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Aberrant: Dead Rising - The Cure [Alternate DR Ending v2] [Complete]


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“Ok Ms. Johnson – we’re going through this one more time.”, the RUS Major said and pointed at the chair. Jill reluctantly sat down and gave the man an intense glare. She really really hated him.

“Just start over – tell us everything you know about Jennifer ‘Violet’ Summers.”, the Major smiled at her and took a small sip from his glass of water.

“I already told you everything I know – I’m tired of this!”

“You don’t want to cooperate then?”, the Major smiled.

“I’m done.”, Jill spat out at him.

“I can put you in solitary confinement for the next 6 months. Lets see what 6 months of bread and water and no room to move will do to those beautiful muscles of yours… or do you want to call your lawyer?”, the Major started to laugh sarcastically. “That means – if you still know one who’d be willing to take your case.”, his laughter became even more sinister.

Jill sighed and slumped her shoulders forward. Her will was already broken and her defiance was just a futile attempt to escape this situation. What was she supposed to do? Staring at the metal table in front of her she started to speak.

“Violet was the only super we knew who could stop being super. When she changed back to Jennifer she was just as normal – like you and I.”

“So she basically stopped being a zombie?”

“Violet was no Zombie – no super was a Zombie. They helped us survive!”

The Major shook his head. “You’re seriously misinformed Ms. Johnson. The so called supers were just a different kind of mutation of the Z-Virus. And as you witnessed yourself there were some cases that got more extreme over time until they resembled the Zombies more than the human beings they once were. The only exception to this being Ms. Summers – she is the only one who could use her powers and be normal afterwards. No side effects.”

“She had no idea! She even hated it at first!”, Jill argued but her anger had no more fuel, it was stale and spent.

“You don’t understand, Ms. Johnson. Ms. Summers is the closest to a success of our initial experiment. A real improvement of the human DNA without the negative traits of the Z-Strain. If we could isolate that…”

“You bastards!”, Jill spit the Major right in his face and he hit her face hard with a backhand motion rupturing her lips.

“You will never do that again, do you hear me, bitch?”, the Major stood up and walked around her chair and placed his hands on her shoulders. His touch sent shivers of disgust down her spine and Jill really wanted to beat the crap out of him.

“You are responsible for this.”, Jill accused the Major. “You idiots risked our lives to create what? A super soldier? An improved human? Why?”

“Because it is in our nature to improve ourselves, Ms. Johnson. You should understand that given the dedication you have displayed by building that body of yours. That’s exactly the mindset we’re looking for. Improve the human being, concur our limitations and reach beyond. Unfortunately the experiment wasn’t quite as successful as we hoped it was but it still produced invaluable data – especially Ms. Summers.”

“But you cured her – like everybody else. She has no more powers. It’s over.”, Jill said slowly starting to cry.

“We can expose her to the original strain again but we are not taking that risk before we don’t know exactly why she was capable of doing what she did. And you were the person closest to her. Captain Hawkins refused to cooperate – we had to kill him to make an example. No one defies the RUS.”

“I have no idea… We were lovers but I never understood why she could change back. All I know is that she had to change back every once in a while else Violet would’ve started to lose control. She was driven by inhuman desires and given her powers she could get what she wanted if we didn’t keep her under control. Dan and I were always there for her, reassuring her that everything was just fine and giving her what she needed to survive.”

“She was an emotional Vampire – she fed on emotions, right?”

Jill nodded quietly licking her lips and tasting blood. “But she never hurt anyone.”

“Oh – I’m sure about that. I saw pictures of her – very nice female specimen.”

“I told you everything I know.”, Jill said hope fading of ever getting out of this place alive.

“Why can’t you let us go?”

“Because she has the key, Ms. Johnson, and I won’t let her go until I found a way to get what I want.”

Silent tears ran down Jill’s face – she had no idea how to tell the Major what he wanted to know and thinking about Jennifer and how they kept her in confinement made her cry even more. The world has gone to hell on Z-day just to be fucked over again by the government who were responsible for all this shit.

“Good – this leads to no where. You’ll get a break. We talk tomorrow again. Take her to her cell.”

Two guards came and picked her up. On her way to her cell she passed Jennifer’s cell. She was asking herself if they did that on purpose?

Jennifer was confined in a small room with one large glass wall and a tiny window from which scarce daylight shone through. She stared lifelessly at the wall and only when Jill came by there was a short response in her body, as if she wanted to reach out for her but recognised the futility of her attempt. This time was different though, Jennifer looked directly at Jill and Jill immediately stopped. “Wait”, she asked and turned to the cell placing one hand on the glass.

