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World of Darkness: The Academy - If You Want It Done Right...

Deacon Knight

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Slowly Deek crept about the darkened areas about the campus, away from the lights that shown down on the various house lawns and administration buildings. All he needed now was for the school security to catch him, oh the Headmaster would love that. Kinda boggled his mind the way Dorn of Scorn still tried to play the authority figure around all the students and tell them all what to do and how to act without realizing that the school policy didn't cover alternate dimentions, treaties in blood, and the sacrificing of it's students and faculty.

The lady actually thinks she's some authority over us still... wow, people are a trip. He thought silently as his school I.D. slipped betwixt the double doors and as me a play at the lock. He'd done it once or twice to impress a few of the nerdy girls who'd always wanted to be loud in a library but tonight, given the things he'd heard so far, his nervous hands would quite listen to him. Finally the latch slid inward and he gave the door a gentle tug. A pulsing 'beep' sounded letting him know the alarm had activated, but he was hardly worried. Casually he tapped '482898' on the keypad and the silent trigger was deactivated well within the alotted time to notify the authorities.

"One day they'll change that code... and I'll be screwed." He grinned and set out on his search about the library. Several minuted later he'd gathered about all he could on the old late Dalton and had it scattered across nearly three large tables. Faded writings, old portfolios, and rolled of scrolls that detailed early plans of the school that never quite made it into production. Despite his happy-go-lucky nature and delinquent attitude, Deacon was in heaven at the moment; a buffet of knowledge laid scattered before him and he was ready to dig in.

He set about his task, reading each document and sorting through things by the year, the month, or categorizing them by drawing, letter, or similar characteristic if the possessed no date. Seconds rolled into minutes which twisted into hours... and still he researched...

Click to reveal..

Researching... trying to find a copy or clues to the whereabouts of this treaty.

Intelligence 5 + Academics 3

(17:28:44) ChatBot: (Deek) rolls 8d10 and gets 1,10,10,3,1,8,10,3.

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Deacon searched late into the morning, well past the time that he'd normally be in bed. He learned a lot about Wilbur Dalton, most of it boring as snot. Papers, architectural details and letters to family, friends and colleagues made up the majority of it. But there were also papers on his son’s sickness and death, and the toll that had paid on his family.

But one thing popped to the front. Any hand-written notes done by Dalton after the construction of Lancaster had a snowflake doodled on the boarders, and one page had a strange saying in the margin: “In the Kingdom of Hope, there is no Winter.”

At three a.m., Deacon stopped, stretching. He’d been through every piece of information and he hadn’t found anything related to the treaty. There had been one thing that had been a little out of place, and he went back to it.

A small framed drawing, clearly done by a child, had been stored in a folder with the other items. There were other drawings and pictures, but this was the only framed one. Idly, Deacon turned the picture over again – and this time, he saw the small snowflake drawn on the backing. Eagerly, he pulled it off, and a piece of parchment came with it.

Click to reveal.. (text of treaty)

(Click for full-sized picture)

(raw text)On this day, the fifteenth of September in the year Nineteen Seventy-Six, I, Wilbur Silas Dalton, doth swear to a cease-fire with the Supreme Commander Yaren of the Camarine Army of the Supreme Empire of Caramine. Supreme Commander Yaren does henceforth swear to cease all activities in Dalton Academy and receive thirty-three years mercy from the Harvest. Additionally, Supreme Commander Yaren doth swear to send warning no less than one month in advance of the Harvest to General Dalton or his successor. Wilbur Silas Dalton doth swear to give one half of the key to the Kingdom of Hope in exchange for these concessions.


Wilbur Silas Dalton

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