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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Dan Hawkins :Excercising his Privelage[DR Ending]

Dan Hawkins

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He'd left the Refuges years ago, his humanity falling away, as he went further from it, diving head first into the power he'd gained.

Electricity in all it's forms was his plaything, he jumped around the world across electrons wherever they were found, reminded by the last woman he'd loved what his job truly was.

He was marine, his duty was to protect humanity from zombies, to that end he gave up everything, becoming one with the world's electricity to seek out and annihilate the zombies whereever they were found.

It took him years, but finally he'd come back home, and his mind morphing to an understanding to something only vaguely human, yet far beyond it. He returned to find his love had moved on, had a family now, and the Refuge prospered. He coursed through the circuitry in the walls, finely watching himself so he never overloaded anything, and found that soon there would be no way for the community to power itself at its rate of growth.

He knew what he had to do, and made his way to the core of the power generation system he himself had designed before his self-imposed exile. On last stop, he looked in on Jennifer one last time, enjoying watching her sleep, remembering the sensations of her touch so long absent, and he reached out lightly,a lightly charged finger along her spine, stimulating allt he pleasure receptors just right as he once had. "I will always love you and watch over you."

Then he was in the core, In the central chamber. He reached out with all his power and reenergized the entire matrix, In the end his power was his curse, why he'd left, because he wasn't human anymore. From now on unseen by anyone, he would make it their blessing, his great gift to the community that had given him hope when he had only vengence. Love, and a home, when he'd only had Hate, and nothing.

"I promise you Morgan, I will give you all that I am to sustain the hope you gave us all. Carry the dream forward, take care of our people."

Those were his last words, as concious thought fled him, and he saw a light beyond any other as he gave freely of himself, of his endless electricity to the grid, and for that moment every light shone a little brighter, as a Marine excercised his duty, his right, his privelage, to serve the people he called friends and family, the place he called his home.

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