Jennifer mirrored her motion placing her own hand on the glass her dark eyes without expression as if all life has been sucked out of her.

“I’m so sorry”, Jill whispered feeling tears welling up again. “I’m soo sorry, Jennifer…”

From inside the cell Jennifer saw Jill and felt something after a long time of total loneliness and detachment from the outside world. Ever since they ‘cured’ her life has been dull and empty. She missed Violet, she missed Dan and she missed Jill. They were taking blood samples from her every other day and kept her fed and healthy. She let everything happen to her having lost a will to fight or go on. She could as well be dead – she didn’t care anymore. There was a time she was really happy – truly happy but that seemed like an eternity ago.

Jennifer watched how the guards dragged Jill along her hand still on the glass imagining Jill’s touch on her palm. She stood there for another hour or two holding on to that imagination which was the only ray of hope she had in the last months. When she could stand no more she got back to her bed and fell asleep. She hated sleeping – it always brought dreams. She didn’t want to dream…

A few hours later

Violet was chasing Jo and Jill through the room. “Keep running until you find the trapdoor – I’ll hold them off.”, the improperly shaped woman slammed the door shut and picked up a heavy metal sideboard that was easily over 400 pounds and placed it as barricade just where the door was.

“This should hold them off for a minute or two.”, Violet smiled loving the rush she felt when she used her more physical powers. She chased after the girls to the next room when she sensed something from the side. A wave of aggressive emotions with determination on their minds gave away the position of three soldiers that had found an old entrance to the building. They were about to cut off Violet from the sisters.

“Keep running!”, Violet yelled and turned to face the soldiers. The first one she saw she overwhelmed with utter fear and panic. The man collapsed losing his rifle and turning away from her screaming like a little girl. The second soldier managed to break through to her but hesitated briefly when he saw her. He was obviously not prepared for Violet’s unearthly apparition. Violet took the chance and disarmed the man breaking his arm and dislocating it and then threw him half through the room slamming him against the next wall were he remained unconscious.

The third guard had enough presence of mind to raise his weapon and point it at her. There was a short moment when their eyes met and Violet wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t bullet proof like James used to be but she had to do something. The man pulled the trigger but she didn’t feel anything surprised by the lack of pain she stormed forward and slammed the man against the wall behind him were he collapsed. Violet smiled triumphantly – the work out with Dan and James had payed off. The adrenaline was still pumping through her system and Violet quickly closed up to Jo and Jill closing the door of the next room.

She picked up another of the metal sideboards this one feeling exceptionally heavier than the other one. She barely managed to put it down at the door where it slipped out of her hands with a heavy clanking noise. Something felt wrong to her. Violet turned around and saw how Jill and Jo where pushing away furniture and carpets to reveal the trapdoor they created for emergencies. It was designed that only a super with their exceptional strength could open it and Jill’s attempts to open it remained futile.

“I can’t open it.”, she said frantically looking at Violet her expression going from panic to horror.

“Violet?”, she asked staring at her while Violet looked back at Jill with an confused expression.

She knelt down and tried to open the trapdoor – she knew it was heavy but she had opened it many times to make sure she could do it. Dan had engineered it to make sure that Violet would be able to open it, but no normal man.

Violet strained her arms but couldn’t budge the trapdoor. Now she slowly started to feel that something was wrong with her. Her strength was gone and her hands had cuts that didn’t heal.

She looked at her hands in disbelief and then at Jo and Jill who held stared at Violet with desperation in their eyes.

“Oh no, Violet – they hit you. They hit you with the vaccine.” Jill came closer and removed three darts from Violet’s arm and torso. She hadn’t felt the impact but the third guard was successful in landing a hit – three hits to be precise. The vaccine was already pumping through her system undoing what gave her her incredible powers.

Violet felt how she lost control of her powers. She reached out telepathically to Jill Oh no… please no… but she couldn’t ‘hear’ Jill’s answer. The last emotion she sensed was the utter dread from JoAnna and then the world went silent for her. As if she gone blind. Still looking at her hands her body slowly reverted to her ‘original’ form. Her incredible body deflating as the vaccine removed the mutated cells in her body and ‘cured’ her – just like they did with the others.

When the soldiers reached them Violet was gone… forever.

Jennifer woke up screaming. Her room was dark. She was in her cell. She cried. She hated sleeping… sleeping brought the dreams… she hated dreaming…

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