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Aberrant: Dead Rising - James: Obsession [Alt DR Ending v2] - Complete


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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
The problem with jumping for miles was you never knew what you'd find when you landed. James' feet hit the ground with a thud and his black blade took off a zom's head. These were normal zoms, slow and stupid. The other two were dead before they realized they were under attack. On inspection James noticed all three zoms had been cops, the uniforms ripped and rotted but still recognizable. They'd probably known each other before the virus. Two of them still had guns in their belts, James briefly considered taking them but decided there wasn't much point between their exposure to the elements and his better gear.

James turned all the way around to get his bearings, he was in the woods, Canada maybe, and looked at one of his tattoos. JoAnna's arrow had changed a bit, he was close now, very close. Having to go around Lake Michigan had been very annoying and taken a while, but that was past. He'd been playing catch up with JoAnna for months now, they'd gotten separated when the base had gotten overrun. Fox took her, most of the children including several of James', and simply disappeared. With James' tracking powers the problem wasn't locating the others, it was getting there before trouble made Fox move them again.

Other than breaks for food James had been moving towards them obsessively for months. Although he hated him for it, on some level James couldn't blame Fox for moving them around, the world had gotten a lot rougher recently with the new zom-viruses. Super-super-zoms. Presumably Fox either believed James was dead or he didn't know how far he could track people.

James still wasn't sure whose fault the fall had been. Maybe Walker's virus almost but not quite a zom had mutated, or maybe someone's 'research' had gotten out of hand. Half the supers had been infected with a new virus and it converted everyone at the same time. James had been stunned when Dan had flown up with Jill and started eating her.

Priest died because he refused to kill his daughter. Fox made it out with a few dozen. James had leapt away with a few people only to find Violet had been infected and her power of beauty prevented anyone from noticing. He'd killed her on the spot before asking if she'd been the one infecting everyone.

James altered his direction, it wouldn't be long now. James' tattoo was giving odd indications which he didn't understand until he reached the cliff's edge. There was a several hundred foot shear drop, James looked around and decided Fox had chosen well. He couldn't see any access, there was a mine tunnel or something down there, and that was a spring of fresh water if he wasn't mistaken. James heart lifted, and that was JoAnna, it'd been too long.

James jumped down and landed next to her, JoAnna screamed in surprise. James said, "Jo! Found you finally! And with Violet dead I have you all to myself! Just think of the meal you'll make!"

JoAnna screamed long enough for Fox to take everyone and warp out again, this time to Australia. It took James more than a year to catch up to them that time.
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