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Aberrant: Dead Rising - James: Final Day [Alt DR Ending v3] - Complete


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Fox yelled out, "Five Minutes."

James scowled at Fox who twenty meters away didn't notice.

JoAnna shifted two year old Jack's weight and asked, "Still in mourning?"

James answered, "Yeah, basically. I have seriously mixed feeling on this. We do it, the Earth is dead basically forever. That doesn't sit right."

JoAnna said, "Squeak".

James blinked and said, "What?"

JoAnna said, "I said 'Squeak'. What does your inner rat want to do instead? We're not going to win this one. This end is better than most."

James waved his hand at the enclave's empty walls and said, "No zoms there. Myf could get our crops working yet again, we could hold on here a long time."

JoAnna said, "Here she could. How many other enclaves is she supporting? Eight? I don't want to just hold on. This is better than starvation, this is better than being eaten by zombies, this is better than all the other enclaves over running us because we have food and they don't. What kind of world do you want for Jack? I'm tired of suffering."

James said, "Removing Myf, Fox, and the others is putting in the coffin nails. The planet simply won't recover from us giving up."

JoAnna replied, "The world isn't dying, the world is dead. James... this is what I want. The future here is a horror, I won't subject our children to it."

Several other of his women nodded in agreement and James sighed. Women were like the tide. Sooner or later they got their way.

Fox yelled out, "Is everyone here? Members of other enclaves, look around you, are the people you're supposed to be with next to you? This is the two minute warning, everyone go to where they're supposed to be. This specifically means you James."

James could feel Fox's 'I'm in charge' magic at work and he didn't try to resist. James patted Jo on her ass and moved to his position. He'd like to be with his family, but his assigned position was elsewhere. His women were on their own, the children were all accounted for, Jo and them would be fine.

Five seconds after the 'countdown' Fox opened up his portal and the entire massed enclave ran through, James dragging tons of supplies. His last thought before they left the Earth to it's fate was, We're rats deserting the sinking ship. Not the first time, but it will be the last.

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