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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Worthy of Survival [Alternate DR ending v3][Finis]


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Worthy of Survival

The slight breeze blew away a few strands out of her unearthly beautiful face. She sat on a meadow created by Myfwany and watched the kids playing in the lake. It was a dreamy summer day, clear blue sky and the air smelled full of promises. When she closed her eyes she could always feel his touch on her skin, her perfect recall savoured his smell for her and the children they had was his legacy.

“Mom! Moooom! Jessica is using her powers again!”, Daniel complaint. He was the spitting image of his father and sometimes it was painful watching him play with his sisters. Violet had made one exception back then when she started having children. The community needed females to survive and prosper but she wanted to have at least one son – she also knew he would be just like his father and she had tricked Dan to sleep with her one more time just before the war…

That was 16 years ago now.

Jessica – be a good girl and play nice…, Violet’s gentle voice echoed through her daughters mind and she reluctantly released Daniel.

“You still think of him?”, Jill asked watching Violet staring at the lake.

“Every single day, Jill. I can’t forget him… actually I mourn all their deaths. I gave birth to all their daughters and that connects me with them for all time. Even those who I helped giving birth to healthy children are somehow connected to me. I can feel it – it’s like they’re all my children. Myfwany understands that and I’m sure you, too – but she understands it differently, you know?”

Even after so much time it was difficult explaining to Jill how these powers worked and what kind of effect they had on her. A lot has changed after the war. There were no more zombies and they found a way to cure those who had been infected. The RUS was vanquished and what remained was a new beginning.

Jill put her arms around Violet and hugged her. The blonde beauty had lost some of her edge but she was still a sight. Being around Violet had invigorated her but she had long given up the hope of ever becoming a ‘super’ herself. They were called chosen ones these days and Violet was one of those who were revered – almost like a deity.

“This must be how the women of the 2nd World War must’ve felt like. The men died fighting for freedom and someone else’s political intrigues while the women waited patiently for their return until the day came they received the message that their husband has died – honourably in execution of his duty. This war was so meaningless – I… I still don’t understand why it happened.”

Violet quietly cried leaning in to Jill. They were all gone, Dan, James, Morgan, Priest, Ira, Zeke and Bond. She had given birth to all their children but their fathers never came back. Even Jules had died unable to overcome the second loss of her husband and children. She was the most tragic woman Violet had ever known and she wished she could’ve helped her but the Warrior-woman had chosen her own path. She ended the war with her sacrifice. For Violet Jules was the true hero of this war – if there was such thing.

“You did all you could, Violet – you shouldn’t be blaming yourself for their deaths. They defended what we rebuilt from the ashes of the end of the world. They died for the righteous thing.”, even though Jill had no powers she knew how to read Violet by now. She knew Violet was brooding and thinking about the past. It was reflected in her beautiful eyes.

“Dying is ‘for something’ is stupid.”, answered Violet knowing that Dan would’ve turned in his grave when he heard her words but for her it was stupid. She knew no honour, no ‘marine code’ – all she cared about was his survival. It was more important than anything else but now he was gone and he took Jennifer with him.

Daniel and Jessica came out of the water and dashed towards their mother. The young teenagers had only known the stories and never witnessed the atrocities of the war or the plague before the war. Violet was glad that they didn’t have to suffer the pain of loss – unlike their older sisters who were teenagers when the war started. Violet watched them play and tease each other, calling names and making fun of everything. It made her smile and gave her comfort – these were Dan’s immaculate children and Violet would always watch after them until her last days.

She looked at Jill and slowly stood up, “It’s time to go.” In the distance the sun was setting and there was no trace that these were barren, zombie infested lands before the war.

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