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Mutants & Masterminds: Harmony City - Combat Tracker: Seafood Delight (The Red Team)

Dawn OOC

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I need Notice and Initative Checks.

Those with the ability to hear Sonar can make two notice checks; those without the ability make one.

I'll do this like I did with Dalton; I'll post for the entire round once everyone has posted their actions in the combat tracker. Rolls will be in a spoiler box in that post so that any mistakes can be caught immediately.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Dwarfstar - 23

XXXI - 20

Ditto - 19

Tessa - 17

vixen - 13

Thing - 1 *sigh*

Thing's Init - 1

Stealth check - 1 no surprise

XXXI's Init - 20

XXXI's Notice - 24

There is no surprise. Your opponant's size is Gargantuan.

Please post your actions and any needed rolls below; I'll work it all up into one post. Your statment of actions don't need to be in order; just post them and I'll put it together in a coherant post.

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Dwarfstar reacts to the massive shape speeding towards them with a pretty natural reaction, by launching a blast of Cosmic energy towards it while trying to move perpendicularly to get out of it's way.

Click to reveal..

Blast at +8

(12:47:55) ChatBot: (Dwarfstar) rolls 1d20 and gets 18.+ 8 = 26

Damage DC base +10 = 25?

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Tessaract stops in mid-swim and quickly produces her weird little shell-like device from apparently thin air. She starts fiddling with it, her eyes quickly switching from the device to the oncoming menace.

(Action: Using Device and a standard action to analyze the target's super powers. Also, I'd like to use Mass Sense to see how heavy it is, for the purpose of whether or not I can use other powers on it.)

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Originally Posted By: Ditto
Do all our powers work okay underwater?

Yes, they do, unless they require air or are fire-based. XXXI is not going to be helpful while submerged, just FYI.

Sorry to have missed this question.
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Dwarfstar sees his attack hit the massive form but have no effect. Unsure of wherever it will work or not he sends out what appears to be another blast, but one much more intense with a golden core to it.

Distintegrate rank 4, attack at +8,

(10:22:36) ChatBot: (Dwarfstar) rolls 1d20 and gets 10.+8 = 18

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Tesseract was brought up short by the size and mass of the creature. She didn't think she could safely store it in the dimensional fold, and it was too large to teleport or affect otherwise.

All she could do was keep an eye on it and prepare to teleport anyone it attacked out of harm's way.

(Readying action to interrupt...teleport monster's first target out of its attack range)

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Octo-Ditto-Beast will attack! Om nom nom nom!

(19:55:37) ChatBot: (Ditto) rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

I'm not sure what powers I have, so just let loose with whatever, I guess.

I hate to complicate things, but Ditto's only combat ability comes from stealing it from others, so without Mimicing something he'd be dead in a single hit.

Telling him apart from the Octo-Shark if things get all jumbled up requires someone to overcome his Disguise check DC 97.

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"For chrissake Ditto, change your colour or something!" shouts Dwarfstar as he flings another energy blast towards the one on the right, not knowing who he will hit.

(00:48:51) ChatBot: (Dwarfstar) rolls 1d20 and gets 20.+8 = 28

Cosmic Energy Blast Rank 10 I believe

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Staggered and stunned Ditto wavered about in the water not really realizing what had happened for a moment there... he probably would've been okay, but the sudden teleportation after the impact sent his senses into a slight 'wait, what just happened' sort of vertigo. "I think I'm gonna ralph..."

[[GM respose to Vixen's medical roll on Ditto goes here]]

"Okay... so that's all I got... anyone got a plan B? I do requests ya know!"

Click to reveal..
Awaiting instruction from team mates, he'll hold his action and mimic whichever attack they request (only one request guys, pick a spokes(wo)man and Ditto will go from there)

Mimicking is his turn, so the tactic won't take effect til next round.

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Plan B. Tesseract tried to think, but the flesh she wore got in the way. It was hard to hear her own mind over the hammer of blood and the primitive wail of terror from the amygdala. All she could come up with was that this thing was too BIG to get rid of. Too massive to dimensionally shift, and to large to fit into her associated closed spacetime. She was helpless. Normally she'd look for objects to teleport over it...but the vicosity of water made that tactic ineffective.

And that's when it hit her. The answer was all around them.

"Everyone grab onto something!" she called out urgently, "Or start swimming away from the creature!"

A moment later a little over one ton of water vanished without a trace. The surrounding water immediately rushed inward, tugging everything around towards that now-filled vacuum. Fortunately, the volume affected wasn't too terribly large, so the suction was only momentary. It seemed that whatever Tess had tried to do hadn't worked.

But she wasn't done yet.

High up in the atmosphere, a little over a ton of water appeared from nowhere, displacing air with a thundercrack no one was around to hear. It then began to do two things...freeze, and fall.

Under the sea, she stood still, eyes shut, concentrating all her mass-detecting senses on that tiny clump of descending density...waiting for it to reach terminal velocity. It took nearly six seconds to do so.

And then, about one ton of ice and water vanished from the sky.

...and reappeared directly over the creature under the sea, retaining all of its momentum. The energy from the rapidly moving water immediately dispersed into the surrounding ocean in the form of a spreading concussion wave that struck the monster with the force of a hammer the size of a jet airplane. It attenuated swiftly as it expanded, fortunately, thus sparing the humanoids a bone-shattering fate.

"Plan B," she said.

(OOC - Using Extra Effort to gain a temporary power feat, in this case an Alternate Power consisting of a Burst Area Blast at Rank 10 with the Alternate Save extra to apply the damage save to Fortitude instead of Toughness. The attack is essentially a massive concussion, or wave of overpressure, that 'armor' cannot protect against, similar to detonating explosives underwater. Monster must make a DC 20 Reflex save, then a DC 25 Fort save (DC 20 if the Ref save is successful). Effects of a failed Fort save are as per failed damage saves.)

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I'm a little confused.

First, I'm assuming you're saying her force field is not on. Let me know if that's in error.

If that's the case, is it not on because there's some power interfering with it? Or is there something else going on? If it's because she was stunned, it wouldn't go down until her turn came around.

I dunno if the 4 point difference would make much difference, mind...I'm more just trying to figure out what's going on now. smile

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