the honeymoons never last. They HAVE to go nuts and wreck shit; they're built to spill and make a mess. Whereas hero types, even if there were no villains to keep in check, would be out finding ways to make the world a better place. You can trust heroes, and as much as I hate to say it, that's what tipped me over to the good guys.

And I'm just across the street from it. One Biscayne Tower. I'm sweating like a pig, I can feel it, and I can't blame it all on the Floridian humidity. But I have the card, and the nice person at the desk (and the nice security guard who's not trying too hard to be subtle in keeping an eye on me) is checking my card from ParaDevelopment. She asks me to take a seat and dials the number on the card, obviously confused.

It'll be fine, though. The precog on the other end will be courteous and efficient in convincing this lady that I'm a superhero, will have already faxed my stats over as he's talking to her, and will have smoothed out any concerns she has in announcing me to the heroes inside. The real heroes.

But I need to stop that. Just because I was a little more savvy than putting on some fancy underwear, and went with a one-of-a-kind temp agency, doesn't mean my heart isn't in the right place. It only means that I've taken advantage of a business that depends on getting the right people to the right people. It means I'll have some idea what I'm getting into when the first big crisis hits.

I hope. She's hung up the phone and is calling someone. Now it's all on me not to blow it. Deep breaths, and the breath strips are holding up, good...

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Sam bit her cute all-American lip and read the papers, considering what to do about this odd turn of events. Harmony City had no policy to cover temporary staff. She wasn't quite sure what to do about this, but the man was walking toward her, and she had to do something.

"Hi," she said, smiling, and realized she had to do something more. "So you want to work for Harmony City? You do know we're usually direct hire, right?"

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"Uh...hmm, they're usually better at explaining this situation. Let me try."

"ParaDevelopment's only concern is hooking up potential heroes, like me, with organizations where they could do some good, like yours. The only thing that's really unusual is that they want Harmony City to advertise that they're working with ParaDevelopment, and maybe help out with the occasional fundraising drive, so that ParaDevelopment can continue to do what it does. That's something for someone in the government to worry about, anyway."

"What the main concern is here, is that I'm supposed to work with the supers we have here and help them out the best I can. Apparently someone in your City Hall raised some concerns that your teams here had a need for someone who was experienced with psychic abilities and investigative work. That's when I got tagged to come here."

"Basically, ParaDevelopment keeps me supplied with a stipend and living expenses. If it doesn't work out, I'm gone in the morning fog. If it does, great! We all, hopefully, live long happy lives making sure the world and Harmony City continue to prosper."

"I mean, I'm still a superhero. This is just a way to make sure everyone's where they need to be to make saving the world go much more smoothly. Stop talent gaps and personality conflicts before they develop, and then something bad happens. That's why I'm here."

"So, is there a chance I can meet the people I'll be working with?"

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"Not right at the moment, they're out," Sam said, giving him a bewitching smile. She seemed unaware of her effect on him and others as she stood and walked around the desk. "You should probably meet Dennis first, since if he decides to decline your help, it's all a moot point anyway. If you'll follow me."

The Seeker fell into step behind her, not seeing a polite option number two. She lead him to an office just off the main area; inside, a porty, red-faced man. "Hello there," the man said, standing and offering a hand. "I'm Dennis McCrae, the liaison for Harmony City. What can I do for you?"

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The Seeker shrugged his shoulders, held out his hand, and put on his best interview face.

"Hello, my code-name for this interview is The Seeker. I am a psychic detective who was referred to Harmony City by a member of your city government and ParaDevelopment, a company specializing the 'noble gifted', that's the phrase they use, and any team of superheroes who may need the talents that their client or clients have to offer."

"They do all the pre-screening for you, and send the info to those areas of the globe where demand is highest. So, I was sent to Harmony City because it was believed that your superheroes, while an effective and cohesive unit, were in need of psychic abilities and detective skills. I hope to bridge that gap for you and the city."

"All they ask for their efforts are publicity and the occasional donation, so they can provide for their clients, and personnel costs, assuming you think I'm doing a notable job. All I ask is for an opportunity to show my stuff."

He took a deep breath, and waited.

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